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Traps E450

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The E450 is the first portable electronic kit to feel like a regular drum kit. Unlike other electronic drums you get a standard sized set of drums 12"(305mm) snare, 10"(254mm) tom, 12"(305MM) tom, 14"(356mm) tom and 20"(508mm) kick drum. These are fitted with mesh heads and Traps triggers for near silent performance.

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The E450 is the first portable electronic kit to feel like a regular drum kit. Unlike other electronic drums you get a standard sized set of drums 12"(305mm) snare, 10"(254mm) tom, 12"(305MM) tom, 14"(356mm) tom and 20"(508mm) kick drum. These are fitted with mesh heads and Traps triggers for near silent performance. So when used with headphones you can turn the volume right up and practice to your hearts content without upsetting the neighbours. Or alternativley plug the output into a PA and blow the crowd away at your next gig.

The drums are constructed from a very high quality and durable ABS and are fitted with mesh heads, steel counter hoops and are tuned with traditional multi screw tuning system. Of course because the drums are all standard sizes it is also possible to fit standard heads and cymbals (not supplied) to convert the E450 into an acoustic kit.

The electronic cymbals are also moulded from the same high quality ABS with an internal trigger and rubber pad to damp out stick noise. The hi hat consists of one of these cymbals plus a switch triggered via a standard foot pedal so that it functions in the same way as an acoustic hi hat.

The rack system that the drums and hardware fit to is made form substantial steel tubing which means that everything stays exactly where it's put when the kit is set up and doesn't move.

The system is completed by the E450 drum module - the brains of the system. This contains 8 different drum sets plus 4 variations of each set. There are 10 trigger inputs, an audio input, midi output, line output and headphone output.

Key Features

  • Onboard Recording
  • Click track with tempo adjust
  • Change and save instruments/Volumes and more!
  • Adjust Reverb/Surround/Pan Sounds and much more!
  • Easy to read display
  • Much improved cable harness
  • 1/4" Connectors
Image: Traps E450

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Traps E450 Reviews


Traps e450

Purchased my kit and after 1 month snare started playing up, now all my toms don't work that well and my module goes a bit crazy when trying to select the sounds etc. All in all rubbish, emailed traps about it never heard a thing DONT BUY AT ANY COST, funny enough the cymbals are the only thing that are ok!


Trap e450 cacka de cack

I got my Drum kit just under 2 years ago
me being me used them constantly and found that after 3 months the sensors weren't as responsive as they used to be.
After 4 months had to take apart the snare to fix it
this lasted about three weeks.
The ride cymbal only plays when its hit in one spot and tom 3 is completely silent.
Tom 1 and 2 are very quiet too.
I have not contacted Traps as lost the warranty but feel the product could have been a lot better!

i have soldered the snare which still does not work - how did you fix yours?? many thanks

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Traps Drum Cymbals

The Traps cymbals (in my opinion) will be the reason no one buys this kit after the initial \"honeymoon\" phase of new product availability is over.

I have repaired ALL of the cymbal triggers myself, after receiving two new replacements first.

I then figured out that fixing them is fairly easy, but I\'m betting there aren\'t any Roland owners sitting at their computer right now typing about the poor quality of their equipment!

Over the weekend, our youth group came over for a night of fun and fellowship, and, as you would expect, they ended up on the kit. COOL!!!
We managed to poish off the last of the surviving cymbal triggers, and all I can say is, WOW!! Good thing I wasn\'t playing these at church, or anywhere else where they could let me down.

Embarrassed? You bet!!

I originally contacted Traps when I got these drums, and had the initial issue just about 1 year ago, they sent me to a local(?) dealer, who sent the new cymbals. That was great!
The real issue here is that when I asked him about this issue, he informed me that I was the first and only person who has had this issue.
Since then, even those replacements have broken, same issues.
Who are these guys? Car dealers? Don\'t admit, just replace so we can keep a good record of ownership???

Wow, again.
C\'mon guys, don\'t be ridiculous, and please, don\'t expect us out here who are spending hard earned cash on YOUR product to be stupid, nor accepting of the fact that you have an issue with this product.
With all of the replacements you must have had by now, wouldn\'t it be cheaper to just redesign, and distribute those better items to your owners??

