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Yamaha N12 Digital Mixing Studio


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The Yamaha n12 Digital Mixing Studio is a mixing console with an analog-like mixing interface which boasts ease of operation for professional quality recording and mixdown.

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The Yamaha n12 Digital Mixing Studio is a mixing console with an analog-like mixing interface which boasts ease of operation for professional quality recording and mixdown. Connecting a computer to the mixer’s IEEE 1394 port enables you to configure an ideal recording environment with seamless integration into Cubase 4. The mixer can handle up to 12 channel inputs, mixing them to stereo outputs. Each monaural input jack features an XLR jack with a phantom power supply and a newly developed compressor that adopts Sweet Spot Morphing technology with various compressor presets. One input supports Hi-Z input for direct connection of an electric guitar or bass. All input channels feature a full 3-band (high/mid/low) equalizer and share a built-in digital reverb. For monitoring purposes you can connect three monitoring speakers (each stereo) to the mixer. If a computer is connected to the n12, you can monitor the sound from Cubase or another DAW in a 5.1 surround sound environment. With Cubase AI 4 a special version of Cubase 4 is included in the package so that you are ready to plug in and record.

Ease of operation

Analog-like mixing interface enables you to bring your sonic imagery into reality. The mixer can handle up to 16 channel inputs mixing them to stereo outputs. Each monaural input jack features an phone and XLR jack with a phantom power supply, which enables you to connect a wide range of instruments and devices, from condenser microphones to synthesizers and other line-level instruments. Input channel 8 supports Hi-Z input for direct connection of an electric guitar or bass.

Computer connection via a single IEEE 1394 cable

A single cable can do the trick. Connect a computer with an IEEE 1394 port to the n12 using an IEEE 1394 cable to transfer audio and MIDI signals between the mixer and Cubase or other DAW.

Link with Cubase

Install Cubase 4 (Cubase 4, Cubase Studio 4, or Cubase AI 4) on the computer, and the n12 will link to Cubase and operate together seamlessly. For example, you can record the n12 input signals to Cubase as is, or mix Cubase audio tracks on the n12. You can also turn on and off the monitor for the VST effects or control the transport section and tracks remotely from the n12.

High end sound

Based on the examination of existing head amp circuits, a new head amp circuit has been developed that provides higher quality and superior musical characteristics. The Pad switch turns each channel pad on and off. When it is turned on, the input signal is attenuated by 26 dB. Use the high pass filter to cut off frequencies below 80 Hz. With the Phase switch you can invert the phase of the channel's signal.

The Input Select switch determines whether the analogue input signal or the DAW signal (the output from Cubase or another DAW) will be routed to the channel. By this you can either mix the analogue signals coming from the physical inputs or the digital signals coming from the computer.

Newly developed compressor

The n12 includes a newly developed compressor that adopts Sweet Spot Morphing technology. The mixer provides various compressor presets that represent the condensation of extensive professional engineering experience. Your sound can be at pro level instantly with an easy operation. USe the Morph control to select from the different compressor settings (or morphed settings betwenn them) and the Drive control to determine the amount of compression.

Three-band EQ on each channel

Each input channel features a full 3-band (high/mid/low) equalizer, providing easy sound shaping to suit your preferences. The Mid band is semiparametric to offer you a more detailed control over the sound.

Digital reverb at your service

A built-in digital reverb can be shared by all input channels. If a computer is connected to the mixer, you can also apply digital reverberation to output from Cubase or another DAW, as well as to microphone and other instrumental sounds.

Use Aux Send 1 to route the channel's signal to the Aux bus. Use this control when you are sending a mix monitoring signal to the musicians, or connecting an external device, such as an effects processor.

The Pan control determines the stereo position of the monaural input channel. Stereo Input channels feature a Balance control which determines the volume balance between the left and right stereo channels. Odd channel signals are fed to the L bus, and even channel signals are fed to the R bus. For example, rotate the Balance control all the way to right to output only the even (right) channel signals.

Soloing an muting

The Solo switch turns the Solo function on and off. Turn this switch on, if you want to listen to certain channels without changing the mix contents or signal path.

Use the On switch to turn each channel on and off (muting). When the switch is turned off, the channel signal will be sent only to the AUX bus.

Fader controls

Each input channel features a 100mm fader volume control, each equipped with a input meter consisting of four LEDs.

Use the REC and the ST switches to route the channels signal either to the recording bus and/or the stereo bus.

With the Wet Switch you can determine if you want to hear the dry input signal from the analog input of the channel or the wet signal coming back from the computer, processed by VST effects or such.

Control Room monitoring function

The n12 features a monitoring function dedicated to the Control Room (Control Room Monitor function). You can connect three monitoring speakers (A, B, or C, each stereo) to the mixer and select, which source you want to monitor. If a computer is connected to the n12, you can monitor the sound from Cubase or another DAW in a surround sound environment. (In order to monitor in a surround environment, you’ll need a surround-capable application such as Cubase 4. The included Cubase AI 4 does not support surround.)

Use the Dimmer switch to temporarily lower the monitoring volume without readjusting the control room volume level - for instance if you want to have a conversation in the control room. The Mute switch mutes the control room monitors.

