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Electro-Harmonix Double Muff Vintage-style Fuzz FX Pedal

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We put two of our classic transistor '69 plug-in Muff Fuzz effects together in one box – which means double the trouble! Using just one gives you a hint of milky distortion, or cascading the second lets you turn your milk into cream.

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We put two of our classic transistor '69 plug-in Muff Fuzz effects together in one box – which means double the trouble! Using just one gives you a hint of milky distortion, or cascading the second lets you turn your milk into cream.

This pedal is so simple, yet incredibly versatile! This pedal is proving to be every bit of a classic fuzz as the Big Muff is.

Mode 1: just bottom knob works.  Think of it as a "dirty booster"

Mode 2: no nonsense fuzz like the 60's Vox Tonebender or Fuzz Face, both of which also only had two knobs - bottom knob controls the volume, top knob controls the amount of fuzz.

Sound Samples:

Greenhornes play all
That Army Bag
1.02 MB · MP3
Double Muff is used on both the bass and lead guitar in this heavy and edgy composition.
1.06 MB · MP3
Double Muff highlights the dual lead guitars while the Bass is processed through a Double Muff and POG. Serious bottom growl spiced with edgy guitar in this psychedelic scenario.

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Electro-Harmonix Double Muff Vintage-style Fuzz FX Pedal videos

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Electro-Harmonix Double Muff Vintage-style Fuzz FX Pedal Reviews



The Double muff in Single mode pushes the tubes in my Laney VC15 just the right amount to create that little bit of extra gain, great for harmonics and hard rock.

In double muff mode, the pedal explodes into gain! Really brutally driven stuff, a little too much for the 10\" speaker in the Laney, but when coupled with some 12\"s really warms out.

Fantastic construction, fantastic price, fantastic company.

Fantastic Pedal.


Double Good!

This pedal is simply great, and fantastic value for money!

At first, I wanted to buy a Big Muff, but DOlphin didn't have any in stock so I just thought I'd try the Double Muff, as it was chep, small and EHX.

I was worried that it wouldn't be too versatile (because it has no EQ) but no no no - it is definitely versatile and ease to use.

On Muff 1 mode, only the bottom knob works. This mode is not Fuzz, but more like a dirty booster, which is really good.

On Muff 2, the bottom knob controls output and top knob controls distortion. I thought it was a pretty cool fuzz. To my ears (and playing a valve amp) it sounds like proper, gritty fuzz, I could get Jack White tones straight away, and couldn't help but playing the "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" riff over and over again - because the double made me feel like Jack White just like that!

This is a great pedal - cheap, simple, a future classic, that people will remember fondly many years away from now!

Two things:

If a non- true bypass pedal is connected before the DOuble Muff, it won't sound as good.

second: if you plug an Octave Up pedal after the Double Muff, it'll sound even better!

Ace pedal!

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Sennheiser PXC 250 headphones

I required a pair of headphones for use with my PDA which I use as a walkman and was immediately drawn to looking into Sennheiser stuff since I have always been impressed by the quality and durability of their products.
I cannot use in ear headphones as they don't actually remain in my ears for anytime and since they fit me so badly also sound awful.
I had a look around and found the PXC 250 was a reasonable size looking over the head set of phones with a noise guard which intrigued me since I intended to use them outdoors and didn't want outside noise overpowering my music.
I am not only impressed by the noise guard and what noise it reduces without even playing any music but they sound great. MP3 / WAV files need to be crisp quality otherwise they will exaggerate the lesser quality of low rate encoding.
Satisfied with them on that front I popped through my mixing desk at home out of curiousity and found them to cope with a good level with no distortion and again, as crisp as the signal you put through them.
Overall, very happy.
On the move, I can watch films, listen to tunes and suffer very little if no interference from external sources.
Worth the £70 that at first colleagues thought pricey, they now realise why I made the decision I did.
As for the bum bag, well, it keeps them tidily packed but I would not be caught dead attaching it to my belt.


Double Muff

For the price the Double Muff has to have a rating of 10. For a start it is a true bypass pedal, ie when swiched off your signal will not be degraded because instead of weaving a path through the pedals the circutry (as most commercial pedals do) the signal goes directly from the input jack through the switch to the output jack. It also made in the USA!

When I tryed the pedal in the shop I was quite surprised that it was not like the Fuzz Heavy Big Muff. In fact I see it as more of a very versatile overdrive. In use there is a swich that goes between single and double Muff modes. In single mode only muff 1 gain control is in used. As soon as the pedal pressed even on about quater gain the sound noticabley thinkens up. It reminded me of when i use my expensive tl audio valve compressor to record. This was a great sound for that just overdriven pushed blues sound. The further you rotate the more it pushes your amp creating great overdriven valve like tones.
In Double mode things can really start to kick off. Now you can use your two gain controls together very much like a master volume on a amplifier and with a little practice it is possible to be going from very rauncy rock rythms to really fat and heavy black sabbath type tones. It truely is an ersome wall of sound playing droped E riffs with the both gains full up!

There are some points to note: To get the best possible sound it is important that you plug straight into this pedal first in your pedal board chain.

The unit runs of batteries but not the standard power adapter that Boss use. (It was cheap and to get a suitable adapter though)

the paint work on the unit marks very easily some say it adds to the charm!

To sum up this is a very distintive pedal with its own sounds, If you are into metal, country or jazz give it a miss. If you are into Classic Tones however I think you will be well impressed!


double muff

This is a great pedal. Just like the legendary big muff pedal but with more versatility. Having the two circuits, one for a nice warm distortion effect, then the second giving a stronger distinct distortion. The good thing about the two circuits is that they can both be combined so unique tones can be created using both distortion settings. This pedal is great for giving a vintage style distortion that sounds great on any amp. Another good thing about this pedal is that it comes in at a very cheap price, at only £32.99, this pedal is easily affordable for people on a low budget, and gives a great sound that people would usually only find with a more expensive alternative. I would recommend this pedal to anyone looking for a great sound at a low price.

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