Just my thoughts, thanks for reading, and God Bless!



A really good piece of Kit for an excellent price.Feels almost like the real thing.Pad can be tightened to drummers feel.Unfortunately I had to open up the back of the hi-hat cymbal as one of the wires went loose and I had to re solder the wire to get the trigger sound back.Im using this with Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.Its great playing drums at home and most of all not getting into trouble with the neighbours let alone the Landlady


Roland E450 Kit

Great looking kit but bad design for the cymbals and kick drum. Had 9 replacement cymbals sent in the first 2 months before I gave up and bought v cymbals which are still going 5 months on. Also had trouble with the kick drum not responding everytime which did my head in. Tried all sorts of positions and tensions but all fail to be 100%. Ended up buying a roland kick pad but that doesnt work with the sound module so i now have to but a roland module or get a trigger to midi device. Pain and a shame as the rest of the kit is great.


Traps E450

Sorry mate but you\'re talking out of your a**e. I got one of the latest E450 kits in May, sure it needed a couple of settings changing but probably unlike you I read the manual that came with it and now its great.
For 400 quid I got what I wanted and I am happy, I gave it a 9 because it would have to have come with a tall blonde to achieve perfection!


Traps E450

Nice pads, hats are crap, and the module/brain is the biggest retarded pile of crap ever concieved, dont even think of trying to play this thing with expression because it just does not happen. Mistriggers, and fails to trigger, I dont know if it is the triggers or the module, but either way, in my honest opinion, stay away from it. its the worst investment i have made. I would have been better off paying a little bit extra for a bottom of the range second hand Roland or Yamaha from ebay.


Traps E400 Electronic Kit

My main interest in this kit came from the fact that I have been drooling over the Roland mesh V-Drums for a long time, but can\'t afford them. This kit is much cheaper and I expected it to be a less featured alternative. I also was unfamiliar with the brand name. I realized later that I had seen their \"Silent\" practice kits before but hadn\'t any need for one. This kit looks great in the pictures and I couldn\'t wait to try one out. In real life it looks like a practice kit with triggers attached to it. The white Roland shells look much more \"stage-ready\". The brain doesn\'t allow sound editing which doesn\'t bother me since I\'m looking to control Native Instruments Battery 3 with whatever kit I buy. Although if I had the V-Drums the sounds are good and flexible enough that I would use them. The sounds and loops on this are only good for practicing in my eyes. I would think that this is what the designer had in mind for the function of this kit. I have to say that if I were buying a kit for a teenage learner this kit would be perfect and is in the right price range. Certainly a better option than the \"T-Shirt over each head\" technique that I had to incorporate! As far as what I am lokking for, an electronic kit to record and perform professionally with, I am going to keep saving for the Roland kit. The playability and sounds offered her are more entry level. But still, the price tag on these is pulling at me to say \"maybe...\"



i too have had this problem! If you were willing you could simply remove the blue plastic cover from the cymbals and study their components. You will find that a very flimsy and poorly attatched component has simply fallen off. You can re-attatch this with super glue. Either that or the wires that make up the circuit have snapped at contact, again you can easily repair these with solder or a "bodge" job with sellotape.

I wish Traps had put more effort into these things coz i imagine they've had a ton of complaints regarding this issue!


Traps E400 - Cymbals fixed

Conversation with Traps to resolve the cymbals issue; they were more than willing to supply two new cymbals even though warranty was expired but once they told me the problem: a wire coming adrift from the pizo unit; which was easy to solder back on so I did this myself. My son is delighted once more hence they get 9 out of ten.


Traps E400 Cymbals

I bought my son this drum kit and overall he's very pleased with it; the flexibility of the brain being the key to it all. He also has an amplifier attached so he practices with his band as well as in "silent" mode on his own. The downside of the kit is that the cymbals seem to be a weak link in that within a couple of weeks one had failed; now 13 months down the line two more have failed. Alchemy have ignored my request for information and I have no choice but to purchase two new ones; has anybody else seen this problem?

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