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SE Electronics RF Pro Reflexion Filter

Dolphin id:8708 Product SKU:SE-RF

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The Reflexion Filter ‘portable vocal booth’ is a revolution in recording technology. There are a number of reasons why, with specially developed techniques and materials creating a true portable vocal booth. The video below explains what sets the RF Pro apart.

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The Reflexion Filter is a portable device for recording live sources with reduced room ambience. It is an advanced composite wall which is positioned behind any microphone by means of a variable position stand clamp assembly which ships with the product. The main function is to help obtain a ‘dry’ vocal or instrument recording. This is especially useful in studios without proper acoustic treatment, but can also be used to help record takes in control rooms, where the performer also has to operate the recorder, or in rehearsal studios to reduce ambient noise.

The Reflexion Filter also helps prevent any reflected sound reaching the back and sides of the mic. Its shape and size have been carefully tested to maximize absorption while keeping ‘coloration’ down to only around 1dB, and leaving the microphone’s polar pattern unaffected.

Unique To The sE Reflexion Filters Patented multi layer technology that prevents unwanted reflections without adding unpleasant colouration to your recording.

SE Electronics RF Pro

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Image: SE Electronics RF Pro Reflexion Filter

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SE Electronics RF Pro Reflexion Filter Reviews


se reflexion filter! lol it really works

i am just about to buy one of these reflexion filter from se electronics i have just tried it out in a studio and it is amazing.

naturally i am a bit skeptical and didn\'t think that this filter would work properly or it would be a bit of hit and miss but it is not. i was literally laughing out loud when i heard my recording with and without it. The vocal is actually dry and clearer.
Because of the way the product stands up it doesn\'t take up too much space and can be packed away, it is very sturdy too!

The only reason why i haven\'t given it 10 out of 10 is because i don\'t think that it will block reflections comming from behind the singer and so it will never be as good as a real vocal booth.

In short:
I comes pretty close to the real thing and it is great for what it is.


This is not instant room isolation!

First of all: I like this product really well. It helps tremendously in getting that dry vocal sound on my voice over recordings for video. This is because it absorbes so many of the reflections of the room, although not all of them: as anyone can see from the design it will only sheild against 180 degrees, and not from the floor and ceiling very much. To get a perfect result you still need a well treated room, but this can help you get a pretty *good* result, even in a poor room.
Also: it does NOT SOUND PROOF your room! This is very important. If you have ventilation noise inside or for instance a river with a small waterfall outside (I have both...), this background noise will still creep into your recordings. To take such things away you will need to isolate your room, which can be really hard, or build a vocal booth of some kind. It\'s logical really (if you can hear noise, your mike will hear it too). Great product, but don\'t expect it to defy the laws of physics (including acoustics).

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SE Electronics The Reflexion Filter

This is a really handy piece of gear and can do a good job at cutting room noise. As I live in a small flat I don't have much room for stuff. However, if you think it will cure nasty acoustics completely then you would have to pay alot more than £200. I will be trying the RF with a duvet behind me at some point just to see if it improves further. But all in all, a very good product and a very good investment.


SE Reflexion Filter

I strongly felt that I should add my voice to these reviews. I've been considering this filter for a while as my studio is at the front of my house on one of the busiest main roads in London - yes, it's very busy! I bought myself one today, to try and eliminate the constnt traffic noise etc. I have to say I was very impressed! In fact, quite amazed! It really really works! Not only did my vocal and flute recordings sound dry and professional there was no background noise to speak of - at all! If you're not recording in an acoustically designed room, buy one - NOW! The only thing I found questionable was the external fittings which make the mic stand top heavy. I got around this by removing the included bar and stand mechanism, this was two hex bolts. I'm using it now clamped with the remaining fitting to the stand, the mic being where it always was - on it's original stand. It can still freely move backwards and forwards and up and down. If SE read this, they should consider this as it makes a much better and more stable design, just overdesigned fittings in my opinion. To sum up, i wish I'd bought this months ago. I'm getting pro-quality recordings now. louder without colouration and much easier to work with in the mix!


SE relection filter

Has to be the single best thing i have purchased for my studio. The results are quite simply awesome. If your on a budget or record in the same room as your DAW this is the answer. Dont second guess just buy it!


The Reflexion Filter - Amazing

First of all, this item is a well crafted and built piece of equipment, especially for a smaller studio projects where funds to soundproof a room are not there.

The item comes with all the parts needed to attach to your stand (even with a spanner, which means I didn't need to go searching for one). Once putting all the pieces of the Reflexion together (which took under 5 minutes), you are ready to put on the stand. This I would advise to do with the help of someone else as the spring screws are kind of tricky to turn while holding the Reflexion in one hand and the stand in the other. Getting the correct height is easy enough once the microphone is on the Reflexion attachment. As the filter is movable (up and down) as a separate entity, it makes getting the heights correct an easy task. And then once all this is done (doesn't take over 10 minutes) you are ready to go.

I had read descriptions of what this device could do, but it surpassed my expectations.

As I had been recording in the same room as my computer (which has quite a loud fan) I had to go to great lengths to cut my fan noise down, but once I had set up the Reflexion, and recorded to find out the background noise pickup I was surprised. The fan noise was near non-existent, and I had to turn my 20Watt monitor speakers up to over 3/4 volume.

The next test was moving behind and talking behind the filter while recording. From under a meter away from the filter, there was little of my voice being picked up, which I was amazed at, because I was not speaking quietly. Also when one person is recording into the mic and another is talking behind the Reflexion, the background noise is like the fan noise (near non-existent).

Recording wise, which is the main reason for purchase this works wonders. My main problem before was that my voice was being carried past the mic then bounced back (off walls) into the back of the mic, not giving a clear/dry vocals which I was after. Without even positioning the mic into a specific position, I could hear the difference - AMAZING.

As the Relfexion’s "mic stand" is movable (backwards and forwards), you are then able to determine the sound you are after.

All in all this is one of the best things out there for smaller studios/projects, giving amazing recording conditions at a fraction of the price. Well worth a buy!

- Easy to assemble
- Easy to manoeuvre parts (the filter/the “mic stand”)
- Great sound
- Amazing background noise protection
- Looks professional – nice shiny metal finish.
- Rugged build

- Depending on mic stand can be top-heavy (would advise getting non-lightweight stand)
- Hard to find any other cons!


SE Reflexion Filter

This is a fantastic product for anyone who can't afford to get their studio acoustically treated - also anyone who records in the same room as a computer.

It’s a simple design that works effectively and gives you a nice clean recording wherever you are. Last but not least - it looks classy and professional, and any producers out there will understand the importance of this when working with singers.


SE Electronics The Reflexion Filter

Behold the simple affordable acoustic solution for the small/home studio.My studio exists in a room with no acoustic treatment and I have successfully recorded and worked around the limitation this enviroment produces and have been happy with the results but have found with certain vocal performances the final recording leaves me struggling when mixing and adding effects.
Then came this sweet invention.It looks damn good, if aesthetic are your concern but at the end of the day looking good doesn't guarantee and end result,this DOES. It provides the 'dry' vocal I've struggled to obtain and allows me the freedom and space within the final mix to achieve what all vocalists struggle for, a end vocal that is just so 'right'.
Im running an intel mac with logic express 7.2,presonus firebox interface, joe meek threeQ and joe meek and shure microphones.
The solution is here BUY IT

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