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TC Electronic Arena Reverb Pedal

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In the music industry, TC Electronic is synonymous with the best reverb out there – a reverb that you know from countless songs and classic albums, but that’s not all. TC love tone as much as any guitarist out there, so they present a brand new, groundbreaking concept: TonePrint!

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The new TC Electronics Arena Reverb is the most versatile delay pedal avaialble today. Never have so many quality reverb sounds been available in one single, small and afforadble unit! Anyone - guitarists, keyboard players, analog synth enthusiasts and bedroom producers - can find this nex fx pedal incredibly useful and certainly a great addition to their collection.

TonePrint gives instant access to custom-tweaked sounds. We have gathered an impressive list of guitar heroes and had them tailor their signature sounds – the tones that made them famous. TonePrint will not just bring you close to the sounds of your idols, they give you their actual sounds!

Using TonePrints is both easy and fun. Just download the TonePrint you want from www.tcelectronic.com and, voila, your favorite artist has just put a TonePrint in your pedal. Forget emulation – let’s talk collaboration!

Reverb Types

The reverb naturally found in various types of rooms depends on many different factors: The size of the room, the material the walls are made of (wood, stone etc.), is the room furnished or not, how high is the ceiling, is it a church, etc.

  • ROOM: The Room algorithm simulates a relatively small, well furnished room. In such a room, many reflections are absorbed by soft materials, and the sound is reflected and sustained only by the walls (covered with wallpaper), windows and maybe some furniture.
  • HALL: The Hall Acoustic preset is a broad yet slightly diffuse reverb. It simulates a large environment but adds a distinctive acoustic flavor to the source material. Great discreet reverb for large epic sounds at longer decay settings but also perfect for genuine ambient sounds at shorter decay settings.
  • SPRING: The Spring algorithm has been designed to reproduce the sound of the old spring reverbs, such as the ones used in vintage guitar amps.
  • PLATE: Prior to the digital era, reverb was created either using springs or large metallic plates. A Plate reverb is recognized by its very diffuse and bright sound and is excellent for guitar when you search for a significant guitar reverb.
  • CHURCH: A highly diffuse large reverb that is recognizable for its emulation of the many hard surfaces of different shapes found in traditional church rooms. If you are looking for a large reverb and think the Hall is too clean and subtle – try Church.
  • MOD (Modulated): The MOD mode adds modulation to the reverb only - not to the dry signal. This opts for a reverb that is really noticeable and cuts through in live situations.
  • ROYAL: Evoking the sound placing your amp in a big and beautiful cathedral. Try this setting for the songs that are larger than life.

  • PARL (Parliament): Taking your Arena to Parliament with the twist of a knob, PARL mode will give you the sound and feel of hall reverb but with a twist. If you like the HALL setting, chances are you’ll love the PARL setting.
  • PAS (Passage): The Passage reverb is a firm reverb inspired by the regular room reverb but with a twist. Great go-to reverb for lots of purposes - try playing around with the settings and you’ll unlock a spectrum of great reverb sounds.
  • SEAS (Season): The Season setting gives you the sound and feel of a lovely spring reverb voiced especially for this pedal by none other than Barry Mitchell of Guitar Center.
  • LOFI: Down and dirty reverb. Use LOFI and show your awareness of aiming in the straight opposite direction of a smooth discrete studio reverb type. Make a statement.
  • TILE: If you want the “bathroom” effect, without actually sounding like you’re playing in your bathroom. The Tiled Room reverb simulates the qualities of a small to medium size tiled room with its many reflections and at the same time it behaves respectfully towards the original source material. This is not a soft smooth reverb - this one cuts through the mix.
  • AMB (Ambience): Ambience is a cool very short reverb that emulates the feeling of environment. Perfect to compensate for that desert-dry feeling of a close-miked cabinet.
  • GATE: The classic reverb type typically heard on snare and kick drums on many 80s recordings. A gate is used to rather abruptly shorten the reverb decay. Try it out and allow yourself to stand out from the common usage of reverbs on guitar.


Think of the knobs and switches on your pedal as a few handles that actually control a large number of parameters. Dedicated staff has defined the controls, - but wouldn’t it just be cool to let the world’s leading guitar players contribute their own definition of how the controls should work?

YES - this is TonePrint. We allow top guitar players to dig out the pedal’s hidden tonal potential, re-define the controls and make their own TonePrints. These TonePrints are available for you online, and uploading TonePrints to your pedal is easy.

  • Connect the pedal to your Mac or PC computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • Find your pedal at www.tcelectronic.com/pedals and download the TonePrint setting from your favorite guitar player to a location where you can easily locate it again – e.g. your desktop.
  • Open the application and press UPDATE.

Now, once you have selected TonePrint, all controls react exactly as defined by the artist that has provided the TonePrint.

TonePrint Beaming

Using only your Android or iOS device, you can beam TonePrints into your pedal via the pickup of your instrument.


  • 10 reverb effects plus TonePrint mode for stuffing Arena with your favorite artist’s tones
  • Size & Weight: 72 mm x 122 mm x 50 mm - 300 g (excl. battery)
  • Dual Supply Rails technology ensures headroom for line level effect loops from a single 9V battery. Battery failure circuit automatically puts Arena into true bypass mode if the battery runs out
  • Custom ‘hammerhead’ rugged, die-cast aluminum casing built for a life on the road
  • Unique one-screw battery access for lightning fast battery changes
  • Stereo inputs with automatic mono/stereo sensing – feed it any signal
  • Stereo outputs for that ultra-wide reverb sound
  • Mini USB connector for uploading custom TonePrints and software updates
  • Decay, Tone, FX Level and Reverb Mode knobs with high-quality, metal-shaft potentiometers
  • Heavy duty tactile footswitch with true bypass for zero tone coloration
  • In the boxUSB cable for uploading TonePrints

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Image: TC Electronic Arena Reverb Pedal

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