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Auralex MoPADs Studio Monitor Foam Stands

Say NO! to cheap (or expensive!) copies

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Each Auralex MoPad provides sonic isolation between your monitors. Whatever your monitors are resting on, these rubber mounts act as anti vibration pads which instantly improve the accuracy of your entire monitoring system.

Speaker Foam and Mopads

Also see the new extra large Auralex MoPad XL.

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this is where the Auralex MoPADs come in. MoPADs provide sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever your monitors are resting on, Instantly improving the accuracy of your entire monitoring system.

MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement and really effective at decoupling your monitors from your room and all its contents. You've gotta get some! Until you do, you'll never know what your recordings really sound like.

  • Dimensions: 12" long x 4" wide
  • Weight Limit: 100lbs.
  • 4 pads per set - for 2 speakers


"...MoPads can tighten up the transients and upper-bass frequencies to a greater extent when used with high-end monitors ... but you should also hear a noticeable improvement in your monitoring environment even when MoPads are used with low-cost monitors. In short, MoPads are an inexpensive, simple solution to a widespread problem shared by most studios."
- Electronic Musician, July 2003

"...If you place your monitors on a desk or table, or - probably the most common scenario - on top of one of those studio furniture desks where there's a rack on either side of your computer monitor, purchase MoPads. The reduction in resonance in your studio furniture will likely be immediately apparent, and is well worth the price of admission."
- EQ Magazine, May 2002

"As I toted the MoPads from studio to studio for evaluation, I was impressed by the range of audible improvements realized. By decoupling the monitors from other objects, speakers are free to perform as originally designed. In most cases speakers immediately sounded better. The most common improvement was a tighter, more focused bass response. ... In all cases, the MoPads were an easy-to-implement step towards monitoring accuracy; do not rely on the resonance of others!"
- Pro Audio Review, June 2002

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Image: Auralex MoPADs Studio Monitor Foam Stands

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Auralex MoPADs Studio Monitor Foam Stands videos

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Auralex MoPADs Studio Monitor Foam Stands Reviews


No pads then you'll be need mopads

Great addition to the studio. The mopads make it easier to judge the bottom end within a mix. Such a simple solution for a very fair price!



The mopads are a simple & cost effective acoustic solution for your studio monitors.

They really do make a difference by isolating them from the resting surface and tightening up the bass end as well.

A must for anyone who is setting up their home studio.

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MoPads and AV40s

James, I've just purchased AV40s. Sound seems great on the solid desk I use. However, I'm interested improving the quality so did the MoPads fit ok?


Huge Difference

Before I purchased the MoPads my Studiophile AV40\'s were resting on wood and the resonance was awful. Ruining what i was hearing.
I got the MoPads and the sound is very very clear. I use them in my home studio and creating mixes is a lot better now.

Wonderful product.

The price? Hmm...worth it i would say because i don\'t feel cheated.


egg box

cheap cardboard egg boxes filled with expanding foam do exactly the same job...
but to be fair they do exactly what they are marketed as.


MoPads... Bit of cheap foam?.... Or not?

I\'m what you\'d call an amateur when it comes to recording. Songwriter who\'s doing his best to make decent demos maybe, so I\'m probably not the best authority on this however...

I thought, christ a bit of foam, £40 (at the time)!!! Not a chance!

But the bass freq. feedback you get from your monitors sat on a desk without these things is horrendous!

Well worth the money. Cleans up your mix to get accurate results.

Word about Dolphin service, second to none. First time buyers, delivery is slightly pricey but the customer service is sublime! well worth it. I\'ve made about a dozen purchases and only had one problem which was resolved within 24 hours!


Auralex MoPADs - Superb

So I bought into all the hype and got a pair of these to isolate my new monitors from my desk. (No room for stands in my student accommodation)

They do an excellent job at isolating the monitor, being curious I used some of the foam that came with the monitors to compare and there is a fair amount of difference between the foam!

I would give these 10, but I feel they are slightly over priced.

Highly Recommended


Good Improvement

These are good for what they are, and they do help to reduce boomy bass from your monitors.

Using actual speaker stands would sound slightly better, but these are cheaper. They can do a good job as long as your monitors are moved away from the walls and corners.


Auralex MoPAD\\\'s

The MoPad\\\'s are very good in my opinion, they give insulate the speakers very good. I have tested it on my wood table and it gives out a not very nice punchy sound. These have really helped me to actually get a good listen to the music. All in all there very good and a need for speakers/monitors.



I bought these along with my LSR4328P monitor speakers. While I normally use the speakers on stands (see my review for the LSR4328P) there are times when you want to put them on some other surface, and these Auralex pads do a great job of isolating them totally from vibrating other things around them. They do make a real difference, and when you are mixing, it is important that you are monitoring well. A big plus for me is the way you can choose different angles for the speakers - from level to two different angles facing up, and another two facing down. Perfect!



Initially I bought a copied version of the Mopad to save money but they were rubbish. My mate had the real thing and they really made a difference, so I ate humble pie and coughed up for the real thing..
Wow...! These made my speakers sound tighter instantly and really brought out the best in my room setup.
If you spent the money on decent speakers you need these!



...and i don't give 10s. I will go as far as saying, you don't have monitors until you have them properly decoupled from the surface on which they stand.

These really have brought things in to focus, its made hearing whats going on simpler. Superb value for money


value for mney

I noticed an immediate performance boost in my monitors when using these isolation pads, the sound was much more solid and detailed. Before i had them resting on a desk table and the sound was boomy and forced,the table was resonating a lot.

These pads arent just normal foam youd expect in packaging. its more denser and a solid construction, proper acoustic foam. It comes in a neat little package which includes 4 pads (2 per monitor) to float your monitoring system, and also comes with 4 wedges which you can put on top of the other ones in order to give you different angles to float your monitoring system at (8 degrees up,0 degrees flat, etc)

I use alesis active m1 mk2's in a project studio with these wedges underneath and one port per speaker plugged and i must say i am amazed. the pads really work and 'do what they say on the tin'

'nearly 40 quid on some foam?!' i hear you ask. Just make the purchase and see for yourself. The amount of resonance it reduces is incredible and believe it or not reduces that muddyness and over boomy lows from your mix


Holy Shnizz !!!!

I had been reading up on these pads for quite some time and finally decided to wipe the dust from my wallet.

I was initially really concerned about spend £40 on some foam to rest my monitors on ,but boy was it worth it.

I noticed the difference in my monitors performance instantly. The bass is indeed far more direct than previously and the overall sound is much crisper.

I was also pleased at the fact the pads had raised the monitors to the perfect height in comparison to before.

The fact that you can also position the monitors at various angles may come in handy in the future.

I am so pleased with this product that I may invest in another set for isolation of various pieces of hardware.

Thank you very much Auralex and Dolphin Music !

I'll be spreading the good word.

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