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Moog Minimoog Voyager Synthesizer Rack Mount Edition

5U Rack Mount Minimoog Voyager

Dolphin id:38130 Product SKU:MG-VOY021

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The Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition takes all the mind-bending power of the Minimoog Voyager and packages it in a 19" wide by 5U (8 3/4") high package, which is designed for rack-mount or table-top use.

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The might of a Minimoog Voyager packed into a tidy rackmount frame. There's few synths more famous and the Voyager takes the original Moog sound as it's template but goes much further with features for sound design and integration in any setup.

The Voyager Rack Mount Edition contains all the synthesis functions of the award-winning Voyager. It also includes the Electric Blue back lit panel that we introduced with the Anniversary Edition Voyager, complete with front panel brightness control. A new feature is the switchable output mode. A slider switch on the rear panel selects -2dBm unbalanced, floating outputs, or +4 dBm, 600 Ohm electronically balanced outputs for professional applications. Also new is the Input Accessory Port, for CV/Gate Inputs.

The Voyager Rack Mount Edition can be controlled completely through MIDI. All front panel controls transmit and receive MIDI Continuous Controller messages. Match the RME (or up to 16 of them!) up with your existing Voyager to achieve some serious polyphony.

Now, all Rack Mount Editions will have the upgraded software and hardware to allow the player 7 banks of 128 presets and the following capabilities:

The External Mixer knob (just right of the display panel) has a dual function that allows you to rapidly change presets as opposed to continuously punching the cursor buttons.

EQ Magazine Review The Minimoog Voyager Rack

While testing this synth, I made a deliberate decision not to open the manual, as I figure a mono synth should be the epitome of user-friendly synthesis. I was not disappointed. After plugging in the MIDI controller, I browsed through the Edit menus and found everything I would ever want to change, from note priority (cool for making it respond like an old mini with low note priority, or a Yamaha with top note priority) to MIDI channels, to additional modulation routing and filter modes.

MIDI Enhancements:

  • Allows you to send either 7 or 14 bit resolution from the Mod Wheel.
  • Optionally reduces the amount of MIDI data being sent from the Touch Surface.
    (These changes enable the Voyager to work better with older MIDI equipment.)

So many sounds to spark your creativity!

Oscillators Module
Three wide-range, high stability VCO�s (Voltage Controlled Oscillators) with continuously variable waveforms.

  • Two FREQUENCY controls vary the frequencies of Oscillators #2 and #3 over a +/-7 semitone range with respect to Oscillator #1.
  • Three OCTAVE selectors set the frequency ranges of the oscillators in six octave steps.
  • Three WAVE controls provide continuous control over the waveforms of the oscillators, from triangular, to sawtooth, to square, to narrow rectangular.
  • 1-2 SYNC switch synchronizes the Oscillator #2 waveform to the frequency of Oscillator #1, for dramatic timbral effects.
  • 3-1 FM switch provides linear frequency modulation of Oscillator #1 by Oscillator #3.
  • 3 KEYBOARD CONTROL switch disconnects Oscillator #3 from control by the keyboard CV, enabling it to function as a drone or a modulation source independent of the keyboard.
  • 3 FREQ switch lowers the frequency of Oscillator #3 into the sub-audio range, enabling it to function as a low frequency audio or modulating oscillator.

Mixer Module
Five-input mixer for combining the audio sources prior to filtering.

  • Five Input Level controls adjust the relative levels of the oscillator, noise, and external audio input signals.
  • Five Input switches enable the player to quickly switch individual audio signals in and out.
  • External Level LED enables the player to set the correct external audio signal level.

Filters Module
Dual mode filter module includes two Moog lowpass-resonant filters in parallel to stereo output or a highpass and lowpass-resonant filters in series, for highpass, bandpass, or lowpass filtering.

  • CUTOFF control sweeps the frequencies of both filters throughout the audio range.
  • SPACING control sets the spacing between the frequencies of the two lowpass filters or controls the frequency of the highpass filter, over a +/-3 octave range.
  • RESONANCE control adjusts the resonance of both filters, from none to filter oscillation.
  • KEYBOARD CONTROL AMOUNT control sets how much the filters open and close as the player presses different keys on the keyboard controlling the Voyager Rack Mount.
  • DUAL LOWPASS/ HIGHPASS-LOWPASS switch selects between two lowpass filters in parallel or a lowpass and highpass filter in series.

Envelopes Module
The Envelopes Module generates two wide-range ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) envelopes. The Filter Envelope sweeps the filter and is available for modulation shaping. The Volume Envelope shapes the overall volume.

  • Two ATTACK controls determine the attack times of the envelopes.
  • Two DECAY controls determine the decay time constants of the envelopes.
  • Two SUSTAIN controls determine the sustain levels of the envelopes.
  • Two RELEASE controls determine the release time constants of the envelopes.
  • AMOUNT TO FILTER control determines how much the filter envelope will open and close the filter, from full negative (inverted envelope) to full positive (non-inverted envelope).
  • ENVELOPE GATE switch selects whether the envelopes will be triggered by the keyboard or by programmable envelope gate sources, including Keyboard Gate, S+H Gate (LFO), and MIDI Clock, allowing independent triggering of the two envelopes.

LFO Module
Low Frequency Oscillator generates triangular, square, Sample & Hold, and smoothed Sample & Hold waveforms for use as modulating signals.

  • RATE control sets the LFO rate over the range 0.2 Hz (one cycle every five seconds) to 50 Hz (50 times a second).
  • SYNC selector selects LFO synchronization source to be from the keyboard gate, MIDI Clock, external gate, or off (no synchronization).
  • RATE LED provides visual indication of the LFO rate.

Modulation Busses Module
Selects the sources, destinations, and shaping signals for the MOD WHEEL bus and the PEDAL/ON bus.

  • Two SOURCE selectors select the modulation source from the LFO waveforms, Oscillator# 3, the MOD2 Voltage, or a software selectable source whose default is noise.
  • Two DESTINATION selectors select the modulation destination from the pitch of all the audio oscillators, just Oscillator #2, just Oscillator #3, the filter frequencies, the oscillator waveforms, or a software selectable destination whose default is LFO Rate.
  • Two SHAPING selectors select the filter envelope, key pressure signal, key velocity or a software selectable source whose default is on to shape the modulation signal on that b

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