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Celemony Melodyne Studio Bundle 3

Now Includes Free Editor

Dolphin id:8368 Product SKU:CE MELODYNE3

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Melodyne Studio Bundle 3 offers a new algorithm that allows any type of audio material to profit from Melodyne’s unique editing functions and sound quality

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The Melodyne studio bundle contains Melodyne editor with DNA Direct Note Access as well as the multi-track Melodyne studio 3. It therefore offers you the full range of functions and uses of Melodyne technology for correcting, shaping and arranging your audio material.
The Future of Audio Editing: Melodyne editor
Melodyne editor is the first Celemony product to offer the revolutionary Direct Note Access technology. This makes possible what had previously been considered impossible: access to individual notes in polyphonic audio material. Correct wrong notes in a piano recording; change the chords in a guitar accompaniment after the recording is over; refashion a sample lick. Melodyne editor lets you do things of which—until now—you could only dream.
Melodyne editor with DNA Direct Note Access represents a quantum leap in audio editing and the logical continuation of the musical approach for which Melodyne is known. Direct Note Access will change the way we work with audio. A new, simpler and more creative audio age is dawning—and with Melodyne editor you’re in at the start.
The Multiple Joys of Multiple Tracks: Melodyne studio
Melodyne studio may not offer DNA Direct Note Access, but it does allow you to see and edit with the tried and tested Melodyne functions not just one but as many tracks as you like. So you can create with extraordinary ease multi-voice arrangements from a source track with only one voice, taking advantage even of the possibility of outputting each individual voice via a separate channel in the mixer. You can quantize tracks using other tracks for reference and even copy pitches from one audio track to another. Melodyne studio offers the greatest possible degree of flexibility and creative freedom for your arrangements. Multi-tracking adds up to a lot more here than the sum of multiple tracks.
Melodyne studio gives you the choice: you can create entire audio arrangements in Melodyne studio or unite the program seamlessly via ReWire or the Melodyne Bridge plug-in with your preferred audio workstation. Regardless of which procedure you prefer, Melodyne studio offers you a whole array of functions that make working with audio faster and simpler—and the results a whole lot better!
Indispensable in the Studio
Melodyne makes audio so moldable that over and above the correction of errors you will discover a wealth of inspiring creative possibilities.
First Take: Final Take
That inspired first take can, with Melodyne editor, be the final one—even if it wasn’t error free. Simply reach into the recording and move wrong notes to the correct place or erase them. You can even correct intonation or timing errors automatically by macro if you wish—with Melodyne editor even if the material is polyphonic.
Vocal Editing
With Melodyne, you can get the best out of your vocal recordings. Intonation and timing errors can be corrected with a few mouse clicks. Take a note and drag it up or down in pitch, forwards or backwards in time, extending or curtailing its length, and altering the intensity of the vibrato: All such changes are completely unobtrusive. Things sound as though they had always been that way.
Perfect Timing
With Melodyne, it's child's play to get things spot-on. You can adjust effortlessly and continuously the extent to which a performance deviates from metronomic precision and even give recordings a totally different rhythm. When quantizing, Melodyne not only moves individual notes but also adjusts their length—even when the material is polyphonic. That guarantees results of unprecedented musicality.
Sound Library Reloaded
With Melodyne editor, much will change. Including your sound library, which will become virtually infinite in extent. Since you'll be able to alter at will the tempo, timing, melody and harmonies of your sampled licks and phrases, adding or deleting notes as you please, you'll always have perfect samples to hand for the production you're working on. And as many variations as you wish.
Virtual Ensembles
In Melodyne studio 3, you can implement a doubling or create a second voice with a few mouse clicks. Thanks to the formant parameter, the transposed voices sound exactly like the original, unless, of course, you want them to acquire a different character—ideal for creating a natural sounding choir from a single voice. Or a brass ensemble from a trumpet part. Or a string quartet from a violin.
With Melodyne, you can alter your audio material with complete ease but to extraordinarily creative effect. Delete individual notes from chords using Melodyne editor or add new ones. Or copy within Melodyne studio 3 only the pitches from one track to another, so that, for example, a percussion track can follow the notes of a vocal part.
Sound Design
The unique possibilities of Melodyne can be used not only for unobtrusive correction but also for drastic alteration and extraordinary effects. Even when extreme time stretching, transposition or formant shifting is applied, the starting transients of the notes remain crisp and the sound soft and round.
