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M-Audio ProKeys 88 Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano

Premium stage piano / MIDI controller

Dolphin id:5732 Product SKU:9900-50854-12

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88-Key Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano. ProKeys 88 gives you a lot more sound bank memory than even the closest competitor, loaded with larger, more realistic samples—14 world-class instruments in all, including split/layer capabilities.

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The ProKeys 88 is the premium digital stage piano that doubles as a great MIDI controller. ProKeys 88 gives you a lot more sound bank memory than even the closest competitor, loaded with larger, more realistic samples—14 world-class instruments in all, including split/layer capabilities.

We paired those great sounds with an 88-key hammer-action keyboard, delivering a realistic feel to satisfy the most demanding pro. The ProKeys 88 is also a great master controller keyboard, including a built-in USB MIDI interface for easy direct connection to your PC or Mac, MIDI In and Out jacks to communicate with other MIDI gear, pitch and modulation wheels, sequencer controls and more. ProKeys 88 pulls out all the stops in creating the ultimate playing experience in an affordable digital stage piano.


  • 88-key hammer-action keyboard
  • stunning stereo grand piano samples with 3 velocity layers
  • large 64MB sound bank with masterfully tweaked samples of 14 world-class instruments:
    • Stereo Grand Piano (Yamaha C7)
    • Bright Grand Piano
    • Fender Rhodes
    • Wurlitzer E.P.
    • Bright Yamaha DX7 FM Classic E.P
    • Warm Yamaha DX7 FM Classic E.P
    • Hohner Clavinet D6
    • Vibes (with hybrid mallets)
    • Hammond B3 Percussion Organ
    • Hammond B3 Rock Organ
    • Acoustic Upright Bass*
    • Fingered Electric Bass (including harmonics)*
    • String Ensemble
    • Warm, Lush Synth Pad
  • 126-note polyphony
  • single, split and layer modes
  • pitch and modulation wheels
  • sustain, sostenuto and expression pedal inputs
  • 3 reverb spaces plus chorus and tremolo
  • dedicated button to instantly recall single-layer stereo grand piano
  • 2-stage equalizer to easily optimize tone
  • 12-key data entry pad with 3-digit LED screen
  • dedicated volume faders for master, layer and split
  • 3 velocity curves plus fixed velocity to optimize feel
  • self-demo mode
  • +/- octave transpose keys
  • built-in USB MIDI interface
  • MIDI In/Out jacks to interface with external MIDI gear
  • dedicated remote MIDI controller buttons including:
    • MIDI Clock Stop/Start
    • Tempo control for MIDI Clock including tap tempo feature
    • Program Change
    • Channel
    • Bank LSB
    • Bank MSB
    • Local On/Off
  • General MIDI-compliant
  • stereo out (1/4” unbalanced)
  • stereo headphone out (1/4” TRS)
  • class-compliant drivers for Windows XP and Mac OS X

* optional ride cymbal layer

Ultra-Realistic Piano

Our goal in designing the ProKeys 88 was to create an extremely musical and realistic piano experience. The caliber of a digital piano is greatly influenced by the quality and the size of the samples, so we started by giving the ProKeys 88 a generous amount of memory. Then, rather than dividing it up amongst a bunch of sounds you're not likely to use, we focused on the 14 sounds that are the bread and butter for many keyboardists—paying special attention to the stereo grand piano.

More Than a Stage Piano

The ProKeys 88 delivers all the staple keyboard sounds needed by many musicians. Its flagship stereo grand is supplemented by an alternate grand designed to really cut through in popular music. The ProKeys 88 has electric pianos covered too, including samples of both bright and warm classic Yamaha DX7s, a sweet Fender Rhodes and a vintage Wurlitzer (don't forget the tremolo effect). And the Clavinet brings one word to mind—“funky.” Acoustic and electric basses give you the option of layering a ride cymbal for jazz tunes. Vibes, ensemble strings and an inspiring warm, lush synth pad round out a great sonic palette for the gigging keyboardist.

88-Key Hammer Action

Of course, a realistic digital stage piano must have a full 88 keys that are properly weighted. The ProKeys 88's full-range clavier features hammer action that feels just like the real thing. It features three velocity curves tailored to different touches, as well as a fixed velocity for synth work.

Splits and Layers

The ProKeys 88 keyboard also features split and layer capabilities. Put a bass in your left hand and keys in your right. Chord with an organ while playing a piano lead. Layer lush strings over a piano. You can even have a split and layer simultaneously for a total of three sounds at once.

