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Zoom G1 N Guitar Multi FX (Free 6M Vintage Tweed Cable)

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Explore all the possibilities of your guitar! Thanks to it's 32-bit ZFX-3 chip, this compact and affordable pedal is able to offer an outstanding sound quality, enabling anyone to get that much sought-after tube amp sound. With the G1, any practice amp can have a much bigger, richer sound.

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Explore all the possibilities of your guitar! Thanks to it's 32-bit ZFX-3 chip, this compact and affordable pedal is able to offer an outstanding sound quality, enabling anyone to get that much sought-after tube amp sound.

The Zoom G1N is particularly recommended for beginning guitarists, who might not have a professional Tube amp but want that same sound.. With the G1N, any practice amp can have a much bigger, richer sound. And with 54 high-quality effects (such as distortion, chorus, delay, etc.) the Zoom G1N enables the beginning/ young guitarists to explore all the tonal possibilities of their guitar, and thus develop their own sound.

This is quite simply an essential tool for the starter musician on the go: the Zoom G1 also features a very accurate Chromatic Stage Tuner for guitar, and a drum-machine with realistic drum sounds - great for home practices and recordings!

The G1N can be taken anywhere: It can fit in a gig bag pocket and works on AA batteries (though a power supply is also included).

More Zoom G1N Details:

96 kHz sampling recreates true tube amp sound

The tone of tube amplification lies in the mix of rich harmonics that extend far beyond the range of human hearing (20 kHz). Because the ZOOM G1N uses 96 kHz sampling, it provides a flat frequency response from 20 Hz up to an amazing 40 kHz. This allows for an accurate model of the delicate harmonic structure of the distortion produced by a tube amp. The dynamic range is also excellent, thanks to 24-bit A/D/A conversion. Every detail of your playing technique, whether picked or fingered, emerge with full clarity.

ZFX-3 -- the new-generation 32-bit DSP

The heart of any multi-effect device is its processor and decoder section. The G1 features the Zoom’s ZFX-3 chip. The 32-bit architecture ensures outstanding performance and allows smooth and detailed signal processing. This is a new generation DSP that brings out the character of your instrument without restrictions, helping you pursue the ultimate in guitar sound.

21 amp/stomp box modeling choices covering a range of popular models

 By digitally simulating the clipping action of analog devices such as tubes and diodes, the G1 faithfully duplicates the distortion of tube amps and vintage effects. The choices range from models that made guitar history such as Fender, Marshall and Vox to popular modern amps including Mesa/Boogie, Peavey, and Diezel. An acoustic simulator is also included, so your electric instrument can sound like an acoustic guitar when the fancy strikes.

54 high-quality effects to fire your imagination

A total of eight modules provide 54 effect types ranging from standard to advanced. Duplicate the historic sounds of the MXR Dynacomp, Vox Wah, or Crybaby Wah. Apply equalization in three bands. Add spaciousness and depth with two types of chorus. Simulate the acoustics of a room or a concert hall with five types of reverb. All effects are designed for real-life musical applications. Have the Harmonized Pitch Shifter play along in key. Use long delay and echo settings of up to 5 seconds. A multitude of high-performance choices opens up totally new territory in this class.

40 presets give you the sound of the pros

Utilize settings for duplicating the tone of well-known amps and stomp boxes, settings that are modeled on the signature sound of famous guitarists, as well as completely original ZOOM effect sound creations. Right out of the box, you can enjoy professional-quality guitar sound. And when creativity strikes, a separate area capable of storing another 40 user patches is also provided.

Simple and friendly user interface

Editing an effect is as simple as choosing the target with the selector knob and adjusting the parameter with the value knob. Let your imagination roam free and put your ideas into practice without being hampered by cumbersome controls.

Drum machine with PCM sound sources

Realistic drum sounds derived from PCM sources are arranged in a variety of rhythm patterns for different musical genres. The 40 rhythm variations include the steady 8-beat of Rock and Pop, funky 16-beat, a "Jazzy" 4-beat, some great shuffle for Blues sessions, and many more choices. Rhythm training is a cinch, and tap input allows you to specify the tempo easily.

