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Polar Patterns Explained
Directionality - The sensitivity to sound relative to the direction or angle of arrival at the microphone. Directionality is usually plotted on a graph referred to as a polar pattern.

Comparing microphone sensitivity ratings: what does it mean?
Comparing Microphones is a tricky task when buying online. This guide hopes to explain some of the specifications that we show on our product pages.

How to us a Microphone Preamp
If you plug a condenser microphone in to audio interface then the signal it generates will be very quiet unless the signal is boosted. This is why you will need for a preamp.

Why do I need Virtual Instruments?
A sequencer without sound generators (virtual instruments) is like a recording studio without instruments. The sequencer offers you tools for arrangement and recording but not usually any actual sounds to arrange.

Why do I need an Audio/MIDI Sequencer?
The audio/MIDI sequencer is the control center for modern music production. If you are thinking about making music then you will need a sequencer and we have many great options for you.

Software Instruments in Education
Today, software instruments are able to completely emulate hardware instruments such as analogue or digital synthesizers. Plug a MIDI keyboard or another MIDI controller into the computer and it\'s easy to control the virtual insrument in real-time like a \"physical\" instrument.

Digidesign Pro Tools LE Basics
Digidesign Pro Tools LE systems are capable of serving as a complete, self-contained project studios. They enable you to record, edit, mix, master, and even deliver your finished product, using the same award-winning Pro Tools technology embraced by audio production professionals around the world.

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