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Alesis M1 Active MkII - Pair

Dolphin id:2626 Product SKU:M1 Active MkII

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M1 Active Biamplified Reference Monitor

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Professional Accuracy, Clarity and Performance in an Affordable Powered Monitor

By combining our expertise in reference monitor design with our proven track record in studio amplification, Alesis' new M1 Active™ Biamplified Reference Monitor offers the incredibly accurate response that perfectly translates to every playback system. Its internal active crossover and custom-designed dual amplifiers ensure an extremely consistent performance under a variety of different studio conditions and program material. The result is a broad, extremely flat frequency response, clear imaging with a wide sweet spot, high power handling and detailed high- and mid-frequency response that only a professional powered monitor can deliver.


  • Custom Drivers Designed For Active Monitoring - The M1 Active's woofer and tweeter were specifically designed for the most linear, low distortion response in powered monitoring applications. Its 6.5" woofer cone is formulated from non-woven carbon fiber. It's a material that has been used for the skins of combat aircraft wings, since it offers high tensile strength and low weight. In fact, carbon fiber is 25% lighter than polypropylene (the most common driver material) and hence provides quicker transient response in the low frequency range for superb bass response as well as a vast improvement in the detail of critical upper-mid frequencies. The M1 Active's 1" tweeter dome is made of pure silk, which offers a natural response that aids in preventing ear fatigue during long mix sessions. It also features an internal pole piece mounted phasing plug and is ferrofluid cooled to maintain the best balance of transient response to power handling.
  • Active Bi-Amplifiers and Electronic Crossovers - Two audiophile-quality amplifiers-a 75 watt woofer amp and a 25 watt tweeter amp-were developed for the M1 Active, along with 8th order high- and low-pass electronic crossover filters. The crossover point was carefully chosen at a low 1500Hz, and produces an extremely wide dispersion zone as well as low midrange coloration. Also, the special time alignment circuitry that's been added to the tweeter section of this crossover allows the output of frequencies from the high and low drivers to occur in perfect synchronization, avoiding the time smear that's typical in less advanced powered speakers.
  • Attractive Cabinet Design with Dual Ports and Offset Tweeter  - In developing the M1 Active, the Alesis engineering team discovered that dual font-mounted ports provided the fastest, most coherent and extended low frequency augmentation. Also, the unique offset design of the high frequency driver allows for the flattest frequency and power response in a speaker that offers such wide dispersion. The M1 Active's attractive mirror-imaged, charcoal- toned cabinet and magnetically-shielded drivers allow for placement in close proximity with computer or video monitors, and offers the added benefit of blending beautifully into your studio's decor without being obtrusive. They may be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical placement to best fit your studio's requirements.
  • The Alesis M1 Active™ - With the lineage of our TEC Award-winning Monitor Onet Studio Reference Monitor, Alesis speakers have already become a standard in project and professional studios around the world. If you're looking for the same great accuracy and detailed response in a powered system that's truly affordable, the answer is clear: the new M1 Active from Alesis.


  • Low Frequency Driver: 6.5" non-woven carbon fiber with Santoprene surround and dual magnet shielded configuration
  • High Frequency Driver: 1" silk dome with medium viscosity ferrofluid coolant and dual magnet shielded configuration
  • Crossover: 1500Hz, 8th-order, 48dB/octave filters
  • Input Impedance: 20k_ balanced, 10k_ unbalanced
  • LF Filter: 2nd order, "optimal Q" high pass, +1dB boost@50Hz
  • LF Amplifier: 75 watts, 8_ load
  • LF Amp Distortion:
    • less than 0.03% thd @ 30w
    • lf amp slew rate:<>19V/µsec
  • LF Amp S/N Ratio: >110dB, ref. 60W @ 8_, A-wtg., 1kHz
  • HF Amplifier: 25 watts, 4_ load
  • HF Amp Distortion:
    • less than 0.06% thd @ rated power
    • lf amp slew rate less than 9V/µsec
  • HF Amp S/N Ratio: >112dB @ rated output
  • Frequency Range: 38 Hz - 23.5 kHz (-10dB point)
  • Connectors: Combination XLR-1/4" jack with input level control
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 8.5"x15"x9.75" (381mm x 216mm x 248mm)
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs. (8.9kg) each.