With Melodyne studio, you can output detected audio notes via MIDI, in order for example to control a synthesizer using a vocal track. Melodyne editor also allows you to export MIDI notes, being able to transfer even polyphonic audio material as MIDI to your sequencer. This has fascinating implications for sound design and arrangement.
Remix and Mash-up
Melodyne is a remix tool of superlative quality. Effortlessly adjust the tempos and keys of different samples or entire songs. Take notes and chords from different sources to create a collage, reshape the material and create from it something new. Without cutting, without clicks—simply by using copy and paste.
Features and Applications
Main Features
• contains both Melodyne editor and Melodyne studio 3
• offers all the innovative Melodyne functions for the editing of audio
Features and Applications Melodyne editor
• single-track audio editing environment with Melodyne technology
• suitable for monophonic, polyphonic and rhythmic/complex audio material
• offers with DNA direct access to individual notes within chords
• manual or automatic correction of intonation and timing errors
• refashioning of melodies, harmonies, timing and rhythm
• transposition including adjustment to scale
• modifying various note parameters such as volume, vibrato, formant spectrum
• pitch shifting and time stretching
• (re-)quantization
• MIDI output via MIDI File Export
• works as a plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS) in compatible DAWs under Mac OS X and Windows
• can also be used in stand-alone mode
• activation on up to two computers or via iLok
• user interface and manual in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese
Features and Applications Melodyne studio 3
• multi-track audio editing and arranging environment with Melodyne technology
• suitable for monophonic and rhythmic/complex audio material (no DNA Direct Note Access)
• manual or automatic correction of intonation and timing errors
• refashioning of melodies, timing and rhythm
• transposition including adjustment to scale
• modifying various note parameters such as volume, vibrato, formant spectrum
• pitch shifting and time stretching
• (re-)quantization
• audio to MIDI: converts monophonic audio material accurately into MIDI for the real-time control of synthesizers
• integrated mixing console with hosting capability for effects and instruments (for the audio-to-MIDI function)
• works in stand-alone mode or can be linked via Melodyne Bridge (VST, AU, RTAS) or ReWire to compatible DAWs under Mac OS X and Windows
• activation on up to two computers or via iLok
• user interface and manual in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese
Editing Possibilities for Monophonic and Polyphonic Material
In the case of monophonic (solo voice, saxophone, bass ...) and polyphonic (piano, guitar, choir ...) audio material, the following possibilities exist for editing notes:
• modifying the pitch
• modifying the pitch drift
• modifying the pitch modulation
• modifying the position
• modifying the length
• modifying the time path within the blob (Melodyne studio 3 only)
• modifying the volume
• shifting the formant spectrum
• modifying the pitch of any transitions between notes
• modifying the volume of any transitions between notes
• shifting the formant spectra of any transitions between notes
• timing (re-)quantization, manually or via macro
• quantization of one track based on the timing of another (Melodyne studio 3 only)
• pitch quantization, manually or via macro
• transferring melodies from track to track without changing the instrument sound of the destination track (Melodyne studio 3 only)
• cut, copy and paste
If, in the case of polyphonic material, two or more instruments play a note of the same pitch on the same beat, one note only, representing the combined sound of the instruments in question, is available for editing (no separation of instruments). In Melodyne studio 3, polyphonic material is treated like rhythmic/complex material (no Direct Note Access).
Editing Possibilities for Rhythmic and Complex Material
In the case of rhythmic (drums, drum loops, percussion) and complex material (entire mixes), separation is according to beats, so if several notes (e.g. click, snare and piano chord) sound on the same beat, they are available for editing in the shape of a Melodyne blob. For such blobs, the following editing possibilities exist:
• modifying the pitch (relative)
• modifying the position
• modifying the length
• modifying the time path within the blob (Melodyne studio 3 only)
• modifying the volume
• shifting the formant spectrum
• modifying the volume transition between blobs
• shifting the formant spectrum of transitions between blobs
• timing quantization, manually or via macro
• cut, copy and paste
System Requirements
• Mac OS X: Dual (Core) PowerPC G5 or Intel Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM, OS X 10.4 or later
• Windows: Intel or AMD Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM, Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7, ASIO-compatible audio hardware
PLEASE NOTE: This version will include a FREE update to bring it up to the very latest version downloadable upon registration
Image: Celemony Melodyne Studio Bundle 3

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Melodyne 3

Every now and again you come across a bit of software that just works. This is one of those cases. If you want to stretch in pitch or time no problem. It's intuitive, no bugs and adds an extra dimension to what is possible with sound. BTW if like me you are always loosing you rid and pass word the help desk is really helpful and fast too.

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