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Muse Research Receptor Rev C - Hardware VST Plug-in Host

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The Muse Research Receptor™—a unique and versatile musical instrument that takes the best software-based synthesizers and effects processors available, and turns them into real instruments. With the push of a button, Receptor can transform itself from a sampler into a guitar processor; from a drum module into a synthesizer; or from a delicate mastering tool into a screaming drawbar organ.

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One instrument... Two rack spaces... Millions of sounds... Infinite possibilities.

That's the Muse Research Receptor™—a unique and versatile musical instrument that takes the best software-based synthesizers and effects processors available, and turns them into real instruments. With the push of a button, Receptor can transform itself from a sampler into a guitar processor; from a drum module into a synthesizer; or from a delicate mastering tool into a screaming drawbar organ.

Plugin software has completely changed the way we make music. Puny samples crammed into tiny chips are a thing of the past. Fixed architecture synths, by their very nature, are forever incapable of adapting to an ever-shifting sonic landscape. In today's musical world, virtual instruments reign supreme. But using plugin software can be an exasperating experience. Stability concerns and high latencies limit their effectiveness on stage, and high CPU demands limit their flexibility in the studio.

Receptor solves these problems by combining everything that's good about plugins with everything that's good about hardware.

"Whereas traditional synthesizers have limited our sonic options, the possibilities seem endless now with Receptor!" -Jeff Babko (Keyboardist on Jimmy Kimmel Live)

"The Receptor is the ultimate tool for bringing the power of plug-in technology to the stage." -David Rosenthal (Keyboardist & Synthesizer Programmer for Billy Joel)

Nothing could better illustrate the fact that Receptor combines the best of both worlds (hardware and software) than the previous two quotes. Mike Babko loves his Receptor because it blows away the hardware synthesizers it replaces. David Rosenthal loves his because it gives him the ultimate way to use software instruments and effects on stage. Two worlds. Two vantage points. One product to satisfy them both.

When the show must go on...

"I am convinced that the Muse Research Receptor has already changed the face of touring and playing live." -Terry Lawless
(Programmer and Keyboardist for U2)

That's what Terry Lawless had to say about his Receptors in the middle of a massive, worldwide tour with U2, and Muse Research couldn't be happier. After all, we designed Receptor so that performers could simply turn it on, dial up a VST plug-in, and start making music. With its lightning fast MIDI response, durability and stability, Receptor is truly optimized for live performance.

"In terms of reliability, ease of use and performance, there's nothing out there that compares to the Receptor." -Debbie Shair (Keyboardist for Heart)

Whether syncing to MIDI beat clock, responding to MIDI performance controllers, or recalling complex patches with standard MIDI program change messages, Receptor integrates effortlessly into a live performance environment. And if your roadie kicks out the power cable, Receptor will reboot right back into its proper configuration within 5 seconds! Its flexible and intuitive architecture allows customers to create Receptor environments than can respond to patch changes instantaneously.

"We've been using software instruments onstage with Tom Jones for several years now, running on a dedicated Macintosh G4 which required a whole rack to itself including the screen and audio/MIDI interfaces. With the arrival of the Receptor we've eliminated the bulky G4 rack, and taken our virtual instrument use to an entirely new level." -Frank Strauss & Brian Monroney (Keyboardist & Music Director for Tom Jones)

Receptor is robust and portable—hosting both today's and tomorrow's best plugins in an easy to use hardware environment. Receptor conforms to the performer's workflow, not the other way around. Do you want a dedicated, stand-alone visual editing and configuration environment? Simply plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly into Receptor and configure it without using a computer. Is the computer the center of your musical universe? Then connect Receptor's Ethernet cable to your computer and graphically control it directly from your Mac or PC. Do you not want to bother with monitors and mice? Receptor is completely controllable from its own front panel using dedicated knobs and buttons.

When is hardware a plugin? When it's Receptor!

"Receptor has totally changed the way I work in the studio, allowing me to use many more simultaneous virtual instruments then I could with my computer alone." -Simon Phillips (Producer, Engineer, Drummer for Toto)

With its whisper-quiet fan and cool, retro appearance, Receptor belies its true identity—a thoroughly modern, software-configurable module, designed to integrate completely and effortlessly into a network of computer-hosted digital audio workstations.

"It is the most powerful rack unit I have ever experienced in my music-making life. It's mind-boggling to think about the sonic potential that lives inside this box" -Jordan Rudess (Keyboardist for Dream Theater)

Receptor is designed for musicians. Its user interface follows a familiar mixer-analogy, allowing users to create patches containing as many 16 simultaneous stereo plugin instruments. Insert slots, two stereo send busses and the master buss all allow the possibility of adding a whopping 57 additional effects plugins to your sonic assault.

"Receptor allows me to easily create complex patches from a huge variety of different synths- something I've wanted to do for years. I've been waiting for years for a product like this, and I really love it" - Abel Pabon (Keyboardist for Joss Stone)

As Abel has just pointed out, these 16 individual synthesizers and 57 effects can be used individually or combined—allowing for complex sound sculptures unattainable with either computers or hardware. And, of course, all parameters can be remotely controlled via MIDI, and entire configurations can be saved and recalled with a single program change.

