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VOX AC30 CC2X - 2 X 12 Combo with Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers

With Celestion Alnico Blue speakers!

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The VOX AC30CC2X combo offers 2 blendable channels feature fully variable tremolo with footswitchability, a custom EQ switch on the Top Boost channel, and Brilliant switch on the normal channel.

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The VOX AC30CC2X combo offers 2 blendable channels feature fully variable tremolo with footswitchability, a custom EQ switch on the Top Boost channel, and Brilliant switch on the normal channel. Spring reverb with dwell switch, footswitchability, and tone and level controls; tremolo with speed and depth controls; plus an effects loop with full bypass and level control give you precision command over a broad range of sounds.

Boutique features include switchable cathode bias for lower power and longer tube life plus switchable smoothing filter values for looser or tighter feel, tradition backwards "cut" control, which takes out hights as the knob is turned clockwise. Baltic birch cab, vintage-style transformers, tone cut control, heavy-duty cover, and included dual footswitch.

Vox AC30 CC2X
Vox AC30 CC2X
Vox AC30 CC2X

The VOX AC30CC2X uses the same circuits as the original VOX AC30 with the Top Boost channel, preserving the authenticity and tone of the original's circuit. Even the original components were copied when possible: four EL84 valves, three ECC83/12AX7 preamp valves, the transformers are clones of the original Albion models, important signal capacitors are vintage axial types, carbon film resistors are used as on the original VOX AC30, GZ34 valve rectifier. And the features list of the original VOX AC30 has been preserved: spring reverb, master volume, multiple channels, and a Tone Cut control.

What's so special about valve amplifiers? When valves are overdriven they distort in a unique way that adds lots of even order overtones that are harmonically related to the fundamental signal. Drive a transistor amp into distortion and odd overtones are created that are not harmonically related to the fundamental, and the amp sounds harsh and nasty. Think of the sound of glass breaking. Drive a valve amp into overdrive and the added harmonic distortion will add a full richness to the tone.

A Class A amplifier's output valves, as used in the VOX AC30CC2X combo, are always turned on, regardless of whether they are producing positive or negative voltages. Being always on the valves generate more heat, but because the current is flowing at all times, an input signal causes the current to be immediately diverted to the speakers, and therefore, the sound is very "fast", accurate and natural.

The VOX AC30CC1 valve combo uses the 12" Celestion NeoDog Neodymium magnet, the VOX AC30CC2 valve combo uses the VOX Warfendale GSH12-3 speaker while the VOX AC30CC2X uses Celestion Alnico Blue speaker.


  • 30-watt head based on VOX AC30CC2X Hand Wired amp.
  • All valve two channel Class A combo with valve rectification.
  • Classic tone from two 12" Celestion Alnico Blue speakers.
  • Two inputs - Top Boost and Normal.
  • Custom/normal EQ switch on Top Boost channel.
  • Normal channel with Brilliant switch.
  • Input Link Switch for blending Normal and Top Boost channels.
  • Front Panel Controls: Volume, Brilliance Switch, Top Boost Volume, Treble, EQ Standard/Custom Switch, Bass
  • Reverb Controls: Tone, Mix, Dwell Switch.
  • Tremolo Speed and Depth.
  • Tone Cut.
  • Master Volume.
  • Standby Switch.
  • Rear panel controls: Loudspeaker output jack x 2 (Extension & External).
  • Output Impedance Select (8 or 16 Ohm) on speaker jacks.
  • Output Cathode Bias (82 "Warm" or 50 "Hot").
  • Smoothing Filter Values (22uF "Vintage" or 44uF "Modern").
  • True bypass variable-level effects FX loop (Send, Return and Bypass Switch).
  • Footswitch Jack (Tremolo and Reverb).
  • Two button footswitch included, toggles tremolo and reverb effects.
  • Spring reverb.
  • Vintage-style transformers.
  • Fully variable tremolo.
  • True bypass variable level effects loop.
  • Baltic birch ply cabinet.
  • Vintage L-shaped chassis.
  • Dimensions: 540x705x265mm.
  • Weight: 32 kgs/70 lbs.
Image: VOX AC30 CC2X - 2 X 12 Combo with Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers

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VOX AC30 CC2X - 2 X 12 Combo with Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers Reviews


VOX AC30cc

I've been using British Vox's for twenty years now and I needed another for on stage; I bought the Chinese cc version.
The difference between the two? Well quite a bit, from vinyl front (instead of cotton) cheap metal parts, screws that don't screw back in, cheap plastic knobs and having to unsolder the speakers to get to the valves!
Having said all that, it IS a Vox and it still makes a better noise than most other amps, chinese made or not.
Purists will only look at the British models (whether 60's or mid-90's reissue's) but for those wanting the Vox chime at around £550-650, then this amp is for you.
Plug the British Vox in and it's loud straight away, plug this in and you can gently ease it into playing volume. The master is useful too and the eq/different configurations are handy.
All in all, Vox have done a great job and with added blue celestions and a re-valve, this amp should compete with anything!
For the amp: 8/10 For the cheap plastic and design: 6/10


