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Danelectro DC 59 (Black)


Dolphin id:34828 Product SKU:DC59BLK

This product is currently not available for purchase.

Arguably the most famous Danelectro guitar, thanks to high profile usage by the likes of Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett, the delicious double cutaway '59 Dano is back and cooler than ever, thanks to a 'pre-aged' makeover and up-specced components and hardware.

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Arguably the most famous Danelectro guitar, thanks to high profile usage by the likes of Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett, the delicious double cutaway '59 Dano is back and cooler than ever, thanks to a 'pre-aged' makeover and up-specced components and hardware.

Syd Barrett from the early Pink Floyd usually played this guitar, and also Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin used this model of guitar on live performances of "Kashmir", "In My Time of Dying", "Black Mountain Side", and "White Summer". When Eric Clapton was with Blind Faith he used this model with a psychedelic paint job. Tom Waits frequently uses one, seen recently in the video for the "Orphans" single video "Lie to me".

Glossless finish paintwork, matt finish hardware and tinted shellac lacquer applied over the cream-coloured parts really underlines the vintage retro appeal of these excellent guitars.

The semi-hollow Masonite body with adhesive tape edging (though there's no body 'seam' to hide under the tape nowadays), the giant 'seal' scratchplate, the cool revised styling of the famous 'coke bottle' headstock shape - arguably one of the best headstock shapes ever - plus the twin wide-spaced body horns, chunky radio style vertical-ridge control knobs, the aluminium nut... all the trademark Dano features!

The '59 Pro also features twin alnico-powered Lipstick® case pickups with warmer spec windings for a sweeter tone and slightly hotter output. Plus there's a fully adjustable and intonatable chrome plated raised-tail bridge, and six adjustable, enclosed gear machines.
Three great retro finishes - including Black, the one we all want!

Syd Barrett & his danelectro DC59And just how little money does cost for that ice cool Dano vibe...?


  • Body: Masonite, wood frame
  • Neck: Maple, bolt on
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale: 25” / 635mm
  • Frets: 21
  • Tuners: Enclosed, adjustable
  • Bridge: Chrome die-cast, six saddles, adjustable
  • Pickups: 2 x Lipsticks®, alnico magnets, 3-way selector


Image: Danelectro DC 59 (Black)

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Danelectro DC 59 (Black) Reviews


GET IT! (if your good at fixing stuff)

Wanted this Guitar for ages!!!!! being a syd barret fan,

Decided to get it here at Dolphin with some of the cash I got from selling my PRS custom 24.

best investment I\'ve ever got.

I plug it into a Badcat hotcat 30R with matching 2x12 cab (£3,600) ;)

It needed a GOOD fix. strings came on it a dull grey colour wtf,

neck was bent like a bannana litteraly with bridge so high to compensate for it., and the frets were rough as stone on bending the strings, really bad!

I got my tool kit out, took the strings off, adjusted truss rodd which involves unscrewing the whole neck off to get to the trus screw. so it is now straighter than a rule.
sanded down the fret wire with fine grade emery cloth to a smooth ass finnish, and cleaned & conditiond the fret board with fretboard oil. put it all back together.

and what do you know?

Super nice low action,smooth as silk string bending, and, the BEST sounding single coil for vintage sounds I have ever heard.

plays as good as my PRS custom 24 did (nearly)
I have my American strat on ebay as I type. this guitar has replaced it and kicked it out the door!

No discredit to Dolphin for the guitar setup.. what do I expect for 180 quid, they probly dident look at it,

Dolphin have been good to me over the years and have the best Custumer service anywhere and I\'ve spent a lot of money here and I always will.

Its the coolest guitar I own atm.
and now its fixed, I\'m having so much fun with it!

better than my american strat!


erm... bargain!

Cheaper then some pretty poor guitars aimed at beginners, it seemed too good to be true. Iconic model I'd always wanted so it was a no brainer.
It arrived within a couple of days and I was a little disappointed. Whilst the matte finish is beautiful to touch, the guitar had clearly been in a warehouse for a while before it had been shipped. The frets were really dirty and the strings just awful. I took them all off and gave the fingerboard a thorough rubbing. The dirt that came off was unbelievable. I had to rub for a while! I polished the frets and got them looking lovely, so I then applied lemon oil to the rosewood fingerboard which was needed as it was very very dry. This resulted in even more grime coming of when I removed the excess oil! After I had spent some time cleaning I put some top quality Elixir strings on and lowered the action a fair bit. The end result was a very playable guitar that really felt worth more than I payed for it, with nice chunky frets and a fast smooth satin neck, very happy! Then I plugged it in. WOW! very high output and those singlecoils have plenty of bite. Quite like a nice loud set of P90's. The only disappointing thing was the volume control has minimal effect until it's right down to around 1 at which point, unless you're very very careful, it cuts completely. A bit annoying if you like a cranked valve amp and just use the guitars controls to clean up the tone. This is, of course, replaceable. Another screw in the quite thick scratchplate would have been nice too, but not essential. 
All in all, with a bit of TLC this is a top guitar, light weight, loud and easy to play. Beginners should all get one because they're as good or better than anything out there twice the price, and I can't think of a better backup guitar for seasoned player who want some thing original and not a Japanese/Korean/Chinese copy. If it was good enough for Jiimmy.