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Image: Alesis M1 Active MkII - Pair

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Alesis M1 Active MkII - Pair Reviews


Alesis M1 Active MK2

Report From a Veteran Audio Enthusiast.
Just Checked Out Various Popular Actives.
After Weeks of Intensive Auditioning Settled on Alesis M1 Active MK2 Best Value For Money

They Are so Beautifully Smooth and Evenly Balanced on Both Acoustic and Rock Music.
Late Night Vocals are Scarily Accurate.
Mounted on Heavy 26" Stands, 10Ft Between Them, 10Ft Away From me, One Port Plugged.
No Wonder you Pro Guys Love "em.
Rumour Has it They Are Unreliable, So What !
Like The Song Says "I Will Fix You"



Ok, first of all Gav\'s copy and pasted his review from Sound on Sound http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/Aug02/articles/alesism1.asp

Second, Andy, you need to send your pair back cuz their faulty!

i\'ve been using these as my desktop listening and mixing monitors for a couple of years now. I\'ve come to know their responce really well despite their bad positioning in a corner. At the end of the day these are for project studios really and they are most definatly the best things you can buy. Not many other monitors have such a flat responce for the price and great clarity for mixing (and occasionally mastering).

Some acousticly designed stands can benefit but if like me you\'re gunna be using them for all sorts of purposes, getting to know how your fav albums sound on them pretty much eliminates the need anyway!

Best buy for price and spec.

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M1 Active mk2

This review is based on the product that you get for the price you pay. £199 doesn't usually get you a monitor of this quality . These are very clear, and when positioned correctly, sound pretty flat (perhaps they are slightly bass heavy) and present a coherent stereo image. They succeed at being what they were designed to be which are entry level monitors and good ones at that. And remember that they are nearfield monitors too, Andy, so if they are distorting then chances are you're monitoring way to loud. I'd say get a good pair of stands (mine sit on sand filled stands with spikes) to isolate them nicely. Definitely recommend these especially if you mix/produce house music and are on a tight budget.


great speakers

im not too sure what andy is saying, if anything it doesnt have enough bass end, and the only way you will get distortion is if you try to turn up the bass real high. on that note the bass does sounds a bit muddy, as in not as true as it could, but so does everything else under 400 pounds. these are amazing for 200 quid, and i recommend buying them, they are better than anything else on the market under 400.


great speakers

im not too sure what andy is saying, if anything it doesnt have enough bass end, and the only way you will get distortion is if you try to turn up the bass real high. on that note the bass does sounds a bit muddy, as in not as true as it could, but so does everything else under 400 pounds. these are amazing for 200 quid, and i recommend buying them, they are better than anything else on the market under 400.


good,solid sound

For a startup system or budget studio these speakers cant be faulted, they have a solid sound and pack a lot of punch.

The only thing i would suggest with these speakers is to invest in some either decent stands or isolation pads to reduce resonance.

Also be careful where you place them, if they sound too bassy you have them too close to the back wall or corner, and plugging the ports with dense material such as acoustic foam etc will help reduce that boomy 60-80hz and flatten out their frequency response.

All together a good solid speaker and works fine for the setup i have, just be careful where you place them and take time to think about this!



Great sound at a great price!!!

I've been using the Alesis M1 active Mk2's for around a year now and they have provided me with everything that a near-field monitor should.

When initially testing the speakers using a variety of music CD's they displayed a solid, detailed sound with good tonal balance and excellent imaging. The silk tweeters were crisp and detailed, but without the aggressive edge that often accompanies metal tweeters, and the bass end felt substantial, while still being well-defined and tightly controlled. Clearly the cabinet tuning has been tweaked to keep the bass end nominally flat down to 50Hz, with the result that it rolls off fairly sharply below this, but the internal damping and careful port tuning avoid the 'one-note bass' sound so common in small ported monitors. In all important respects, the M1 Active MkII sounds like a serious monitor and fills the important role of delivering a representative tonal balance, while at the same time providing enough detail to let you listen 'into' the mix without the sound becoming fatiguing.

The Alesis M1 Active MkII delivers everything that's needed from a small monitor, and while there may be more accurate monitors around, it is certainly the best in its price range. I was overwhelmed by their clarity when I first heard them and even now they still blow me away when using them in my home studio.

The speaker market is currently very crowded, but these should definately be the first choice of anyone needing a small two-way active monitor with full-range performance at an affordable price


not a flat reponse

Listened to this pair, unimpressed at the sound quality, if you love bass and nothing else then get these! as soon as you turn the volume up, they distort before you know it!

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