The Talkback switch activates the built in microphone so that you can talk to the recording artist listening to the monitor signal in the recording room.

DAW remote control function

This section features switches to remotely control the basic functions of the DAW software connected to the n12. Transport controls, track select controls, controls to engage the recording status, and others.

The n12 supports three different modesof the way it works together with the connected DAW: In the Stereo Mix mode the n12 will monitor the Stereo Output from the DAW. The Hardware Mix mode enables you to mix the audio tracks from the DAW through the hardware of the n12. In the 5.1 Mix mode you are able to do a surround mix with Cubase 4.


  • Inputs
    • Monaural inputs
    • channels 1 - 8 XLR/TRS jacks with Inserts and +48V Phantom Power; Channel 8 supports Hi-Z input (switchable)
    • Stereo inputs
    • channels 9 - 12 Unbalanced Phone jacks /RCA jacks
    • 2 Track In RCA jacks
  • Outputs
    • Stereo out TRS/RCA jacks L/R
    • Control Room out A/B/C TRS jacks L/R
    • Aux out 1/2 TRS jacks
  • Other connectors
    • DAW I/O 2x IEEE1394 (FireWire)
    • MIDI IN, OUT
    • Footswitch 1x
    • AC In 1x
  • Others
    • Accessories Power Adaptor, Owner’s Manual, CD-ROM (includes Cubase AI4 DAW software)

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Image: Yamaha N12 Digital Mixing Studio

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Yamaha N12 Digital Mixing Studio Reviews


Yamaha N12

I thought long and hard about the right desk for my project studio. It is for our Gospel group and used for making/mixing backing tracks. Finally I choose the N12 to be the backbone and boy am I glad I did.

At First it was a bit daunting, the N12 shipped to me had the old firmware and so this had to be updated! I read the instructions and sweated as I watched the update praying there would not be a power failure so if you not prepared to go through this check the version you are getting. I have to say it went smooth. You have to install the software and have it all running first then a combination of switching on holding two controlls puts the desk into update mode and you send the update from the computer. If you read and understand all the instructions fully before you do it, it should be ok!

Speaking of the software as my new computer is Vista 64bit I had to discard the disks that came with the desk and download my versions from Yamaha this was no trouble and it is running 64bit native perfectly. I\'m using it with Cubase 5.1 so I also downloaded and printed out the new section of the manual (about 10 pages but it was worth it) The manual with mine was for Cubase 4.

Anyway what about the desk. Well, it is awsome. Looks fantastic in the studio and the sound is clean and crisp. the controlls are really intuitive and controlling cubase from the Daw remote control is a dream. Having the N12 multi template to choose from when you open Cubase takes care of all the Vst connections and your ready to record, ther is also other templates including 5.1. When it came to mixing I flicked the switch and my Cubase mixer channels switched to my N12 and I mixed with real faders and channel strips. I run the Speaker A to my Nearfields and then the others to a small desk and a speaker splitter which runs 3 other sets of speakers for referance. I also use it with a CC121 (also needed a firmware update just lucky I guess!) and both Cubase ready lights come on and work together no problem. There really is too many features to go into but check them out on the web and then believe me they all work sweetly.

I have to say Dolphin\'s price is excellent and as usual the delivery was as specified.

All in all if you are looking for a digital desk with all the feel of an analogue board then this is the baby for you. Its a lot of money but you will never regret it for years to come.


Yamaha N12

I bought this mixer because i needed an all in one solution and because of the acclaim it recieved in the reviews i read. I really like this mixing desk and have not been disappointed so far. Its takes a bit of getting to understand but its not overly complicated. Manual is ok and the copy of Cubase AI you get with it does pretty much all you need unless you want surround sound then you have to have Cubase 4 or a DAW (digital Audio workstation) that supports surround sound. I think the sound quality is excellent and its seems what you put in (in terms of audio signal)is what you get out. The built in reverb is ok and the built in compressors are very useful. The pro\'s are you dont even need a sound card in your computer. You only have to connect to the computer via firewire, not loads of audio leads or a break out box. It works excellently with cubase 4 AI and i assume Cubase 4. I havnt tried it with any other DAW like pro tools or logic. But once you set it up correctly under those DAW\'s i think it would be fine. I run a 2GHz core duo with 2 gig of ram with a pair of alesis m1 active mk2 monitors and i havent experience any lantancy issues although i havnt really pushed it in terms of using lots of VST effects etc. I think the build quality is good. The only small gripe i would have with it is that it doesnt have any XLR outputs which would have been useful especailly if you were taking it out for live use. I havent used all its features yet, but I am very happy with it thus far especailly as its now over £100 more expensive than when I bought it 3 months ago. Make sure you do all the updates, when i first got it the cycle or loop button on the transport controls on the N12 wouldnt seem to stay on when pressed on the N12 after the updates were done this was sorted. I have found that a couple of times the N12 doesnt seem to work properly when you first boot it to cubase (but probably me not giving it enough time) but just reboot cubase and/or turn the N12 off then on again and everything is fine. It hasnt crashed on me once (touch wood) once its all booted up correctly and ive started working. So i would say stability is very good. Im not an expert on mixers or Cubase or recording for that matter but it seems i am not alone in praising this mixer. I hope this review has helped.

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