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Marshall Haze 40 (40-watt All Valve combo)


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Designed to be versatile the compact Haze amplifiers are designed to deliver what is expected from an all valve amplifier in terms of tone and extra in terms of overall features.

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Designed to be versatile the compact Haze amplifiers are designed to deliver what is expected from an all valve amplifier in terms of tone and extra in terms of overall features. The Marshall Haze offers that classic Marshall tone in one compact and affordable pacakge...check out the demo videos! A new classic from Marshall? You bet...

The 40W combo with its 1x12” Marshall / Celestion Marquee speaker is a portable combo that is capable being taken almost anywhere. Check the videos tab and see for yourself just how good this new Marshall amp is!

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Marshall Haze 40 Marshall Haze 40 - back

The format and versatility of the 40W Haze combo makes it the perfect partner for guitarists looking for a gig worthy, compact workhorse with enough features, power and tone capabilities that it can cope in a wide variety of situations. The cabinet is finished in high grade vinyl with protective corners.

The vintage style baffle is covered in a hand stretched, acoustically transparent fret cloth and the cabinet is finished with white piping and hard wearing cabinet furniture to ensure your amp looks great.

With its EL34 power stage and ECC83 powered preamp this portable 40W combo has been designed to deliver to the guitarist’s expectations through the power and feel of its valves.

Laid out in a top loaded format the 40W Haze sports two distinctive footswitchable channels. In normal mode the tone circuitry of the Haze 40W provides low gain sounds that are crisp and honest, providing a really usable clean tone. Dialled from a single volume control, the normal channel provides ample headroom to play at volume without loosing the definition of your guitar.

The boost switch in normal mode pushes the lower shapes of your tone by adding more gain and extra punch in the lower midsection of your tone for a fuller sound, perfect for fattening up thinner sounding single coil pickups. The bright switch provides added sparkle lifting the higher aspects of the guitar’s sound and adding a crisper edge and more defined brighter feel. Combined together, both the boost and
bright switches will allow you to push the normal channel so that is stands out above the unmodified normal sound.

The overdrive channel of the Haze 40w delivers a classic overdriven tone option. With a separate gain control it is possible to dial in preamp drive that distorts the sound and makes it easy to access that more aggressive rock and blues attitude without loosing the definition of your guitar. The addition of the boost switch to the overdrive sound really pushes into lead territory with sustain to spare ensuring that you can access that extra punch when required.

Both the normal and overdrive channels use a shared 3 band EQ allowing you to individually adjust the treble, middle and bass response of the amplifier to suit your taste. As well as being able to control the tone of your amp though the EQ a presence control provides the ability to further define your tone requirements.

The Effects section of the Haze 40W combo contains custom voiced effects and reverb that have been specially designed by Marshall to compliment the feel and tone of the amplifier. Each effect selected on the channel (normal, overdrive and overdrive boost) will be remembered when you return to the channel which means you can set up your clean, overdrive and lead sounds and return to them over and over again without having to re-adjust your settings.

The warm emulated spring reverb has its own independent control which allows you to add in as much or as little reverb as required. For those who want to completely remove the reverb circuitry from the equation the reverb control is fitted with a positive off switch which means that by rotating the control anti clockwise you can feel the control click, indicating that the reverb circuitry is bypassed.

The 3 selectable effects in the 40W combo were chosen to compliment the feel of the amplifier and have been voiced to work with the overall tone of the amplifier to ensure that every one feels rich and satisfying. Effects are selected using the top panel button and indicated by the colour of the LED, when there is no light the effects section is off. Green indicates that echo effect is selected, orange shows that Vibe is selected and red indicates the effect in use is the Chorus.

Effect depth and adjust controls allow considerable flexibility in a simple format for ease of use.

Echo- This effect is designed to give a warm analogue echo sound ranging from double tracking through slapback to a full second of delay.

Vibe- The vibe effect applies a vibrato to your tone providing a familiar and usable shimmer to your guitar’s sound. It can be used easily to add extra depth and substance to your tone. The adjust control for the vibrato allows you to select the amount of vibrato applied from a vintage vibe at low settings and almost phaser depth at the maximum setting.

Chorus- Chorus is a proven effect in the guitarist’s tool box to add depth and warmth to a sound adding a useable sparkle. The chorus for the Haze 40W is no exception and works in conjunction with the amplifier’s tone to produce a complimentary chorus perfectly voiced for the amplifier.

In addition to the amplifier’s onboard Effects section it has been fitted with an effects loop which can be located on the rear panel of the amplifier. By using the effects loop you can add in any additional effects you might require and the loop has an on/off switch which means that you can switch your external effects off when not required.

The internal effects and external effects loop share the same circuitry which can be fully bypassed when desired, providing the shortest all valve signal path to keep even the most die hard valve purist happy. The bypass works using positive action switches on the reverb and effects depth controls and the rear panel external effect enable switch.

The right sound
The acoustic properties of the Haze 40W cabinet have been at the centre stage of the design of the amplifier. Alongside the powerful and toneful Marquee G12-66 speaker developed with Celestion, a few successful ideas that were tested during the acoustic development of the amplifier have been introduced in production for this model to enhance the acoustic radiation pattern of the cabinet, meaning a more balanced and spacious sound for the user.

The best elements of the natural directivity of a closed cabinet and the traditional 3D effect feel of an open cabinet have been achieved with the help of 4 circular holes on the back of the cabinet. The asymmetric speaker mounting also helps by spreading the low frequency response below resonance, making the sound deeper with more body for an all important bottom end sound.

The Combo itself is fitted with a custom designed Celestion Marquee G12-66 speaker. These speakers were designed exclusively for the Haze range of amplifiers and compliment perfectly its larger than life sound. The choice of speaker was so important that it was essential that something very specific could be found to suit the amplifiers tone.

Through careful attention to detail and development, Marshall believe that the Celestion G12-66 Marquee provides exactly what is needed for tone of the amplifier. The 16Ω internal speaker provides the perfect partner for the Haze 40, however for those people who like to experiment both 16Ω and 8Ω speaker outputs, these have been provided for use with other Marshall cabinets.

In addition to the fantastic tone that can be achieved from the cabinet, speaker and amplifier combination of the Haze 40 it also has an emulated line out socket on the rear meaning that you can either run your amp through a PA when you need added volume or to plug directly into your mixing desk, allowing you to record your music using the tones of your amplifier instead of inferior software amplifier simulations.
Interacting with the amp.

As with many amplifiers it is possible to control the amplifier from the front panel of the unit or control some functions remotely with a footswitch. Every 40W Haze combo is sold with a simple 2 way footswitch which allows you to toggle between channels and effects on and off.

For even more functionality you can use an optional 4 way footswitch with Marshall’s Stompware® technology to unlock even more versatility providing footswitchable channel select, overdrive boost, reverb enable and effects enable switches.

Image: Marshall Haze 40 (40-watt All Valve combo)

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