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Korg microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard

Dolphin id:42204 Product SKU:MICROSAMPLER

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The latest addition to the Korg "micro" series serves up sampling with a powerful performance punch! The microSAMPLER delivers multi-mode sampling, resampling, Pattern Sequencing and over-the-top effects – and all under a fun-to-use intuitive interface. More than just a sampler, the microSAMPLER is a complete sound design studio for creating up-to-the minute loops and phrases.

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The latest addition to the Korg "micro" series serves up sampling with a powerful performance punch! The microSAMPLER delivers multi-mode sampling, resampling, Pattern Sequencing and over-the-top effects – and all under a fun-to-use intuitive interface. More than just a sampler, the microSAMPLER is a complete sound design studio for creating up-to-the minute loops and phrases.

Giant Sampling / microSIZE
The microSAMPLER hosts a solid complement of top-end sampling features to expand your creative potential. This full-fledged instrument offers sixteen-voice polyphony, reverse playback, editing operations such as Normalize and Truncate, and a Time Stretch feature that lets you change the tempo without affecting the pitch.

Selectable sample rates of 48 kHz, 24 kHz, 12 kHz, and down to 6 kHz let you sample at rates beyond CD clarity or add in that Lo-Fi vintage vibe. Each bank contains 36 samples (a maximum of approximately 160 seconds of recording time for monaural samples at a 48 kHz sampling rate) and sixteen patterns of sequence data; the microSAMPLER lets you store eight such banks in internal memory. The Keyboard mode takes a single sample and assigns it chromatically across the keys for instant playability. With its recessed controls, bright LEDs and informative display, the microSAMPLER is fun to use and easy to operate – for beginners or seasoned pros.

Swiss Army Sampling
Too many instruments simply offer sampling as an added feature. The microSAMPLER is all about sampling, in every creative form. Five distinct sampling methods allow you to work the way you want, to get the results you need.

The microSAMPLER offers traditional One-Shot and Loop sampling, plus a number of creative sampling modes – Loop, Key Gate and Auto-Next. When it comes to sampling, the microSAMPLER has it all.

  • Loop sampling for recording grooves and phrases, drum loops, etc.
  • One-Shot sampling for grabbing and triggering single events such as drums, etc.
  • Gate sampling for playing a sound musically across the keyboard

Auto-Next sampling for capturing phrases as multiple samples. For grabbing a groove as separate samples on individual keys, choose the AUTO NEXT mode and use Tap Tempo to match the BPM of the source material. The microSAMPLER will automatically divide the sample equally across multiple keys. Each key can be set to capture anything from a 64th note to a full two measures. This method lets you automatically perform the same type of sampling as KEY GATE.

Key Gate sampling is best for grabbing multiple samples from the same source. With Key Gate, you can take multiple samples from the same source or phrase and assign them to different keys as you play them! The individual keys assign the sample and enable recording all at the same time. This intuitive method of sampling, editing, and mapping in a single step is fun, interactive and fast.

In addition, there's a resampling function that lets you play existing layered samples processed by an effect and played by the pattern sequencer – and capture it all as a new sample. You can even sample while playing, allowing the sampling process itself to become part of your expressive performance.

Sample anytime, anywhere – or anything!
The microSAMPLER can run on batteries, so you can perform on the go – or capture samples anywhere. Both line input and mic input are provided to allow a broad range of input sources including electronic musical instruments, CD, and voice. A gooseneck microphone is included so you can capture sounds with ease. The convenient caddies (located beside the mic jack) provide a cradle for your portable MP3/audio player when using it as a sample source. Truly, the world is yours to sample anytime and anyplace.

Pattern Possibilities
The pattern sequencer uses an overdub operating style that lets you continually layer your performances. You can switch between patterns during playback for seamless performances. Up to sixteen patterns (16,000 notes per pattern, or a maximum 64,000 notes) can be stored in each bank.

The KAOSS Effect(s)
Developed for Korg's KAOSS PAD series, the effect engine serves up a great selection of effects – so important when editing samples. The twenty-one effects include not only traditional delay and chorus, but also ring modulator and grain shifter, and even a Looper that's derived from the Loop Recording feature of the KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer. The effects can be applied to any sound while resampling, allowing the effects to be used over and over again for more sonic expression.

Made to be Played
The microSAMPLER features our new Natural Touch micro keyboard, offering greatly enhanced playability and expressive power. By adjusting the proportion of the black keys and white keys, we've made chords easier to finger, and the touch has been improved so that rapid phrases can be played more easily – and with less fatigue. The box-shaped keys project a sense of quality, and also allow smoother glides and smears. The controllers you need for an exciting performance are laid out on the panel for intuitive operation. The status of the samples assigned to each key (and the item being edited) is indicated by the lit state of the LEDs running along the top of the keyboard, ensuring excellent visibility even on stage.

By using the free editor/librarian software for the microSAMPLER, you can manage a gigantic sample library that's all your own. You can back up sample and pattern sequence data to your computer via USB, or load samples and patterns back in just as easily. . Importing and exporting of WAV/AIFF data on your computer is also supported. The possibilities are endless…

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K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
* wide tolerance, may require filling


  • Keyboard: 37 Natural-Touch mini-keys, velocity sensing
  • Sampling Rates: 48 kHz, 24 kHz, 12 kHz, 6 kHz
  • Bank Structure: 36 Samples per Bank (160 Seconds max.)
  • Available Banks: 9 Total (8 User +1 ROM)
  • Sampling Time:
    48 kHz: 160 seconds (mono) per bank; x 8 Banks = 21.33 minutes (max.)
    24 kHz: 320 seconds (mono) per bank; x 8 Banks = 42.66 minutes (max.)
    12 kHz: 640 seconds (mono) per bank; x 8 Banks = 85.33 minutes (max.)
    6 kHz: 1280 seconds (mono) per bank; x 8 Banks = 170.66 minutes (max.)
  • Polyphony: 16 voices
  • Sampling Modes: One-Shot; Gate; Loop; Key Gate; Auto-Next
  • Resample in any mode
  • Keyboard Sampling Mode: 36 Sample Playback Keys + 1 Audio Input
  • Keyboard Mode: Single sample assigned chromatically across the keyboard
  • Effects:
    Structure: 1 Master FX
    Effect Types: 21 (Compressor, Filter, 4-Band EQ, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, L/C/R Delay, Auto-Panning
    Delay, Modulation Delay, Tape Echo, Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Phaser, Tremolo, Ring Modulation, Grain
    Shifter, Pitch Shifter, Talking Modulator, Looper)
  • Pattern Sequencer Patterns: 16 Patterns per bank; x 8 Banks
  • Note Count: 64,000 notes total; 16,000 per bank
  • Resolution: 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
  • Audio Connections:
    Input: ¼" Jack (rear); XLR Balanced (top); with Mic/Line switch; Level knob
    Outputs: L/Mono, R; ¼" unbalanced
    Phones: ¼" Stereo Jack
  • Other Connections:
    MIDI: In, Out
    USB: Type B
  • Display: Custom LCD; 37 LEDs above keys
  • Power Supply: 9 VDC (AC Adapter); 6 AAA Alkaline batteries – approx. 4 hours (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: W x D x H: 20.31" x 9.37" x 2.56"
  • Weight: 4.19 lbs
  • microSAMPLER Editor Librarian Software:

Operating Requirements:

  • PC: Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later); Windows Vista (SP1 or later); USB port
  • MAC: OSX Version 10.4 or later; USB port
Image: Korg microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard

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