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The Best Microphones for Lead Vocals | Our Big 5
You could look at this as a few words of advice in finding the best microphone to record lead vocals. We're giving you our version of The Big 5...

Student Discounts on Music Software Packages | Education Prices
Attention Music Students! Did you know you may be eligible for discounts on many music software packages! Cubase and Pro Tools for the techies and Sibelius for music students.

Hohner Harmonicas | Puck in C Now in Stock
Would you like to learn to play the harmonica but don’t know where to start, we have some info to help you on your way!

A Brief Peek | Our Favourite Bass Combo Amps
With our Bass Week almost over, we though we'd give you the lowdown on some of our favourite bass combos...

The Fender Bass Guitar... Explained!
So many designs, so many names, so many specifications... There really is a Fender Bass for everyone, and we’re going to help you choose yours by breaking down the complex code of what’s what when it comes to the Fender bass.

Top 10 Gifts for Guitarists - Under £15
Are you struggling to find a gift for a friend this christmas, or someone in your family who plays the guitar? Well we've collected a list of great gifts for you to present this christmas,all under £15! Plus... Dolphin's WILD CARD!

Feel the Need to Stomp? Do it on one of our Top 5 Digitech Effects Pedals
High performance, versatile and affordable. Check out Dolphin's top 5 bestselling Digitech FX pedals.

Micro Amps with Massive Sound - The 5 Best Mini Amps
Are you a guitarist who’s always on the move, or are you after a little more flexibility with your practice amp? Check out Dolphin’s top 5 bestselling micro amps, you might be surprised at what these little monsters can do.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars
Helping you to find the best acoustic guitars for your style and performance preferences.

Top 10 Left-Handed Electric Guitars
If you're in search of a new left-handed electric guitar, then take a look at our top 10 guide to the best "lefty" guitars at Dolphin.

Guitar FX: 12 of the best
We take a look at some of the unsung heroes of the guitar and bass fx world.

Native Instruments Traktor 2 First Look & Buying Guide
The release of Native Instruments' next gen Traktor Pro/Scratch/Duo/Audio 2 software and hardware solutions is a landmark in the 2011 DJ calendar - but with so many new products, updates and upgrades available, it's enough to leave your head in a spin. Fear not....

The Beginners Guide to Keyboards
We help you choose this Christmas and show you some of our top-selling beginner packages.

Electronic vs Acoustic Drums
The next in our buying guide series, we help you decide whether electronic or acoustic drums are best for you...

What Size Violin Should I Buy?
Our second edition to instrument sizing, we introduce the violin size guide!

Guitar Gifts : Is that an amp in your pocket?
They are awesome fun, uber cool, very affordable and let you Rock on the move. Ideal gifts for the guitarist.

Electronic Drum Kits Buyer's Guide
A recent report from mi-pro.co.uk reveals that Electronic Drums market is truly booming, as more and more hobbyists take up the challenge of beating the crap out of synth and sample triggering drum pads. Let's take a look at this burgeoning bandwagon…

Electro-Acoustic Buyers Guide
Electro-Acoustic guitars are a great choice for live performers, because besides sounding like any ordinary acoustic guitar, they can also be plugged to amps or to the P.A. allowing for a bigger sound. Check this buyers guide for more...

What's the Right Amp for You? Complete Guitar Amp Buyer's Guide
Whether it's a small portable amp, large 4x12 or a simply a valve head. The choices are seemingly endless.So we decided to put together a guide covering the many options available and try highlight some of the features which make each unique.

The Beatles FX Pedals Guide
The Beatles were musical pioneers, so it’s no surprise that when artists started to use FX pedals, the Beatles were also on top of this trend. Here’s a look at some of the pedals the Beatles have used…and what similar gear you can get to achieve similar tones!

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