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Alesis DM5 Kit

Dolphin id:8743 Product SKU:DM5Kit

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Complete Electronic Drum Kit With DM5 Drum Module

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The Alesis DM5 Kit is a high-quality, low-cost solution for a complete electronic drum kit, with professional sound and familiar, comfortable playability. Featuring quick setup and easy portability, combined with the DM5's versatile sound selection, drummers can practice quietly with headphones or get as loud as they need on–stage. Considering its portability and power, the DM5 functions equally well for recording or performing.


  • Alesis Professional DM5 module containing 540 sounds and 21 programmable drum sets recorded in 48kHz, true stereo, with ambient effects in a single rack space module
  • Dynamic Articulation™ feature allows drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch depending on how hard they're hit – just like real drums
  • Ultra-fast trigger-to-MIDI converter with 12 trigger inputs, 5 programmable parameters for each trigger
  • 4 Piece Velocity Sensitive Pad Drum kit- (5 pads) Snare, 2 Toms, Kick, Ride, Crash and HiHat cymbals.
  • Kick pedal included
  • Natural movement motion cymbals and Hi Hat controller pedal for realistic open/close control
  • Pad trigger
  • Cymbal trigger


  • Electronic Drum Kit:
    • 5- Single Zone pad triggers
    • 2- Single Zone cymbal triggers
    • 1- Hi Hat Pedal
    • 1- Kick Pedal
    • Stand and mounting hardware
  • DM5 18 Bit Drum Module:
    • Audio Outputs: 4 (2 stereo pairs)
    • Trigger Input Jacks: 12 (each with 5 user adjustable trigger parameters)
    • DAC Bit Resolution: 18
    • Sample Rate: 48kHz
    • Sounds: Over 500; includes stereo samples with reverb, ambience and dynamic articulation
    • Polyphony: 16 voice
    • Panning: 7 position, user programmable
    • Velocity Response: 127 levels of loudness via MIDI or trigger inputs
    • Kits: 21 Memory locations w/defaults permanently stored in ROM
    • MIDI Jacks: In, Out/Thru
    • Headphone Jack: 1/4" TRS w/variable gain
    • Switchable Footswitch Jack: 1/4" jack can be assigned to hi-hat or program advance mode
    • Tuning Scheme: Coarse (chromatic) and Fine (cents)
    • Data Input:
      • Data knob, front panel keypad
      • sound auditioning via velocity sensitive Preview button on front panel
    • Expanded Dynamic Articulation™: Modulates tone and pitch
    • Power: 9 VAC external transformer, UL and CSA approved
    • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 19"x1.75"x6"
    • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Image: Alesis DM5 Kit

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Alesis DM5 Kit Reviews



I\'ve wanted one of these for a while now and was finally tempted to splash out on one a couple of weeks ago, when I was in much need of some musical retail therapy and I found it cheaper than I\'d seen before!

It arrived promptly, surrounded by lots of helpful, concerned emails from dolphinmusic, telling me when it had been despatched, asking if I had recieved my order etc- which was nice for a start.

I\'m not a huge fan of instruction manuals and had the occassional glance at the paper work that explained how to construct the kit... and as a result, with only myself to blame, it took me quite a while to assemble it! It wasn\'t difficult- just a little time consuming.

Once set up, you\'re quickly up and running- bashing away \'till your heart\'s content! The DM5 module is a stroke of genius I have to say. It\'s simple enough to get your head around the basics almost instantly! Very few buttons and an easy to read and understand display. Beneath all this there is also a huge ammount of more indepth and very detailed stuff you can really get your teeth into. Firstly, the massive bank of quality sounds, which are all fully adjustable and can be manipulated in whatever way you feel fit! You can also change all sorts of other things like the sensitivity and velocity to suit your playing style. There\'s lot of other features too and to be honest I\'m still discovering new things even now- like the random effect I found out how to use yesterday! This can be as subtle or extreme as you desire- enabling you get scarily close to a very \'real\' drum sound (especially when it comes to snare rolls as it adds more natural/human elements than any of the presets), or mad electronic \'alien\' effects which can really another dimension to your playing and sound. The only thing I haven\'t got around to trying yet is the midi options- simply because of lack of time and not I\'m not very fluent in such things! I will get around to it soon.

The only problem I\'ve had (which I\'ve noticed also happened to someone wrote a review of the kit) was a wire coming loose in one of the pads. I do play very hard in all fairness, but it was easy to fix and I\'ve had no problems since.

So, overall...
This is great value for money. Having a real kick drum pedal is much better than the foot switches you get with the ION kit. The quantity, quality and versitility of the sounds in the DM5 are astoundingly good and alesis are very generous with sticks and a bag of spare bits and bobs.

Well worth buying.


Fender Jazz Standard

Wanted a jazz for some time but couldn't run to the price of an American model so opted for the 'cheap' Mexican version.Straight out of the box the bass was ready to go. Factory set up was good but with a bit of treaking the bass plays brilliantly. Wonderful neck, feels sublime. There is no indication that you're playing the cheaper brother. The quality of the finish is excellent. The sound is exactly what I was looking for, a classic Fender Jazz tone. I've played an American Jazz and there is a slight difference in the overall sound but this is a very, very close second.A wonderful bass at a wonderful price. Next day delivery from Dolphin an added bonus. Dont be fooled by the price. This bass is a quality piece of kit.

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Alesis DM5 Drum Kit

Alesis DM5 Electronic Drum Kit,

Are you one of those guys who loves to drum away the hours, but lives in a house where the walls are made of paper??