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Danelectro DC59 (Black)

I was looking for a semi-hollow guitar to replace my acoustic which I\'d sold a few weeks previous. I\'d heard of Danelectro before, but more for their pedals than guitars. I only noticed this guitar whilst watching the video to Metallica\'s Unforgiven II and seeing Kirk Hammett playing one. After a bit of online research and looking at several reviews and fansites which said it was great I thought \'why not?\' though I wasn\'t expecting much with the Made In China tag and low price!
I ordered from Dolphin on a Wednesday night, by Friday afternoon it was at my door! Brilliant service from Dolphin, seriously, buy with confidence!!
Anyhow, I needn\'t have worried about the Made In China part! Danelectro must have some cracking luthiers over there as this guitar is spot on!! It was pretty much still in tune out of the box and ready to go. All I did was lower the action slightly, but that\'s just my preference. To play, as I say, it really does feel like a guitar two or three times the price with a finish to match! Pictures don\'t do it full justice, the matt finish is just great!
Soundwise I shan\'t say much as there are several good videos on youtube which are worth watching if you can\'t try before you buy. I have a Fender Roc Pro amp on which this sounds fantastic! Even with overdrive those pickups rock! My only gripe is that I imagine if you had to set the intonation, it would be a pig as the screws are under the strings (but I Bet it\'s do-able). But I\'ve not had to do it as the intonation was fine!
In closing, if you\'re thinking of buying this guitar, think no more! Just get it! At this price you won\'t be dissappointed!
Cheers to Dolphin!


Danelectro DC 59

I always wanted one of these but never got around to it. More fool me...it arrived safe and sound from Dolphin and on time and I opened the box and could not believe how light it was.There really isn\'t much too it, but in this case less is deffo more.
I put some different strings on played about with the action (It didn\'t need either doing but its just me!)
I took it to a rehearsal and after everybody else had a go on it, I then got a chance.(Loud)

It rings it sings its really a joy to play and you kind of feel a bit like Syd he he (Oh yeah I got the black and White looks like a killer whale or is that Wail?)

I remember when I bought my first mini back in about 95...I laughed all the way home it was such fun to drive,this is the same, it is fun why? Search me, but it is, but its not a toy it has some really great sounds that I can\'t get from my other guitar.

I only have one criticism, and its not serious, but you do have a job getting a decent strap on the the strap holdy thing behind the neck...but I\'m sure there will be an expert out there somewhere who can tell me where I went wrong?

My other guitar is an 80\'s Yamaha SG 2000S, and while it doesn\'t grunge as much, it is much brighter. This is s guitar for a specific purpose, and if you are a finger picker or slidey man. it\'s perfect.I am getting closer to grunging it up a bit by having both pick ups on wanging up the bass end and bunging the drive up to 50...its getting there.

At the price that it is, it is well worth having even if it only brings you a bit closer to Syd.


danelectro DC59 BLACK

Once i saw this guitar i had to have one ,even in this credit crunch era,look at the price.at first i thought,wow,this,ll be way out of my price range,easy £1000+,but wait what did i see next less than £200,you,ve got to be joking !!!
so ,i read all the reviews i could find,i had seen jimmy page use one on kashmere,white summer and in my time of dying on the LED ZEP. DVD set that came out a few years ago.so if pagey had one it must be good,but was the replica any good ?
again after reading up all i could and NOT being anywhere near normal civilisation( i live on the east coast)i.e. there are NO music shops for miles...... and i am disabled so getting out and about is very hard for me,i decided ..yes lets get one.
i rang dolphin, surely they must have sold out by now,\"do you have any DC59,s - the black one please\"
yes sure, they,re not in yet so you,ll be guaranteed one if you place the order -came the reply !!!
imagine my suprise,yes get me one now please.
well after waiting for them to ship,the box arrived at my home just as promised ( dolphin are VERY good at deliveries being on time via e mail confirmations),i trembled at the thought of what it would really look like.
all i can say is \" imagine what you think and treble it \".the guitar looks fabulous.in real life the black finish is just gorgeous,not quite matt/not quite gloss,very smooth to touch.even all my family stood around in awe- now that,s a first normally my wife say \" oh yes another black box that goes beep then !?!\"but this time they were all stood there mouths agog.\"its beautiful!\" was the response from all.
what does it sound like then ?
well, very good,very powerful in a full sense,not as trebly as i thought it would be but thats a matter of amp settings i,m sure.i only tried it out on my 20 watt peavey practice amp so far not my VOX,AT50VTXL, now that will be fun.
nice sound from each pick up but really good when both are turned on - very full and meaty in a non humbucking way.
quality of finish;now lets say its not a les paul 59 or yamaha 3000 finish BUT for a sub £200 level the finish is superb.no catchy frets, no rattles or buzzing,fully setup, no out of tune higher frets,nothing,no loose screws or strap buttons.everything is what you would expect from a much higher rice.so in my book if anyone asks how much it cost all i,ll say is \"what do you think ?\"
lets see what responses i get eh ?
so to summarise;great price - i,m sure they,ll soon be collectors pieces again at this price,great service from dolphin,great finish and set up and very playable /usable in todays market.if you want to stand out from the crowd why not get one- its has pedigree and heritage,not something you,ll find everywhere eh ?
richard pievaitis(Bleedthefield)

p.s. i reckon the black looks the best followed by the green/cream one.

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