Auto-chromatic tuner for guitar

The guitar tuner can be called up instantly by pushing the two foot switches together. High-brightness LED indicators make the note readout easy to see also on a dark stage. The possibility for mute tuning without sound output offers further convenience.

Ultra low noise design on a par with studio equipment

Specifications such as a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB and noise floor of -98 dBm demonstrate a level of performance that’s not usually seen in units of this class. Background noise is a thing of the past, resulting in superbly transparent sound. ZOOM's original noise reduction (ZNR) removes noise in playing pauses, while maintaining a natural release even on the tail of sustained notes.

Fits in the pocket of a gig bag

The compact size and light weight of the G1 make it ideal for those who want plenty of effects and great performance without having to carry a lot of gear. The reinforced plastic body can withstand the rigors of use on stage and on the road. The stylish looks are also highly functional with the flush surface able to distribute pressure evenly. The unit feels great when you pick it up, and equally stable when you use the foot controls. This is the kind of product design that you can get only from an industry leader like ZOOM.

AC/DC allows use just about anywhere

Thanks to its circuit design optimized for low voltage operation, the unit will run for 12 hours continuously on a set of four IEC R6 (size AA) batteries. The AC adaptor (AD-0006) can be plugged in for extended studio work, whereas on stage you never need to worry about AC power.

Optional foot switch allows remote operation

When you connect the optional foot switch (FS01), you can switch patch banks or perform tap tempo input with your foot.

Expression pedal adds another dimension to your play

When you connect the optional expression pedal (FP02), you can control effect parameters in real time. Set the mood with wah, vary the pitch shift, or adjust the volume dynamics. Go beyond conventional pedal effects by varying drive gain or modulation rate, and adjusting the mixing ratio of delay and reverb. The choice is yours.


Comp / EFX Compressor, Auto Wah, Booster, Tremolo, Phaser, Ring Mod, Slow Attack, Vox Wah, Cry Wah
Drive FD Clean, VX Clean, HW Clean, US Blues, BG Crunch, MS #1959, MS Drive, PV Drive, DZ Drive, BG Drive, Overdrive, Guv'nor, dist+, RAT, Fuzz Face, Metal Zone, ExtremeDS, Hot Box, Flat Clean, Lead, Aco.Sim
EQ Lo / Mid / Hi
ZNR / Amp ZNR, Combo, Bright Combo, Stack
Mod Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Step, Pitch Shift, Mono Pitch, HPS, Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Delay
Delay Delay, Tape Echo, Analog Delay, Ping Pong Delay
Reverb Hall, Room, Spring, Arena, Tiled Room


  • Effect Types : 54
  • Effect Modules : 8
  • Patch Memory : User 40 + Preset 40, Total 80
  • Sampling Frequency : 96kHz A/D Conversion : 24bit, 128times over-sampling
  • D/A Conversion : 24bit, 128times over-sampling
  • Signal Processing: 32bit
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz - 40kHz +1.0dB/-4.0dB (with 10kΩ load)
  • Display : 2 digit 7 segment LED
  • Input : 1/4" phone jack(Rated input level : -20dBm, Input impedance : 470kΩ)
  • Output(Line / headphones combined) : 1/4" stereo phone jack(Maximum output level : [LINE]+3dBm, output load impedance 10kΩ or higher / [headphones]20mW + 20mW, into 32 ohms load)
  • Control Input (G1 only): Expression pedal, Foot switch
  • Power Requirements : AA size(LR6) battery x 4(Optional), or AC adaptor DC9V/300mA / Center minus type(AD-0006 recommended)
  • Battery Life : 12 hours(with alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions : G1 = 155 (D) x 136 (W) x 52 (H) mm, G1X = 155 (D) × 234 (W) × 52 (H) mm
  • Weight(without batteries) : G1 = 350g, G1X = 600g
  • Optional Accessories (G1 only): FP02(Expression pedal), FS01(Foot switch)


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