Well, my friends I have a solution!!

The best thing about the Alesis DM5 is the response, it picks up a drum roll no problem and is velocity sensitive - so putting an accent on your notes isn\'t an issue. I bought this kit to practice my licks without disturbing the next village and it does the job well - you can thrash your way through 3 hours of metal and the missus will still be like - Oh you\'re in here?

But seriously - it has great response, sets up really easily (me and my son set it up in an hour) and behaves like a real kit without causing a real fuss. It\'s got a real foot pedal, so you don\'t lose the authentic feel like you do with plastic ones. The crashes act like real ones, the hat, it\'s all there. The only thing I can say is that you can\'t expect it to sound exactly like a real kit - the samples are real enough, they\'re just too robotic, (no variation in tone - like hitting the rim for example). But robotic is good when you get that classic Depeche Mode style Hexagon sound!! You\'ll be king of the 80\'s all over again!!
You can also use it as a MIDI controller as well so the amount of sounds you can get is endless!!

Everything is included but you\'ll need;

(a) a stool
(b) a power supply
(c) Headphones with a quarter inch jack!

You\'ll also need an amp and some monitors if you plan to play it out loud.

For the price of this kit you can\'t argue about value for money. Sure, i\'m not about to do a tour with this kit but it does the job as a practice kit and it\'s great for the kids to practice on as well!!



Alesis DM5Kit

After playing a pretty cheap, overly ‘lively’, real kit for just over 9 months I moved into a new house and just couldn’t play often enough without upsetting housemates/neighbours.

I decided to go for it and buy the Alesis kit, having seen it as the best low cost kit and although probably not being as fun as the real thing, still a great kit to learn on. It seems that is the case – although the physical feeling of playing the kit is not the same as a real one and does miss the oomph a real drum kit gives you.

Firstly, using pads rather than skinned drums (on a full size electric drum kit) impact is harsh and achier on the wrist, hand, and finger gripping the sticks. Also during extreme play (and even in normal beats at times) the right hand stick can fly out of your hand with the harsher impact on the pad. Even an experienced drummer friend of mine had a couple of stick throws!

An electric drum kit (with skin) is also quieter than the Alesis as the ‘skin’ takes some of the impact causing less sound to be made in the real world. Having said this only the kick drum on the Alesis makes any sound that couple be heard in another room for example.

The tight drum sounds with headphones are brilliant for improving timing problems in your playing which you don’t hear so easily on a real kit.

The quality of the samples on the unit are very high and extremely well recorded, however there is no XLR output, and it seems that the headphone volume control knob on the front also changed the output level from the balanced TRS jacks at the back which is a little un-nerving. There are more SFX/percussion samples than you will ever need ranging from the usual triangle, splash and anvil to really odd minimal ethnic drums and alien sounds!

Playing the snare or the high hat (open) in quick blasts gives the most ‘keyboard sounding’ samples sound from the unit; otherwise in normal playing it really does sound great and for a first electric kit will satisfy.

I use the kit with a small and cheap behringer mixer which I input a CD player, PC, and even my sky box so I can drum over anything I hear and learn new patterns.

After a week with the kit I bought an extra tom pad (to give 3 in total). This is vital really for most playing and does add so much more to the kit. The pads could be a little larger, although as a beginner I probably find the size more a problem than most.

Personally I feel spending a little more on a full size electric kit may have been worth the extra £200 for a truly realistic play. I am however happy with the Alesis, and glad I strayed away from the cheaper Yamaha DTXplorer kit which I have heard is far inferior ,and not worth the small cost saving.


Alesis DM5 Kit

This kit is extremely good. I sold my acoustic kit because i needed a kit that allowed me to practice silently without disturbing my neighbors.

When i came to by the kit i was surprised by how much they actually give you in the box that it comes in. Aswell as providing a Kick pedal they also provide sticks, additional bag of bolts and a spare drum key.

Furthermore the kit itself is great, its sensitive and reacts to how much force you use and i've spent a few years playing a Roland TD6 when i had drum lessons and this feels no different.

On the other hand the kit can be quite temperamental and i have had to change many of the bolts that came with the kit. Also the pads, as good as they are, i have had to repair my kick pedal. Probably because i hit it too hard but i had to open it up which is an easy process and straight away i saw that a connection had come lose. A simple solder or twist of the wire around its connection and the pedal has never been better.

Also the DM5 Module is very easy to use and easy to configure. I have now preset many different kits into my Module and use it on a regular basis to record onto my computer.

All around i say this kit is the cheapest your going to get for a professional virtual drum set. I think Alesis will profit very well from this kit for its value for money and professional quality.

I give it a 9/10


Alesis DM5Kit

I just tried one out at the Sounds Expo 2006 at Olympia. I was actually looking to try out the Ion kit which has a version of the SR-16 as a drum module, and noticed this right next to it.
The actual pads seem to have a better response than those on the Ion, and the addition of the two cymbal shaped pads is very nice and adds to the realism of playing, although the real star of the kit itself is the inclusion of a real kick drum pedal to trigger a vertically mounted pad - making the playability the best I've seen at this price range.
I'm hoping that it should therefore be possible to add a second horizontal pad and kick pedal (or substitute with a doble kick one) to recreate a double bass drum playability.
Add to all this the endlessly customisable drum module with its impressive array of realistic and customisable sounds and kits(not to forget midi output) and you have an incredible package for less than £400.
After trying this out, I have to say the that Ion's place in my home is looking unlikely - and the wait will be a little longer now - until I've had the time to save the extra for the DM5!

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