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Beyerdynamic DT 250 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones - 80 Ohm

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The DT 250 is a stylish, closed dynamic headphone offering excellent ambient noise isolation and a linear response designed for reference monitoring. It is suitable for all kinds of professional environments including film sound, ENG, EFP and other audio monitoring applications where size, comfort and performance are primary requirements.


  • Closed headphone
  • Good ambient noise attenuation
  • Lightweight, low profile design
  • Single-sided, detachable cable
  • Powerful neodymium headphone system for excellent reproduction accuracy #
  • Balanced sound impression
  • Circumaural ear pads, advanced ear cushion system
  • Adjustable, soft padded headband
  • Service-friendly construction due to exchangeablitity of all parts

Technical Specifications

  • Transducer type Dynamic
  • Operating principle Closed
  • Weight without cable 240 g
  • Frequency response 10 - 30,000 Hz #
  • Nominal impedance acc. to IEC 60268-7 80 Ω / 250 Ω / system
  • Nominal SPL acc. to IEC 60268-7 100 dB
  • Nominal THD acc. to IEC 60268-7 < 1%
  • Power handling capacity acc. to IEC 60268-7 100 mW
  • Sound coupling to the ear Circumaural
  • Ambient noise isolation approx. 16 dB (A)
  • Average pressure on ear acc. to IEC 60268-7 4.5 N
  • Cable length 3 m

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Image: Beyerdynamic DT 250 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones - 80 Ohm

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Beyerdynamic DT 250 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones - 80 Ohm Reviews


21 years and going strong

Me and my father have been using these exact headphones for 21 years. I have finally invested in my own. They're perfect and my new ones sound just the same as the 21 year old ones. I highly, highly reccomend.



Beyerdynamic DT-250 - 80 Ohm

I sometimes mix and master not only my own music, but other musicians\' music for release on CD and for use in Cinema using these headphones as they are pure and accurate - just how top recording engineers expect you all to hear the final music and sound.

Lee Nicklen

My pair has lasted me for over 10 years now. Most of the parts are replaceable too - not that I have ever needed to. Don\'t take my word for it, read the article from the world\'s premier music recording technology magazine based in Cambridge, England and independently-owned.


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I\'ve had a pair of DT250 headphones for nearly ten years now. In that time I\'ve only had to replace one part after my partner, at the time, managed to tread on them! I\'ve loved these cans since I got them. A very honest, and full sound, ideal for monitoring situations in both live and recording realms. The isolation is particularly good which not only means that they can still be heard when there\'s a lot going on, but aren\'t heard by the mic when used as playback monitors. EVERY part is easily replaceable and repairs require no special skills meaning that anyone who can hold a screw driver can do the job.
Outside of the profesional world, they even sound good when just plugged into your computer or HiFi.
Extremely comfortable to wear and lightweight means that you may sometimes forget you\'re wearing them. If you hadn\'t guessed, I highly recomend them.


Crystal-clear cans! Not for Hi-Fi lovers... these are Studio Essentials!

My first experience of Dolphin Music has been overwhelmingly pleasant. A good level of detail listed for the product I was searching for (decent studio-grade headphones), exemplary customer service and delivery. All at a very reasonable price too!

These headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 250) are killer cans! Don't buy them thinking they'll make your music sound good - you should by buying Senheisers if you want that polished Hi-Fi sound. These tell it like it is!

Suddenly I can hear EVERYTHING in a track, from previously hidden hiss to fractional distortion caused by clipping... these Beyers have no mercy! Quite simply an essential purchase if you're putting music onto loud or particularly 'clear' systems. These headphones will show you any weaknesses the moment you listen in.

They've made EQing tracks a complete doddle - even a decent set of monitors impart a bit of colour due to reverbaration in the studio, these 'phones are as close to wiring the mixing desk into your brain as I've found yet (less painful too!)

As they're only 80 ohms they'll work well when listening to tracks on an MP3 player too - but again you'll need to be listening to high quality music or you'll quickly find yourself being hyper-critical due to the clarity they provide.

Physically they're top-notch too. The curly cable prevents that irritating head-yank whenever you stray too far from the desk, it's long without being tangle-happy too! The pads are comfortable for a few hours mixing and will fit most ears (not your grandpa's though!) As they're Beyers they'll live for almost ever and if anything should ever go wrong you can easily get them field-serviced too.

Closest competition is probably the old DT 100 Beyers... which are excellent but a bit bulkier and more gentle on the sound. The DT 250s give a more clinical insight into the full EQ range, whereas the DT 100s don't seem as clear in the mid to high EQ range. The felt pads on the DT 250s shouldn't flake off after 20 years of use either (not that I can really complain that the DT 100s did that - 20 years is OLD for any headphones!)

All-in-all they're exactly what I needed, and would highly recommend them to any budding studio engineers / serious home recording artists out there.


Beyer DT250 Headphones

I am a live sound engineer and have had a pair of these for years and love them. I was gutted when my old pair got stolen so bought a new pair! These are fantastic headphones with a crystal clear sound and great bass response. The outside noise cancellation when you put them on is brilliant especially in a live environment when you need to listen to something closely with a lot of other noise around. I would recommend these to anyone.


good value

I bought these recently to use for monitoring when recording guitars/mandolin/bass on my DAW. The are about 1000 times better than my cheap AKG headphones, and than my Technics headphones. Then again they ought to be, seeing as they were twice the price! I reckon it is money well spent. The two main advantages to me are: 1) the sound quality is v. good which means they don't have to be turned up so loud, so it is easier on my ears and I can listen for much longer without earache. 2) They are quite big, which is important for someone with jug-ears like me! My other phones didn't fit comfortably over my ears but these do. The only downside is the appearance - they look like naff 'phones from the 80s. Fortunately I didn't wear them as a fashion accessory.

I haven't tried any others that cost this much so can't comment on how they compare to others in the price range. The sound is good though, you can hear all the frequencies. I use them when listening to my mp3 player now as well because it sounds so much better.


Headphones in Live Theatre

Great set of headphones which are comfortable to wear and sound good. Having replacable parts is a great bonus as personally I tend to break leads quite often. I use mine for monitoring sound in live theatre situations where they perform well. The only down side is; don't try talking to your assistant whilst wearing them or else you will find the whole theatre listening in to your conversation. Background noise is almost completely eliminated and you can find out, much to others amusement, that you are shouting at people whilst wearing them.


Review of Beyerdynamic DT 250 80 Ohm headphones

These headphones were suggested to me by two sound engineers who i trust, and their recommendations have not let me down.

My personal professional uses include: video editing sound monitoring, music production monitoring, location sound recording, and personal music playback.

I have found the headphones very robust, extrememly comfortable, and the sound reproduction is excellent. All the bits are replaceable which says to me that they will last forever - or at least a long time.

The only downside - if you can call it that, (which i don't) - is that they score low on style points (unless you want to give the appearance of a wannabe dj) but i don't give a s*** because i am a man.

Great headphones basically. highly recommended!

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