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Acoustic Solutions, Treatment & Soundproofing

Published: Wed August 13, 2014  News Feed

Acoustic Treatment Solutions & Materials

Acoustic treatment and soundproofing can make a huge difference to your space - no matter how big or small it is.

Whether you want some acoustic solutions for around the home, in the office, a school/university or a big church auditorium, our specially designed Auralex acoustic foam can sort it out.

auralex soundproof soundproofing acoustic isolation acoustic foam materials


Here are a few situations where an acoustic solution might benefit you:

Small Rooms

Large Spaces

  • Home recording studio
  • Home theater
  • Office
  • School Classroom
  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • School Hall
  • University
  • Church
  • Sports Halls
  • Gyms
  • Cinema

Small rooms will encounter different acoustic problems to large rooms, which means the solution will be different in every situation.

That's why there's lots of different sizes and shapes of acoustic foam out there. Whether it's flutter echos, excessive low end or unwanted ambience, some sort of acoustic treatment can benefit you.


We are the official UK distributor for Auralex acoustical and soundproofing materials - meaning we only provide you with professional grade acoustic and soundproofing acoustic foam.

Here's a list of the acoustic treatment materials that you can use to enhance the sound in your space. Our experts can help you decide which would be suitable for your needs.

Auralex Pro Panels

auralex pro panel soundproof acoustic treatment solution padded foamPro Panels are used to treat flutter echos and reduce unwanted ambience from your room. They come in a range of different sizes and thicknesses that make them suitable for small rooms right up to large auditoriums.

Auralex Pro Panel Acoustic Treatment Foam Panel Board Solution Sound Dampener They are available in a large range of different colours, so that your acoustic treatment can not only enchance your room acosutics, but also look great!

Auralex Bass Traps

Auralex Bass Traps Acoustic Treatment Solutions Corner FoamTaking control of your low-end can be a real pain sometimes. Auralex Bass Traps are an LENRD - which stands for "Low End Node Reduction Device" - offering you much more control over the low-end than other Bass Traps.

They are available in a range of different shapes to suit your acoustical needs - as well as giving you a choice of colours to make your room look as good as it sounds.

Auralex MoPADs

MoPADs are small rubber vibration pads that sit under your speakers and provide instant results. If your speakers are resting on a table/floor, a pair of MoPADs will cut out any vibrations travelling from your speaker to the surface, giving you a much more accurate sound.

auralex mopads mo pad speaker stands speaker pads vibration foam rubber padMoPADs are pretty much essential for recording studios if you want to mix your tracks accurately. They can be useful for home theaters looking for acoustic isolation as they will cut out unwanted resonance.

They are available as regular MoPADs or MoPADs XL for larger speakers.

Want something with the same effects as MoPADs but much bigger? Check out the Platfoam Speaker Acoustic Isolation Sheets!

Auralex HoverMat & HoverDeck

auralex hovermat hover mat acoustic drum kit matt drumset isolationMost stages are hollow - meaning you get a terrible muddy rumble from a drum kit - and concrete floors just suck the tone away. By placing your drum kit on a HoverDeck, this minimises sympathetic vibrations and makes your drum kit sound dynamic and huge - just as it should!

The HoverMat is a non-slip acoustic isolation mat that also reduces resonance and improves your drum sound, which is also extremely handy for keyboard players.

Auralex Gramma

auralex gramma grammer grammor grama isolation pad speaker loudspeaker monitor foam dampener sound audioDesigned for guitar amps or loudspeakers, the Auralex Gramma is similar to other Auralex isolation products in the way that it completely isolates your sound, giving you total tone purity.

Ideal for guitar amps both in the recording studio and on stage, PA monitors at live gigs and even PA speakers where a speaker stand is not suitable.

The Great Gramma is an even bigger acoustic isolation pad designed for large, heavy duty speaker rigs such as 4x12" guitar cabs and 15" or 18" speaker cabinets.

Famous guitarist Joe Bonamassa swears by the Gramma and takes it everywhere with him.

auralex subdude sub dude ii 2 subwoofer platform raised foam rubber material soundproof acoustic treatment resonance resonant low end bassAuralex SubDude II

Similar to the Gramma, the Auralex SubDude II reduces resonance transfer and results in a much purer sound.

It is designed for subwoofers which makes the SubDude II perfect for home studios or music lovers that like to blast their music.

It can also be used for speakers, amplifiers, or literally anything that you want to audio clarity from.


If you don't work from a fixed location a permanent acoustic solution won't be appropriate. A temporary setup can be beneficial for places such as schools, business conferences - or anyone that wants something they can take with them and setup with little hassle.

Auralex Max Wall

Need somewhere to record but haven't got space for a studio? Can't afford to treat your whole studio? Need something you can move around?

The Auralex Max Wall acoustic foam offers you versatility that most other acoustic treatments do not.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Studio

For musicians it is a temporary vocal booth on-the-go which offers extreme isolation without having to spend a fortune kitting out your whole own room. They do not have to be mounted to walls which make them a great recording studio solution for any room of the house without having to install permanent fixtures.

You can add panels to your Max Wall collection as you need them - all you have to do is clip more panels on, so you can make your vocal booth as big or as little as you want.

This guide might be handy for musicians considering a home recording studio.

Ideal For Schools & Universities

Your classroom can transform into a professional vocal booth that allows your school to produce fantastic recordings in ANY classroom around the school - no more fighting over the studio timetable! The Auralex Max Wall can be moved from classroom to classroom and be setup within minutes, and costs a lot less than acoustically treating a school recording studio.

Makeshift Business Conference Booth

Businesses may use it to section off one large room into multiple meeting/conference zones, or call centre offices might use it to reduce overspill from other conversations being heard by your customers. Auralex acoustic foam is an ideal solution for these problems.

That's the great thing about an Auralex Max Wall - whether its for your temporary home studio, recording on-the-go, live broadcasts or business meetings, you will have an acoustically isolated space wherever and whenever you need it.

The best place to start is with one of our Max Wall kits, or give our acoustic experts a call and they will help you select the right pack for your needs. Max Walls also come in a variety of colours that look aesthetically pleasing.

auralex max wall vocal booth on the go portable onthego moveable transportableauralex soundproof soundproofing max wall sound proof vocal booth portable transportable on-the-go broadcast foam boards


If you want to speak to one of our expert acoustic technicians, we can provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and provide you with some free quotes.

Remember - we are the official Auralex UK distributors and can offer you the best prices.

There is no booking required - just give us a call on 0151 448 2699 and we will be happy to help!

Whether you are treating a small recording studio or large university lecture hall, our team will give you some expert advice as well as the best price possible on acoustic treatment and soundproofing in the UK.

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