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Line 6 Tone Core Liqua-Flange Pedal with free Otto Filter module

Dolphin id:65159 Product SKU:99-040-2001bundle

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Basically two pedals for the price of one! Classic studio flange sounds, with the ability to swap in the Parliament-to-Primus wah freakiness of the Otto Filter wah.

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Line 6 Tone Core Liqua-Flange Flanger Pedal

Back in the 60's when studio engineers first altered playback speed to create flanging it blew peoples minds. Do the same again with all new flanging sounds in the Liqua-Flange.

The History Of Flanging In One Pedal

This pedal sized miracle delivers classic studio flange sounds and some that haven't ever been heard. don't wait, start your journey to flanged enlightenment now!

Listen to sound demos at the Line 6 site.

Line 6 Liqua Flange



    Model Switch - This switch is used to select three distinctly different types:


  • Digital - The wet signal has a flat frequency response.
  • Liquid - Has dual delay lines with the modulation offset from each other.
  • Analog - The wet signal has the frequency response of classic analog devices.


    Wave Select Knob - Select from 11 amazing waveforms that get you everywhere from classic stompbox to modern studio and beyond.


  • Saw Down - This wave has a shape that resembles the teeth on the blade of a saw. Within one cycle this wave falls linearly, then immediately rises to it's starting point.
  • Saw Up - This is an inverted version of Saw Down where the wave has a smooth linear rise and an immediate drop at the end of its cycle.
  • Envelope Down - This modulation source uses an envelope follower to track the amplitude variations of the input signal and produce a control signal that modulates the flanger?s delay time.
  • Envelope Up - An inverted version of Envelope Down.
  • Sine - Uses a sinusoidal waveform as the modulation source.
  • Step - Uses a modulation waveform produced by a random value generator where each cycle of the LFO produces a different modulation level.
  • Random - Same as Step but with a smoothing filter applied to the output of the LFO, producing smooth value changes with each LFO cycle.
  • Vintage - Based on* the unique waveform of the classic MXR® flanger.
  • Chorus - Uses a triangle modulation waveform with an extended offset and range to produce a chorus effect.
  • Trigger Up - Uses a modulation source derived from attack detection DSP, this in turn triggers an envelope that rises linearly. The rise time is determined by the speed knob.
  • Trigger Down - Same as Trigger Up but with a falling envelope.




  • Polarity Switch - Allows you to select Negative or Positive phase for the delay line. When summed together with the original signal, changing the phase can result in some very dramatic effects.
  • Time Knob - Controls the amount the delay line is delayed as compared to the original signal. The fully counter clockwise position, labeled ZERO, indicates the time difference between the delay line and the original signal is zero. At this point the two signals are said to be "in phase" and when the polarity is set to negative, what is common between the two signals will cancel out completely.
  • Speed Knob - Controls the rate at which the delay line?s time is modulated. Turning the speed control fully counter clockwise to the OFF position stops the modulation of the delay line completely.
  • Feedback Knob - Increases the amount of the wet signal fed back into the input of the effect. Increasing feedback (clockwise rotation) will increase the intensity of the flange.
  • Depth Knob - Controls how widely the delay line will be modulated.
  • Tap Tempo - Using the innovative ToneCore double-action footswitch, you can tap a couple times and have the flanging pulsations match your tempo. Whether the effect is active or bypassed, you can tap the footswitch lightly to set your tempo. Your first two taps establish the tempo and any additional taps will be averaged in. The Tap Tremolo indicator light flashes the tempo in green when the effect is ON and amber when the effect is OFF.



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