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Ibanez EGEN18-TVF (Transparent Violet Flat)

Dolphin id:37224 Product SKU:EGEN18-TVF

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Ibanez Egen18 Herman Li - blazing brightly on a stage in front of thousands, Dragonforce's Herman Li's speed and heat on the guitar is absolutely radioactive.

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Ibanez Egen18 Herman Li - blazing brightly on a stage in front of thousands, Dragonforce's Herman Li's speed and heat on the guitar is absolutely radioactive.

The Egen18 Herman Li features an unique scoop cutaway, modeled using Herman's hand. This cutaway at the back of the body, allows even easier access to high frets from all angles. Featuring special 'Kung Fu' Grip on Upper Horn: Herman's essential feature for his performance on stage.

The Custom DiMarzio pickup set is designed for a low-profile setting in the middle pickup position, to not get in the way of heavy rhythm down strokes to shredding alternate picking.

Customised Edge-Zero bridge with specially designed springs for Herman's preferred tremolo bar feel; smoother with increased sensitivity. Deeply routed tremolo cavity makes the E-Gen capable of an extremely wide range of whammy bar tones and applications. From the most screamingly high harmonics to guttural dive-bombs, this tremolo system does it all! The Edge-Zero E-Gen Custom also includes 'locking studs' bridge posts as an optional installation.

The Herman Li EGEN18 features nine pickup configurations for versatile tone from super clean to extreme metal. Neck: Warm, clean, strong attack. Great for warm singing solos, clean sweep picking tone. Pull volume switch up to split coil for a more classic sound or go smooth and clean. Middle: This pickup features a warm and punchy high-output design.

The middle pickup has been designed to be mounted deeper into the guitar's body so it stays out of the way when picking, yet still remains perfectly in balance with the neck and bridge pickups. Bridge: High output, screaming harmonics. Perfect for fast tight heavy rhythm, loud solos, responsive to speed finger tapping.


  • Oval Abalone Inlays
  • Neck type: 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck
  • Flamed Maple top/Mahogany body
  • Jumbo frets
  • Edge-Zero bridge
  • DiMarzio HLM (H) neck pu, DiMarzio HLM (S) mid pu, DiMarzio HLM (H) bridge pu
  • Neck Dimension: Scale 648mm/25.5", Width at Nut 43mm, Width at Last Fret 58mm, Thickness at 1st: 18mm, Thickness at 12th: 20mm, Radius: 430mmR
  • Scalloped fretboard - 20th-24th
  • Special Upper Horn Grip
  • Gold hardware

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Image: Ibanez EGEN18-TVF (Transparent Violet Flat)

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Ibanez EGEN18-TVF (Transparent Violet Flat) Reviews


Pure Brilliance

I bought this guitar in the december of last year and let me just say it has revolutionized the way I play guitar. I actually originally was just trying it to see the difference between this and the Jackson DKMGT which i was originally intending to buy. I never thought it would persuade me to pay the £1100 difference. But it did.
I liked it straight away because of the incredibly thin neck which i immediately preferred to the chunky Dean Dime-O-Flame I had been playing for 2 years previous. The thinness of the neck allows your hands a lot more space to move which will instantly add to your speed. Your hands will also not be restricted by the cut-aways, in fact i can use the \'spider-hand\' technique even up at the 21-24th frets and i don\'t feel restricted at all, which is impressive seeing as i have very large hands (4-11th fret stretch).
Actually the whole body is shaped perfectly so that it easy and comfortable to play, whether standing up or sitting down. It is also just the right weight so that you can easily play it standing up for long periods of time but it doesn\'t feel fragile in your hands. All the various knobs and buttons are placed perfectly so that they don\'t get in your way when your playing but there easily accessible mid-riff.
This guitar uses the new Edge Zero bridge and this is were my one complaint for this guitar comes in. Now first off let me say that if you use thinner gauge string like 9s then you will have no problem with this. However if like me you prefer the tone and feel of thicker strings (I play 11s) then your going to have some problems. Basically the problem lies in the fact that usually the Floyd Rose bridges have a section were you can add or remove springs so that the tension can be balanced out no matter what strings you use. This Bridge has no such feature. I in the end had to have my bridge customized and after about 5 or 6 minor tweaks and the bridge had \'settled down\' I had the perfect guitar fit with a lovely pair of 11s.
Another thing i was incredibly impressed with was how low the action is on this guitar, and it is even lower now due to the thicker strings. There is literally nothing between the strings and the neck which makes shredding on the higher frets a lot easier as do the scalloped frets from fret 21-24.
I think the final thing i need to mention with this guitar is the pickups. This guitar has 3 DiMarzio HLM pickups and the are astonishing. I play mostly on the neck pickup but have played a lot on the other two to see what they can do and all 3 sound impeccable through my Marshall MG100DFX. I play a lot of metal and shred guitar and the neck pickup has just the right amount of crunch that you need but also when playing sort of jazzy acoustic things on clean it has a soft mellow sound that you would expect from a Gibson Hummingbird.
There isn\'t much else i can say about this guitar. It looks beautiful it stays in tune and it sounds remarkable. Yes i know its Basically £2000 but your not just getting a guitar. Your getting a work of art.


Herman Li\'s signature guitar

Herman Li has made himself famous with guitarists all over the world for his unmatched speed when playing, and when his signature guitar was announced, many wanted to get their hands on one. It is £1799 online which is very high and some might not find that worth it. But the specs on this guitar make it almost unrivaled as well as the fact that Herman has made no changes from out of the box to the stages of Dragonforce\'s sellout tours. Specs only say so much and i have seen and played this god of a guitar and no review can say how amazing it feels and plays. The only downside is that sitting down practise will soon become past with this guitar because you will play so fast, u will wanna stand up nd rock out like a pro. I am saving now for this guitar and all i will say to anyone who reads this is do the same because this guitar is no less than a masterpiece!!!!!!

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