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Yamaha MSP5 Studio - Single

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Biamp 2-way Powered Speaker

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Like the larger MSP7 STUDIO, the MSP5 STUDIO is a two-way bi-amplified bassreflex system that delivers outstanding monitoring precision for digital or analog production in stereo or surround formats. The more compact dimensions of the MSP5 STUDIO make it an ideal choice for smaller project studios and DAW based production systems. The MSP5 STUDIO features a 5 inch cone woofer driven by a 40-watt amplifier and a 1 inch dome tweeter driven by a 27-watt amplifier. Other than woofer size, enclosure size, and amplifier power, the MSP5 STUDIO takes advantage of the same advanced materials and design technology that are behind the extraordinary performance of the MSP7 STUDIO. The woofer and titanium-dome tweeter feature advanced magnetic structures that achieve exceptionally low distortion, and the tweeter works with a unique waveguide horn that achieves broad, uniform high frequency dispersion over 120 degrees for optimum balance regardless of listening position. Advanced driver and enclosure design including the low-diffraction rounded baffle also ensure smooth, uniform dispersion across the systems full reproduction range. Flat frequency response out to 40 kHz makes the MSP5 STUDIO great for mastering, where high sample and bit rates are the norm.


Along with their compact size and excellent performance, full magnetic shielding allows the MSP5 STUDIO speakers to be positioned near all types of audio, video, and computer equipment without sound degradation or negative effects on surrounding equipment.


The MSP5 STUDIO has a balanced XLRtype input for direct compatibility with professional equipment. Balanced lines are ideal if the speakers are to be placed at the end of long cable runs which, if unbalanced, might be susceptible to hum and induced noise. The MSP5 STUDIO also offers an unbalanced 1/4" phone jack connector.


The MSP5 STUDIO is equipped with four position low and three position high trim switches that allow the systems response to be optimized for a wide range of acoustic environments.


Yamaha's "STUDIO" series monitors have been designed with serious monitoring in mind. Emphasis is on reference-quality reproduction precision that lets you hear sonic details, rather than flattering sound. They carry on in the tradition of the venerable NS10M STUDIO monitor speaker, which was the definitive near-field speaker monitor in an overwhelming majority of professional studios throughout the world for many years from the 80s onward. But technology has evolved dramatically right throughout the audio chain, and speakers must follow suit. The new top-of-the-line MSP7 STUDIO Powered Monitor Speaker is capable of delivering consistent quality and performance that you can rely on in modern production environments that handle any combination of digital and analog sources as well as stereo and surround formats.


In today's production environment, which often includes computer and video displays as well as a range of magnetic media, magnetic shielding is essential. Conventional magnetic shielding schemes have the unfortunate side effect of distorting the magnetic flux of the speaker's critical magnetic circuit. The end result is distorted sound. This obstacle was effectively overcome in the MSP7 STUDIO with a new "advanced magnetic structure" that achieves effective shielding while maintaining the integrity of the speaker's magnetic circuit for significantly lower distortion as well as an improved definition.


Wood can be good, but synthetic materials have advanced to the point where they offer some overwhelming advantages. In addition to the fact that enclosures materials can be created with ideal density and resonance characteristics, they can be molded to almost any shape with precise tolerances. Where wood cabinets have glued joints that interrupt the continuity of the enclosure, the thickwalled MSP7 STUDIO cabinet is molded in one piece, resulting in smooth acoustic transfer throughout the entire enclosure for superior reproduction precision. One-piece molding also makes it possible to produce the large-radius rounded baffle corners that help to maintain a natural wavefront and minimize diffraction for a smoother, more uniform polar response, as shown in the accompanying plots. Internal tweeter mounting also boosts high-frequency performance by eliminating spurious resonance from the tweeter frame.


The MSP7 STUDIO features a balanced XLR-type connector for input.This providesdirect compatibility with professionalgear and allows the use of balancedlines for maximum audio quality evenwhere long cable runs are required. Rear-panel controls include a continuous inputsensitivity control, and trim switchesthat enable you to adjust the bass andtreble in four and three positions, respectively(+1.5 dB/0 dB/-1.5 dB/-3 dB at50 Hz and +1.5 dB/0 dB/-1.5 dB at 10 kHz), so that the system's response to be quicklymatched to the room. There's also alow cut (FLAT, 80 Hz, 100 Hz) switch thatis useful when the MSP7 STUDIO is usedwith the SW10 STUDIO subwoofer. The AC power cord is removable for easy transportationand setup.


For both stereo and surround mixing your position in relation to the main front speakers - the "sweet spot" as it's often called - should be one apex of an equilateral triangle. In other words your distance from either speaker should be the same as the distance between the two speakers. The speakers should also be "toed in" to the corresponding 60° angle so that the drivers are aimed directly at the listening position. The height of the speakers should be such that the tweeters are roughly aligned with your ears (this is because high frequencies are the most directional).


Even if you don't plan to set up a surround system, adding a subwoofer can be a real advantage for stereo mixing. If you can't hear the extreme low end there's not much you can do to make it sound great. The extended bass response provided by a good subwoofer can indeed help you to improve the overall quality of your mixes. The location of your subwoofer is not as critical as the main speakers, because frequencies below around 200 Hz - the region your subwoofer will be working in - aren't directional. To say it another way, the ear can't locate the source of such low frequencies, so in theory the subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room. In reality it's a good idea to place the subwoofer on the floor somewhere between the main front speakers at the same distance from the listening position as the main speakers, but it doesn't have to be dead center.


According to the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) specifications for 5.1 surround setup, the main front speakers are positioned in the 60° equilateral triangle relationship to the listening position described earlier, and the rear speakers should be located at the same distance from the listening position, but at an angle of between 100° and 120°, as shown in the diagram above. The center speaker should be placed precisely midway between the main front speakers, at the same distance from the listening position as the other speakers (which means that ideally it will be a bit behind the main left and right speakers).

GENERAL Type Biamp 2-way Powered Speaker
Crossover Frequency 2.5 kHz
LF: 24 dB/oct, HF: 24 dB/oct
Overall Frequency Response 50 Hz - 40 kHz (-10 dB)
Maximum Output Level 101 dB, 1 m on Axis
Dimensions (W x H x D) 179 x 279 x 208 mm
Weight 7.9 kg
Magnetic Shielding Yes
SPEAKER SECTION Components LF 5" cone
HF 1.0" Titanium dome
Enclosure Type Bass-Reflex
Material PP
THD = 0.02 %, RL = 4 O
HF 27 W
THD = 0.02 %, RL = 6 O
S/N, IHF-A filter > 94 dB, LEVEL = Max
Input Sensitivity XLR-3-31 +4 dBu, LEVEL = Center
-6 dBu, LEVEL = Max
PHONE -10 dBu, LEVEL = Center
-20 dBu, LEVEL = Max
Input Connectors, Impedance XLR-3-31 (balanced), 10 kO
PHONE (unbalanced), 10kO
Output Connectors -
Controls LEVEL control 31 Positions Detent type VR
(Min = -8 Attenuation)
LOW CUT switch -
HIGH TRIM +1.5/0/-1.5 dB at 15 kHz
LOW TRIM +1.5/0/-1.5/-3 dB at 60 Hz
LPF control -
Indicators LED Green: Power On
Red: Clipping
Power Consumption 60 W
* These specifications apply to rated power supplies of 100, 120, 230 and 240 V.
* Specifications and appearance subject to change without notice.

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Image: Yamaha MSP5 Studio - Single

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