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Toontrack Music Claustrophobic EZX Expansion Pack (Serial Download)

Dolphin id:63503 Product SKU:EZXC-120

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Toontrack EZX - Claustrophobic (Serial Download). The Claustrophobic EZX marks a new step for Toontrack in driving the development of percussive samples. The audio team at Toontrack has utilized drumhead selection, room and microphone configurations to fuse the qualities of a high end drum recording and the cutting edge of the radical beats of today’s top RnB, Hip Hop and Pop producers.

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Please Note: You will need EZdrummer or Superior Drummer 2.0 to use this product.

In collaboration with Sontronics Microphones and Evans drumheads Toontrack Music announces the Claustrophobic EZX.

Add to that samples run through the best outboard effects and made accessible in the EZ mixer to build your own mixer presets for on the fly sound design and you’ve got all the ingredients to produce, write and play music that takes you and your beats one step further,
C for Claustrophobic, C for Contemporary, C for Cutting edge.

Oh, and did we mention that the Claustrophobic EZX was recorded in a very small room?

The Claustrophobic EZX was sampled through the very best of outboard with distortion, reverb, compression and attack effects included in the internal mixer. This enables you to access a large number of mixer presets by Collén & Webb, STS 9, Richard Devine, DJ Amplive, sub-ID and Count Bass D.
And you can save your own custom mixer presets (with EZdrummer 1.1).

The Claustrophobic EZX special features:

  • Sampled through the best of outboard effects with compression, distortion, attack and reverb mics made available in the EZmixer.
  • Mixer presets by Collén & Webb, STS 9, Richard Devine, DJ Amp live, sub-ID and Count Bass D.
  • The possibility to save your own mixer presets with EZdrummer 1.1 installed.


  • The Claustrophobic EZX kit was played by Per Mikaelsson at Toontrack Studios, Umea, Sweden.
  • The Claustrophobic EZX was recorded, engineered and mixed by Mattias Eklund, Trevor Coley (Sontronics Microphones) and Daniel Dermes at Toontrack Studios, Umea, Sweden.
  • The MIDI files for the Claustrophobic EZX were played by Derico Watson at New Polyphony, Nashville, USA and Per Mikaelsson at Toontrack Studios, Umea, Sweden.
  • Sound editing; Mattias Eklund
  • MIDI editing: Henrik Kjellberg, Nils Eriksson
  • Graphic designer: Fredrik Ärletun
  • Head of support, beta testing and configuration manager: Rogue Marechal
  • Coding: Olof Westman
  • The mix presets for the Claustrophobic EZX were designed by Collén & Webb, STS 9, Richard Devine,
  • DJ Amp live, sub-ID and Count Bass D.

The Claustrophobic EZX uses TPC, Toontrack Percussive Compression.

Claustrophobic EZX Includes:


  • 15" Cocktail Kick No TopSkin
  • 15" Cocktail Kick
  • 15" Cocktail Kick Loose TopSkin
  • 15" Cocktail Kick Towel
  • 22" Premier Gen-X1
  • 22" Premier Gen-X Lower
  • 20" Premier Artist Birch Heritage
  • 20" Premier Artist Damped1
  • 20" Premier Artist Damped2
  • 22" Premier Gen-X Open
  • 22" Premier Gen-X Open2
  • 22" Premier Gen-X Damped
  • 22" Premier Gen-X Damped2
  • 22" Premier Gen-X Damped with Cymbal
  • 12" Tom
  • 12" Tom Damped
  • 22" Premier Gen-X2
  • 22" Premier Gen-X2 NoSnares


  • 13" Tama Steel
  • 14" Premier Gen-X
  • 14" Premier Gen-X with Crash
  • 12" Tama
  • 14" Tama Superstar Low
  • 12" Pearl
  • 14" Tama Superstar High
  • 14" Tama Superstar with Brushes
  • 8" Yamaha Steve Jordan

High Snaredrums:

  • 8" Yamaha Clubkit Snare
  • 12" Pearl
  • 13" Tama
  • 13" Tama with Cymbal
  • 13" Tama with Brushes

Racktom 1:

  • 10" Premier Gen-X - Sticks
  • 10" Premier Gen-X - Damped
  • 10" Premier Gen-X - Sticks2
  • 10" Premier Gen-X - Brushes
  • 10" Premier Gen-X - with Cymbal

Racktom 2:

  • 12" Premier Gen-X - Sticks
  • 12" Premier Gen-X - Damped
  • 12" Premier Gen-X - Sticks2
  • 12" Premier Gen-X - Brushes
  • 12" Premier Gen-X - with Cymbal

Floortom 1:

  • 14" Premier Gen-X - Sticks
  • 14" Premier Gen-X - Damped
  • 14" Premier Gen-X - Sticks2
  • 14" Premier Gen-X - Brushes
  • 14" Premier Gen-X - with Cymbal

Floortom 2:

  • 16" Premier Gen-X - Sticks
  • 16" Premier Gen-X - Damped
  • 16" Premier Gen-X - Sticks2
  • 16" Premier Gen-X - Brushes
  • 16" Premier Gen-X - with Cymbal


  • 14" K Zildjian - A Zildjian New
  • 10" K Zildjian - A Zildjian
  • 15" K Zildjian - 16" MEINL
  • 14" K Zildjian Brushes

Extra Hats 1:

  • 12" Istanbul / 12" K Zildjian Hats

Extra Hats 2:

  • 13" Istanbul / 13" A Zildjian New Beat Hats

Crash A:

  • 16" K Zildjian Dark Crash Thin
  • 14" K Zildjian Dark Crash Thin
  • 18" Paiste Full Crash
  • 20" Istanbul Nostalgia
  • 16" K Zildjian Dark Crash Thin - Brushes

Crash B:

  • 18" K Zildjian Dark Crash
  • 16" Paiste Thin Crash
  • 18" Istanbul Crash
  • 18" K Zildjian Dark Crash - Brushes


  • 10" Splash K Zildjian
  • 8" A Zildjian Splash
  • 12" Istanbul Splash
  • 13" Istanbul Splash
  • 10" Splash K Zildjian - Brushes


  • 20" K Zildjian Custom
  • 20" K Zildjian Custom Dry Light 20" Sabian ED Thigpen Crystal Ride
  • 20" Sabian Ride - Sticks
  • 20" Sabian Ride - Brushes


  • 16" Spock K Dark Crash / 12" LP China Top
  • 18" Zildjian Dark Crash / 16" MEINL Dragon
  • 18" Paiste Medium Lite China
  • 19" Istanbul Mel Lewis CrashRide
  • 19" Istanbul Mel Lewis CrashRide - Brushes


  • Cabasa LP Small
  • Cabasa LP Large

Also includes: Tambourine with Hands, Tambourine MEINL with Sticks, Tambourine LP with Sticks, Snaps, Claps, Footstomps, Triangle, Bells, Shaker, Chimes, Large Cowbell & Small Cowbell


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