Control Your DAW

When it comes to communicating with the outside world, most digital stage pianos offer little more than a MIDI jack. In sharp contrast, the ProKeys 88 inherits much from M-Audio’s years of experience pioneering mobile MIDI controllers. It incorporates a full USB MIDI interface that communicates with your PC or Mac via a single, simple USB connection—perfect for recording with virtually all MIDI sequencer software on the market. (The instrument features class compliancy with Windows XP and Mac OS X without installation of additional drivers.) You can even control your sequencer remotely via front-panel Start, Stop and Tempo buttons.

MIDI In and Out jacks allow full communication with all standard MIDI gear as well. The ProKeys 88 also features performance controls that are rare on digital stage pianos, including pitch wheel, modulation wheel, two footswitch inputs, and expression pedal input. The three different ranges available via the ProKeys 88’s combined split and layer functions can each transmit on a separate MIDI channel as well. You also get dedicated front-panel buttons for program change, channel, bank MSB, bank LSB and local on/off.

Built-in Effects

There’s no need to mess around with additional gear to add basic effects to your ProKeys 88. On-board EQ lets you easily tweak the tone on the fly. You also get three different built-in reverb spaces that simulate different acoustic environments. Chorus fattens up sounds like the electric pianos and basses. And what’s a vintage Wurlitzer electric piano without tremolo? Experiment with different effects on the ProKeys 88 to create signature sounds of your own.

Full Pedal Complement

Every digital piano has a sustain pedal jack. But what about the sostenuto pedal (the middle pedal on an acoustic piano)? ProKeys 88 has it. There’s also an expression pedal for foot-control of volume. And all three of these pedals serve as MIDI controllers for outboard gear as well.

Headphones and Pro Audio Outputs

Ever need to practice privately? ProKeys 88 includes a 1/4” stereo headphone jack so you can play without anyone else hearing you—at home or at a sound check. Of course, it wouldn’t be an M-Audio product without high-fidelity 1/4” unbalanced audio output with specs like 20Hz-20kHz frequency response and 108dB dynamic range.


  • General MIDI

Minimum System Requirements

  • PC
    • Windows 2000, XP
  • Mac
    • OS X 10.2.2


  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 107db (typical A-weighted)
  • Dynamic range: 108dB (A-weighted)
  • THD+N: 0.00281% @0dBFS (= -91dB)
  • Line output signal levels: +2.0 dBV
  • Line input signal levels: +2.1 dBV
  • Size: 57"(L) x 13"(W) x 5.9"(H)
  • Weight: 48 lbs. (21 kg.)
  • Line Outputs
    • Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, +/-0.3dB @ 48kHz sample rate
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio -96dB (typical A-weighted)
    • Dynamic range 6dB (typical A-weighted)
    • THD+N 0.00281% @ 0dBFS (= -91dB)
  • Headphone Output
    • Working Range 32Ω to 600Ω
Image: M-Audio ProKeys 88 Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano

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M-Audio ProKeys 88 Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano Reviews



April 2011.

I purchased my M-Audio Prokeys 88 Stage Piano in 2006.
It was fitted with the original 22 high brightness BLUE LEDs which quickly failed, one after the other, It was returned to the dealer to replace the faulty LEDs, but they continued to fail, and to avoid the cost and embarrassment of constantly returning it for repair, I finally stripped it and replaced all 22 BLUE LEDs with 22 high brightness RED LEDs....not a job for the faint-hearted!
I believe all the later models are fitted with the more reliable RED LEDs.
Up to the present the keyboard has worked faultlessly, and I am very pleased with it.
I have a number of professional Synthesizers and Workstations, but my Prokeys 88 is my preferred keyboard when it comes to playing Piano!
It has an excellent, graded, Hammer-action key-bed, replicating the feel of a real Grand Piano.
It is built like a tank, weighs a ton, at an affordable price, and is black...like a real Piano!

Highly recommended for all those requiring a straight-forward, professional stage Piano, without any unnecessary expensive frills!
An excellent overall specification.

Does exactly what it says on the keyboard!



Prokeys 88

Product fantastic in every why.
Repairs / Spare Parts seem to be non-existant once out of warrenty.
Need To Buck Your Ideas Up To Retain Customers of Your Products

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M-Audio Prokeys 88

I bought this both as a stage piano to play late at night when it would annoy the neighbours too much playing my baby grand. And secondly I wanted a weighted 88 key keyboard to use as a controller keyboard for my various synthesizers. Taking each of these requirements in turn:

As a piano, I was very impressed with the ProKeys 88. It feels good to play and the main on board sounds are very good. It was nice to have other sounds like strings and basses but I probably won\'t use them much. The main problem I had with playing it was that the edges of the keys are quite sharp and so a long stretch can be a little uncomfortable. Whilst I won\'t be selling my baby grand, it does provide a good piano feel and at a very reasonable price.

