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A Basic Guide to Acoustic Treatment
Here is an excellent excerpt from Audiotuts which gives you are more than easy to understand introduction to sound treatment.

Turn your iPhone into a DJ Mixer
The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a flush multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface.

Isle Of Man Charging One Pound Per Month For Unlimited Music
Rebuilding copyright for the digital age. It’s a massive task, but perhaps crafting a new and digitally coherent way of protecting content for creators while exploiting the web’s distribution network would be easier than trying to batter a centuries old system into something that will work today.

Creative Commons: What is it? Should I Apply This to My Music?
Creative Commons has been described as being at the forefront of the copyleft movement, which seeks to support the building of a richer public domain by providing an alternative to the automatic “all rights reserved” copyright, dubbed “some rights reserved.

Top 10 Music Industry Predictions
If 2008 was like the Wild West for the music industry, what does that say about our future in 2009? Brace yourself because it’s not all good news, but from conflict and struggle comes creativity, which is all the more reason to forge ahead.

How to ReWire Reason with Ableton Live, and why?
Ableton Live is a professional loop-based software music sequencer for Mac OS and Windows by Ableton. The latest major release of Live is Version 7.

So you want a career as a record producer ??
Often glamorised, seldon understood. The modern day music producer can be a man/woman wearing many hats, most of which usually not music! The great Quincy Jones was a said to be on the phone more than on the console!

Guitar Dating Service
Click on a Guitar Brand Name to get information on dating your guitar.

Circuitbending: What is it??
Don't throw away anything! Any of those old toys, keyboards and electronic gizmo's as they can be turned into completely unique, un predictable noise making machines.

How to Transfer Tapes and Vinyl on to CD
Many of us still rooms full of vinyl and box's filled with broken tapes featuring dust broken cases. many of us still consider this our prime music collection, yet we never listen to any of them due the inconvenience of of setting up old sytems. Hell, I dont even have a record player anymore but my home features same said room filled with records I never listen to ... The answer ..Digitize them!!!

Finding the best Microphone
First, a little about microphones. Microphones are basically simple devices designed to do one thing: convert sound waves in the air to their electrical equivalent. One of the first questions you may encounter is, "Do you want a dynamic or condenser microphone?"

Why do I need a Microphone Preamp?
A condenser microphone works by actually converting sound energy into an electrical voltage, but this voltage is much lower than the voltage coming out of your keyboard or other line level sources

Setting the intonation on your guitar
Here's a very helpful guide about guitar intonation. Something of crucial importance but that not all guitarists, especially beginners, are aware of...

How to set up a PA with monitors
Here's some quick and useful tips to get a good sound when setting up a PA for a rock band...

Find a Music Teacher
Here you will find a range of websites that provide details of music teachers throughout the uk.

Recording Guitars: Miking Acoustics, Part 2
Last installment we examined a few basic one-mic techniques for recording acoustic guitar. This week, let’s investigate some more involved multi-mic techniques.

Recording Guitars: Miking Amps, Part 1
Let’s start the series with one of the most basic and crucial realms of studio knowledge: microphone placement

How To...sound like the Beatles!
To mark the start of the Beatle Week, here's a quick look at some gear the Beatles used, and what you can find on Dolphin Music

How To Sound Like The Arctic Monkeys – A Complete Gear Guide
Arguably the biggest rock band in Britain right now, the Arctic Monkeys. Here’s a look at what gear they’ve been using in their gigs. This is an October 2009 update, with loads of new info!

Boss Micro BR - Interactive Tour!
Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful Micro BR is a dream for musicians on the go. Take the interactive tour to find out more about it!

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