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Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade

Dolphin id:8478 Product SKU:PROXFADE

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Frustrated with the products being offered on the market, professional DJ company, Eclectic Breaks, has developed what it believes is the world’s most advanced ‘DJ friendly’ analogue crossfader.

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Frustrated with the products being offered on the market, professional DJ company, Eclectic Breaks, has developed what it believes is the world’s most advanced ‘DJ friendly’ analogue crossfader. Not only does the retrofitting EB Pro-X-Fade crossfader utilise 100% conductive plastic tracks for longer fader life, it allows DJ’s to physically change the feel of the fader to suit their particular needs. By employing the easily accessible cut-in rotaries, the DJ can also alter the cut-in point to provide an instant on/off switch feel, or gradual volume increase mode. In addition, by utilising the correct connectors and faceplate, DJ’s can now interface with numerous analogue and digital mixer architectures from the most popular manufacturers. Highly distinguishable, the EB Pro-X-Fade benefits from a wider stem to prevent breakage during use or while in transit. Fully endorsed and supported by a substantial number of champion DJ’s and venues around the world, the EB Pro-X-Fade has been designed to allow easy access for lubricating and cleaning the fader-pole. With this in mind all crossfaders are supplied with industry standard lubrication oils and adjustment tools to keep them in perfect condition.

Advanced 100% Conductive Plastic Technology

Unlike other fader manufacturers, we use true 100% conductive plastic tracks giving the fader a longer life as well as substantially reducing the bleeding of sound after constant usage.

Tension Torque Control

Allowing the DJ to physically change the feel of the fader to suit their needs… Whether it is a smooth, solid feel for that secure long mix or a very loose feel for the scratch DJ's intensive on-off cutting technique.

Customisable Cut-in Point

Using the easy accessible adjustable cut-in rotaries, the DJ can adjust the cut-in point to enable an instant on-off switch feel or gradual volume increase mode.

Interchangeable Mixer Interface

Using the correct connectors and face-plate, the DJ can Interface with many different analogue and digital mixer architectures from a large number of the most popular manufacturers.

Double Wide Fader Stem

Due to the fact that many cross-fader stems snap off after intense usage or whilst in transit, we have developed a wider stem to counteract this problem.

Professional DJ Endorsement

The Pro-X-Fade is fully endorsed and supported by many undisputed champion DJ's and Venues around the world.

Quality Packaging & Design

Eye-catching design and ergonomic packaging that projects the sense of quality and professionalism you can expect from this product.

Accessories and Extras

Packed with industry standard lubrication oils from Caig©, adjustment tools and cleaning utilities to keep your fader in perfect condition.

Easy Accessible Assembly Housing

The housing has been designed to allow easy access so that the DJ can lubricate and clean the fader-pole without any inconveniences.


  • Resistance Value - 50KO
  • Stroke Width - ~45mm
  • Output Law - Linear
  • Stem Width - 8mm

Compatible Mixer Manufacturers

  • Vestax
  • Allen & Heath
  • Stanton
  • Gemini
  • Numark

NB - The X-Fade does not fit all models of mixers by the above manufacturers. Please ask if you are unsure before purchasing.

Compatible Technology Architectures

  • Analogue
  • VCA

Accessories Included

  • Operating Manual
  • Cleaning Guide
  • Caig© Lubrication Oil
  • Fader Knob
  • Torque Adjustment Tool
  • Cleaning tool
  • Mixer Compatible Face-plate and screws
  • Mixer Compatible Interface Cable


Image: Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade


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Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade Reviews


Pro x Fader review

The Pro x Fader is a masterpiece. I've been scratching for 10 years and it's taken me until now to find the right one. Mixer manufacturers still can't seem to get it right, us turntablists face a constant uphill battle against shoddy faders.
Once I'd cleaned and lubricated and adjusted my new fader with the specially designed kit that comes included, in a cool box (I know you all like to keep the box for a cool gadget) I put it to the test and was blown away. I used it at a gig the day after I got it and it gave me total confidence. The whole thing just feels right. The build quality, super smooth and light action, crisp cut in and micro fine lag adjustment. Even the fader knob is a nice shape, and a matt finish so your fingers slip easily over it. Words can't do it justice. Don't delay, just get one. May the funk be with you.

DJ Indestructable

Handz On Records


Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade Review

If you’re looking to replace your mixers cross fader anytime soon then I would take a serious look at this one from Eclectic Breaks.

I own a Vestax 06PRO Scratch mixer and was about to replace my fader (again) when I saw an article about this fader. Although my Vestax faders have always lasted quite well, I was always disappointed by the cut in time even with my curve adjustment at its tightest.

In the past, I have actually had to mod my faders using small sections of plastic to stop the fader returning home too far and thus eliminating the 3-4mm of dead sound. This little chore is annoying and time consuming so I was instantly drawn to the Eclectic breaks offer of cut in adjustment.

Anyway, it arrived and I set about installing it. Easy isn’t the word, certainly no harder then a standard replacement although I'd obviously recommend that you check you have a compatible mixer! I think I had to use a single cross head (Philips) screwdriver for the whole job and if you’ve replaced a fader before you’ll no doubt have the job done in about 10mins tops!

Adjustment and maintenance is an absolute doddle due to the tools and lube provided and the adjustable action is a brilliant idea. I set my fader to be extremely loose as I’m a scratch dj. If you’re planning on standard mixing you may prefer to keep it tight to avoid knocking it during sessions but at least for once you have a choice! No more WD 40 to free things up! Lol

Performce wise it is superb. With the fader set at its quickest, it responds amazingly and having tried a Vestax Samurai mixer with the digital fader it feels almost identical. I’ve had mine for 3 months now and the sound quality is still crisp and clean despite my attempts to break it with my vigorous heavy-handed scratch style. It really does feel like a solid bit of kit and I will be surprised if it doesn’t outlive my original Vestax faders.

Like with any fader the secret to long life is cleaning and maintenance. I generally clean my faders periodically once every 2-3 weeks. The benefits of the Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade are really noticeable during these times as its user-friendly features make it as easy as possible to clean, adjust and get back to scratching. Overall I really cant fault it. My only question is when will they bring out up-faders of this quality?…..soon I hope!!

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