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Korg C540 - Dark Rosewood

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Elegantly sophisticated design.

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Elegantly sophisticated design.

The Korg Concert series combines the elegance of an acoustic piano with a sophisticated design that will be at home in any interior. The C-540 and C-340 feature modern-looking front legs and a dark rosewood finish for a calm feeling. The key cover is the same gently-closing type as used on acoustic pianos, ensuring peace of mind during children's lessons. These instruments are designed for simple operation and ease of use.


  • Sophisticated, modern design featuring chic dark rosewood color scheme.
  • The key cover is a soft-landing type that closes gently, providing the same experience of quality as on a fine acoustic piano.
  • Based on Korg's own philosophy of "Piano eXperience," these instruments use carefully sampled sounds that capture the resonances of a real grand piano, and deliver a rich and beautiful piano sound that responds to the expressive touch of the player.
  • Korg's original Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard provides excellent response for repeated notes.
  • The speaker system faithfully reproduces deep sounds with superb presence.
  • The C-540 provides 40, and the C-340 provides 30 different high-quality sounds. Layer mode and Split mode (C-540 only) are also available.
  • The C-540 contains 205 demonstration songs, and the C-340 contains 30 (including sound demo songs).
  • The convenient metronome function lets you select various time signatures; choosing an accent or a bell to signify the first beat. On the C-540, you can also choose from 37 different drum patterns that make your lessons more enjoyable.
  • Two headphone jacks --- an ideal feature for piano duets, for sharing a song you've practiced, student and teacher/parent lessons, or for late-night practice.
  • A convenient USB connector allows you to transmit and receive MIDI data, or to save a recorded song as SMF format MIDI data on your computer. (C-540)

Deeply beautiful sound based on Korg's distinctive "Piano eXperience" philosophy.

The C-series is an example of Korg's "Piano eXperience" philosophy developed from extensive research into every aspect from sound-creation to speaker system design, with the aim of producing the most beautiful sounds possible. The piano sounds in PCM memory were sampled from a world-class grand piano, with four levels of keyboard dynamics for the C-540, and two levels for the C-340. In addition, the C-540 also meticulously samples the subtle mechanical sounds that occur when the hammer returns to its original position after striking the string, as well as the sympathetic resonance that envelopes the entire piano when you hold down the damper pedal, reproducing the deep and beautiful sonic experience that you enjoy when seated at a real grand piano. Every detail of this expansively rich sound is under your expressive control.

Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard – let your fingers experience oneness with the keys.

The C-540 and C-340 both use the Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard that is also found on Korg's top-class synthesizers, and that is based on the same mechanism as a grand piano. Excessive springiness is eliminated to ensure excellent response for any type of passage, ensuring that the keys will return as quickly as if they were being pulled up by your fingers. The hammers of this Japanese-made keyboard are graded into four weights, with a heavier playing feel in the lower register and lighter feel in the high register. Each unit is carefully made in the Miyama-cho factory in Kyoto, famed for its superb level of craftsmanship. With environmental concerns in mind, the hammers are made without lead.

The Key Touch Control function lets you change the way that your playing strength will affect the sound output, with a selection of nine levels on the C-540, and three levels on the C-340. This allows you to enjoy performing with the optimal response for your own playing touch.

A speaker system that produces spacious and powerful sound.

The C-540 contains a new speaker system with two tweeters that reproduce the high frequencies and two large-diameter woofers to carry the lows. The C-340 has two large-diameter speakers. Each instrument delivers rich, spacious, and powerful sound.

A wide range of demonstration songs including demos of the internal sounds.

The C-540 also includes a piano lesson function for enjoyable practicing. In addition to twenty demo songs that introduce the sounds, the C-540 provides 185 songs that include famous pieces for everyone to enjoy, as well as standard piano practice pieces. In addition to being an enjoyable way to hear background music, this function provides some great ways to improve your playing skill. You can use the piano lesson function to play along with these demo songs at a comfortable tempo, or listen to the right hand and left hand parts played back separately by a professional pianist while you practice each part by itself. The C-340 provides ten sound demos and an additional twenty famous pieces.

Three pedals allow a variety of playing styles

The pedals are an indispensable element of piano performance, and these instruments provide all three standard pedals: damper, soft, and sostenuto. The damper and soft pedals support half-pedaling for more expressive control, and the C-540 also lets you assign the pedals to control an effect or other functions. For example you can use a pedal to apply a glide effect that slightly lowers the pitch, switch a rotary speaker effect, or switch the recorder between play/stop without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Versatile functions make your performance more enjoyable

  • World-class, in-demand sounds: In addition to acoustic piano, the built-in sounds include the expressive electric piano and jazz organ sounds required for so much of today’s popular repertoire. Also featured are church organ, strings, harpsichord and more. The C-540 gives you forty different sounds, and the C-340 provides thirty sounds. You can use Layer mode to freely combine these sounds in your performance (with individually adjustable volume balance). On the C-540 there's also a Split mode that lets you split the keyboard at the desired point and play different sounds in each area.
  • Performance function (C-540 only): You can edit and save up to thirty sets of sounds. These sets contain the sounds you've chosen for Layer mode or Split mode (up to two sounds) as well as effect settings, and can be recalled at a touch of the performance button. When the instrument is shipped, these thirty performances contain recommended sound settings. For example, number 29 splits the keyboard in the center, with the same grand piano sound assigned to the left and right halves of the keyboard in the same octave range, and is a convenient setup for a parent and small child to play a melody together at the same pitch.
  • Recorder function (C-540 only): The recorder function lets you record your own performance. Each song can contain up to two parts and a maximum of 45,000 notes. If you record 45,000 notes in each song, the C-540 can hold a maximum of sixteen songs. * Since the playback can be set to repeat, this can also be used during piano lessons. Recorded songs can be copied to a computer via USB, as SMF format MIDI data. * If there is sufficient remaining memory, more than sixteen songs can be recorded.
  • Effect function: The C-540 provides effects such as reverb that simulates the reverberation of a concert hall (eight types, 128 levels) and chorus that makes the sound richer (six types, 128 levels). It also provides twenty-four different insert effects used by professional musicians to make their sound stand out, such as rotary speaker, tremolo, delay, and phaser. The C-340 provides reverb and chorus that let you apply the effect by pressing a single button. There's also a brilliance setting that enhances the brightness and clarity of the sound.
  • Metronome: There's a metronome that lets you use a bell as the accent beat, with adjustable time signature, tempo, and volume. The C-540 also contains thirty-seven different rhythm patterns with drum sounds that can be used as a metronome, and you can play along with these drums to enjoy the experience of session playing. By using the recorder function, you can to record your own performance along with these drum patterns.
  • Temperaments: In addition to the standard equal temperament, the C-540 offers a choice of historically authentic temperaments that feature pure-toned chords, Arabian temperaments, and gamelan scales, providing a total of ten temperaments to choose from. The C-340 also gives you a choice of three temperaments. You can also choose the same stretched tuning used on acoustic pianos, in which lower notes are tuned slightly flatter while higher notes are tuned slightly sharper.
  • Audio IN/OUT jacks: The audio OUT jack lets you play the sounds of the instrument from external speakers, and the audio IN jack lets you use the built-in speakers to listen to music from a CD player or other audio source while you perform using the built-in sounds.
  • MIDI connectors: MIDI is the world-wide standard for transferring performance data between electronic musical instruments and computers.
  • USB connector (C-540 only): The USB connector allows a single-cable connection to your computer, letting you back up recorded performance data, or transmit and receive MIDI data.

*Sounds processed with INFINITY software.

*All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

* Appearance and specifications of these products are subject to change without notice.


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