As a controller keyboard, it does everything I wanted from it. However, that is not saying much as I don\'t use a computer for music and so all I was using it for was controlling hardware synths using MIDI. My only complaint is that changing sounds requires you to press a \'change sound\' button and then type in the number of the patch. That can get a bit tedious if you are auditioning a lot of sounds. But other than that minor gripe, MIDI control worked straight away on all my synths.

In summary, this is a really good stage piano and MIDI controller in one. For the price it is being sold at, it is a really good buy.


Kinsman KDK1 Keyboard Case

This case has two zips on the lid which are intended to meet in the middle. On the case supplied one of these was immovable. It is, of course, possible to take the remaining zip all the way round and so the case is usable. However, It doesn't say much for the quality control as the working of the zips is the most obvious thing to check. It would appear that no checking was done.


Prokeys 88

Having read a lot about this product (some good reviews, some bad) i decided to fork out £339 and buy it.

Turns out it was a good decision.

Having spent 10 minutes trying to get the thing out the box, I plugged it in, connected midi and I was away. Straight away, I noticed the keys played great, and the piano sound was pretty decent.

The pedal supplied is great, and the sounds and features are fantastic (I especially like the ride cymbal layer). However it is rather heavy which could be a negative as I will use this for gigging, and the piano sound does sound a bit odd in the octave above middle C when using it on full volume. You get used to it though.

All in all though, a great purchase, and I'm sure I will use it for years to come!


Prokeys 88 Review

Overall VERY pleased with this product

Was bought in mind for use as a substitute practise piano, also with scope for recording though Sibelius and Cubase etc. and use with my band. It was between the Prokeys 88 and The Yamaha P-60, both met my requirements (and i had played on the P-60) but i think i made the right decision.

GOOD Points...
- It has proved Extremely versatile as both a stage piano and a Midi input.
- very affordable (more so than the P-60)
- Good sound quality, the 'warm pad' and 'strings' are particularly good
- Lots of additional bits and bobs that have proved useful! (Equaliser, pitch bend, split + layed volume etc. etc.)

NOT SO GOOD Points...
- As far as stage pianos go, this is very heavy one
- No internal speakers (just for ease of use), which meant i ended up chasing after active monitors...
- Probably if your going for sheer sound and playing quality the P-60 has the edge, but there not much to pick between them (and the prokeys has alot more features)
- I have heard some things that would lead me to question its reliability. But mine working great! *fingers crossed*

All in all a very good piece of kit, very good price, and a very pleased customer =D !! Have already recommended to a friend and wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to anyone


M-Audio ProKeys 88

I have had this piano for 2 months now. I need a \"real piano\" feel for my keys as well as a real piano sound. I know there are many famous brands out there offering a lot of quality stages pianos, BUT if you set aside your subjectivity and not look at the M-audio name on it, as they do not have a tradition at all in making stage pianos, you\'ll be able to bring yourself to a place of objectivity.
I highly recommend trying to play the M-Audio ProKeys 88 before you get an opinion. That\'s what I did and I loved its sound right from the start.

As a piano player and a lead vocalist in my band, as well as for my home-studio, I need something that was both a good stage piano and a MIDI controller in one, and I truly believe M-audio has successfully achieved that.

The feel of the keys is what you\'d expect from a real 88 hammer action keyboard, also due to its 3 velocity curve function.

The sounds are good and very \"tight\" due to the large memory used for the samples and the detail and dynamics are very expressive.

As a MIDI controller you have enough for both studio and stage situations, the USB MIDI connection being a plus for those who do not have a standard MIDI port on your computer audio interface.

All in all, if you look at all the features, sound quality and practical aspects this piano/MIDI controller gives you, you\'ll find that right now M-Audio ProKeys 88 offers the best price-quality and price-features balance you find out there.

I\'m happy with it and I\'d buy it again.


M-Audio Prokeys 88

Good quality onboard sounds and nice weighted keyboard action, both just as good if not better than the korg sp200, but with added advantage of all the midi controller stuff as well. Well built and not filmsy in any way. after spending about four hours researching midi controllers from £150 upwards I settled on a stage piano. My local shop had all 5 possibles on my list in stock and the m-audio is as well built or better as any other so I am very happy with it and price I paid.

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