Vox AC30CC2X

If I may I will dispense with the description and overview, you can find that anywhere.
Lets talk about musicality, I have owned 2 or 3 Vintage AC 30TB's, I still own an AC50 head from 1961, I also have a couple of Boogies and a very nice twin reverb, my point is - that the CC2X is by far and away the best amplifier that I have ever owned...absolutely gorgeous clean tone, dial in top cut or bass to please, or ramp up the master and arrive at the just about to break up nicely place.....everything is usable, its simply wonderful, so much so that I have now ordered a custom built flight case (I wouldn't want to damage this amazing piece of kit. (and be in no doubt it will become an absolute and much sought after classic) one word of advice, I tried all versions and the Celestion blues really spoke to me, they breathe and add so much to your tone....I own and play, Strats, Tele, rickenbacker 360(12), GIBSON lp Junior and this amp makes ALL of them sound even better......
dont hesitate, this amp is amazing......

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VOX AC30 CC2X - 2 X 12 Combo with Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers

This amp is amazing, I was using an old Marshall Vavlestate amp before buying this and the difference is incredible.

My USA Telecaster never sounded like a Telecaster should until I plugged it in to an AC30. At one crazy time I was even considering buying custom pick-ups for my Telecaster as I couldn't get the sound I was hearing on records. Well, it was the amp after all. Instead of chalk-board-esque cringe-worthy squeaks from the bridge pick-up, I get singing musical tones! The sounds from each pick-up selection are unique and malleable meaning you are able to get pretty much any sound you want. It's not difficult, trust me.

If you are unsure about what a valve amp is worth, then don't take my word for it, try one out! I would definitely recommend the AC30 as a first time buy though, because of what you get for your money. I won't list the features, they're already there to read, but this amp really is amazing value! That almost makes it sound like there's a catch....but there really isn't, this is up there with the best amps there are. I must say also that I suspect the Alnico Blue speakers are responsible for the 'extra mile' in this amp. I was never in doubt which version to buy, but if again, if you want to hear the difference, try out both versions.

Finally I would like to mention why I went looking for this amp: a lot of my friends have either owned an AC30, or have used one. Those that owned and sold them still regret it. They have been able to get a good sound, but not the SAME sound.

Happy shopping.



Cristal Clear sounds, easy controls, beautiful aestetics, what am I talking about?Of course I'm talking about a Vox AC-30 with AlNiCo Blue Speakers of course, I had Marshall, I had Fender amps, but here is the game!
An over-the-top vibrato fx, and a lot of features for a wider range of use.
With this amp even pedals work better!The one you were ready to sell, just comes to a new life and express itself!Not an euro is worst if you use it to buy this amp.


Palma junior guitar pack

Nice website, good clear images and info. Recieved my order within a couple of days, delighted, thankyou.



The best amp ever!!!! I use it to get a Brian May tone as I use it with my homemade Red Special and Treble Booster and I coudn't ask for more...I felt a shiver up my spine! This amp really sings. The sound is so warm, rich and fuller. A must have!!



I bought this amp 8 months ago, after reading lots of net reviews i thought i was taking a chance to be honest, i am fairly new to this new equipment so bare this in mind about my reveiw of this piece of kit,this is a an amp has no silly gimmicks it is very subtle really in its operation and the way the controlls are laidout,i play anmex strat and wanted to im[prove tone and it this has been acheived wonderfully,thats without any fxs when you use them the improvement is astonishing,i would like an 1959hw to go with it to give me that high gain sound aswell but that for later,i would not be without this amp it was a lot of money but i think its worth it, nicely built, a good product, no hisses or hums at all and when you play it clean its awsome. Hope this helps Dash


Vox AC30

After years of hoping, dreaming, wishing and yearning I finally did it. I bought THE greatest amp of all time!

I've been a guitarist for over 15 years now, and I've played through every amp under the sun, but NOTHING come close to the sound of this Vox.

You want clean, cutting, vibrant tones? - check.
You want dirty, rattling, sickening distortion? - check.
You want warm, bluesey, dulcid overdrive? check.

In short, if you can think it, you can get it with this amp. All you need, is your imagination.

One of the great things about this amp for me, is that it really brings out the uniqueness of your guitar.

For example, I use a Fender Strat for certain songs, and combined with this amp I get that piercing, clean, retro - almost Pete Townsend tone. I switch to my Les Paul Gold Top, and without changing even one setting on the amp, I suddenly have a tight, heavy overdrive with an almost Brian May tone.

This amp is everything you'd ever want, and more. After owning this amp, I couldn't see myself ever buying another - it's THAT good.

You'll never look back, and never sound better.

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