I love the single Ethernet cable and Muse's "UniWire" technology that allows all the bi-directional MIDI and audio data to communicate easily and quickly between my Receptor and my Mac." -Herbie Hancock (Jazz Legend)

Muse Research is fully aware that the computer is the heart and soul of every modern recording studio, and we've designed Receptor to integrate completely with today's studios. Up to 10 Receptors can be connected to a single computer using gigabit Ethernet. All audio, MIDI, and graphical control information is then transferred between Receptor and your computer using only the Ethernet cable. This is called UniWire™—and it comes free with every Receptor.

By instantiating a UniWire plugin in your computer's sequencer, you can graphically control and edit your Receptor without ever taking your eyes off your sequencer! The UniWire plugin transmits all MIDI and audio data between Receptor and your sequencer over a single Ethernet cable. Each Receptor that you plug into your computer network becomes an extension of your existing recording environment—allowing unprecedented sound creation potential without taxing your host computer's CPU. And all this power is accessed exactly the way your workflow requires—through a plugin running in your host computer.

Is obsolescence obsolete?

"We love the Receptor and it's made our lives so much easier... Receptor has been a dream for us... I've replaced racks of keyboard modules and samplers with a two-space unit that does far more than the rack it replaced." -Billy Bush (Engineer, Programmer for Garbage)

The word "sound" is the first word in "sound module," and Muse Research understands that any good musical instrument is about the sound—first and foremost. For this reason, Receptor's audio I/O was designed for superlative sonic performance, with 24-bit / 96kHz converters, balanced +4dbm input and outputs on 1/4" TRS connectors, plus S/PDIF stereo digital I/O.

"It is equally at home as the front end for my guitars, or as the home of my softsynths and sample libraries. Both in the studio and on stage, I turn to the Receptor for inspiration. It is so user-friendly that I forget it's a computer. It must be a computer with a heart." -Jeff Sturms (Composer, keyboardist, guitarist with George Strait)

Receptor is both a sound module and an effects module. Each of Receptor's 16 instrument channels is able to processes audio as well as generate it. Along with its S/PDIF stereo digital input and balanced +4dbm stereo analog inputs, Receptor features a front panel, high-Z instrument input that enables guitarists and bass players to enjoy the modern sonic palette that plugins offer. MIDI I/O supports your keyboard rig and a convenient USB port provides support for several USB MIDI devices. And, of course, you can plug your headphones into the front panel jack during those late night moments when inspiration strikes.

"This instrument now allows me to take an essential part of my studio out on the road with me... I started to wonder how to convert my live rig to be able reproduce these sounds on stage. Along with that was the issue of how to do it in a stable, road-worthy package that would easily integrate with my live rig. Receptor has answered that call, and then some... overall, I say the Receptor is a winner!" -Bill Heller (Keyboardist for The Rippingtons)

Receptor is designed to be equally at home on the stage or in the studio. Not only will it integrate with your studio, allowing you to incorporate hundreds of additional virtual instruments and effects into your productions, but it can be untethered from the studio and taken on stage—insuring your audience loves your live performance as much as your records.

"I've used Nuendo, Sonar, Project5, V-stack and even Forte to try to run VSTs, but I found Receptors' design and interface to be simpler and more effective. Even better, now I'm able to use combinations of plug-ins that would've crashed my old PC system." -King James II (Producer, Engineer for Sean "Pdiddy" Combs' Daddy's House Recording Studios)

Receptor is flexible, adaptable, and open-ended—allowing your to run today's plugins as well as tomorrow's. It combines the flexibility and diversity of software, with the immediacy, durability, and tactile ergonomics of hardware to give musicians, producers, sound designers and performers the ultimate musical tool.

These units, are already serving their intended purpose, but believe or not, everyday I keep on exploring, and discovering new ways with them. -Arturo Ortiz (Music Director for Ricky Martin)

Not only does Receptor run hundreds of "Receptorized" plugins — all of which are "fine tuned" for Receptor and feature a harmonized installation method, but it also supports an increasing number of "off the shelf" plugins—meaning you can purchase a Windows plugin at your favorite music store and install it in Receptor. Muse Research's plugorama.com website contains a wealth of information about available plugins, and new plugins constantly being added to the Receptor compatibility list.

The standard Receptor includes 256 Megabytes of RAM and a 160 Gigabyte Hard Drive; it also includes over $400 of free plug-ins that can be unlocked when you register the Receptor at Plugorama.

There are 2 available RAM slots in the Receptor. The standard model comes with one of the slots filled with a 256 MB stick of RAM. However, you can add 1 GB sticks of RAM to support the larger, heavily sample-based plugins that are now a part of our daily lives.

For maximum performance, Muse Research uses only premium brand-name memory modules.

RAM specs: PC3200/DDR 400 Mhz – non-registered, non-buffered, non-ECC.

Image: Muse Research Receptor Rev C - Hardware VST Plug-in Host

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