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Cakewalk UA-25EX

fka the Edirol UA25EX - SAME SPECS.

Dolphin id:42301 Product SKU:UA-25EX

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High Quality 24-bit/96 kHz USB Audio Interface for Mac and PC

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High Quality 24-bit/96 kHz USB Audio Interface for Mac and PC

Mobile Connectivity with Pro-Studio Extras. Rugged, compact, and feature-filled, the new UA-25EX is a portable-interface powerhouse. Ideal for computer-based audio engineers who appreciate mobility, this 24bit/96kHz USB audio interface is equipped with pro-grade microphone preamps, a newly-developed analogue compressor/limiter, and ground-lift functionality for studio and stage.

High-Resolution Performance

Don’t let its compact size (or body) fool you — the UA-25EX is a full-featured, professional audio interface with extras you wouldn’t expect in its size and price class. It’s capable of handling audio at 24bit/96kHz resolution, and boasts newly-developed high-end mic preamps, plus proquality balanced audio inputs and outputs, and an integrated low-noise, wide-range power supply.

Analog Compression & Limiting

The UA-25EX features a newly-developed analogue compressor with variable attack times and threshold control for smooth capture of vocals or dynamic instruments. The accompanying limiter prevents input clipping from occurring so you’ll never lose those perfect takes.

Pro-Quality Shielding with Ground Lift

With its high-grade aluminum chassis, the UA-25EX can withstand hard impacts, and is shielded against high-frequency interference from other electrical components. Should a ground loop occur, the new ground-lift function eliminates the noise by disconnecting the sleeve pin of the master output from the earth ground.

Bundled Software

Included with the UA-25EX is the Production Plus Pack from Cakewalk by Roland, a feature-rich recording software bundle consisting of SONAR LE, Project 5 LE, and Dimension LE for PC-based recording. The CD-ROM also includes the latest ASIO, WDM, and MME drivers for Windows XP and Vista (32-bit versions), plus CoreAudio drivers for Mac OSX.


  • High-resolution 24bit/96kHz performance with pro-grade mic preamps
  • Onboard analogue compressor/limiter with variable attack times and threshold control
  • USB bus powered, low-noise, wide-range power supply
  • Two mic preamps and XLR/TRS combo jacks with 48V phantom power, Hi-Z port for guitar-direct connection, S/PDIF optical I/O, MIDI in/out
  • Ground lift for studio and live stage use
  • Bundled with Production Plus Pack from Cakewalk By Roland
Image: Cakewalk UA-25EX

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Cakewalk UA-25EX Reviews


Roland Cakewalk UA-25 EX

I\'m very pleased with my purchase of the Roland Cakewalk UA-25 EX USB audio interface. After researching which audio interface would work properly on my windows 7 64bit OS, I settled on the UA-25 EX. I\'ve had no problems setting it up, recording and playing back audio from various music programmes.

The build quality of the unit itself is very solid, all components, inputs/outputs, and knobs are of great quality too. For the price on Dolphins\' website you really can\'t go wrong if your looking for a basic audio interface with a good sample/bit rate.

The service I received from Dolphin music was also great, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy any audio equipment.

Thanks guys! :)


Solid audio interface, with some quirks

I originally purchased an Emu 0404 USB, but Dolphin Music called me and offered me the UA-25EX instead, because of stock issues. Since this essentially matches the 0404 in both price and features, I accepted, and have been using it a while now.

Apart from price and overall features, it\'s an extremely handy interface that does the job well and the audio quality is excellent for the price. Something like this is almost worth the money simply as a high quality sound card for laptops - my laptop\'s built in audio is, compared to this, appalling to the point of unlistenable, for a sound engineer.

The areas the UA-25EX differs from the 0404 are:

Power - the UA-25EX seems to get along OK with just USB power, even with two phantom powered microphones connected. The 0404 takes an external power supply. I don\'t know much about power - perhaps it\'s more reliable to use an external power connector - but I prefer the UA-25EX here, since it\'s just one less cable.

Interface - the Emu interfaces are very clear and simple to use, and I especially like the buttons and LEDs on top of the 0404. Everything on the UA-25EX is fitted in to the front and back panels only, and has a big technical diagram on top for some reason (how hard is it to work out where your audio goes in a USB interface? :P). It has no LEDs for phantom power or input level, just \'On\', direct monitor, and a built-in compressor. That\'s not much of a problem, but the phantom power one gets me. Phantom power is a tiny switch at the back which I always forget about. I\'ve left it on a few times after using mics, and been surprised by crackling noises when trying to plug in adapters to record a synthesiser. I\'m not a big fan of putting 48v round my synthesiser\'s output, so I really miss an LED for that. Emu definitely win here.

The UA-25EX also has a built in analogue comp/limit. This might be useful to you, but personally I just set my levels right and do that stuff later.

Software & drivers - I\'ve used both the Emu 0202 and UA-25EX on Windows 7 64-bit, and both have drivers available for that. The 0202 was particularly crap at dealing with my laptop waking up from sleep - I always had to fiddle around with unconnecting the USB and closing the Emu control panel to persuade it to start playing audio again. No issues with the UA-25EX there, but it does make a nasty pop when waking or starting up, and I wish it wouldn\'t do that. Why can\'t these guys get this stuff right? Anyways, UA-25EX wins here.

Build quality - the Emu always felt a little fragile. I actually broke an input on the 0202 when I dropped it from maybe two feet. I haven\'t done that with the UA-25EX, but in a very un-scientific way, it feels more solid and robust.

Connectors - Emu win for me for having a stereo mini jack output, which I find very handy in home use situations. But the UA-25EX has dual RCA (ie hifi connector). Take your pick, just remember to get adapters if you need them.

All in all I find it hard to declare an overall winner. Take your pick from the pros and cons. These things are perfect for laptops and making portable stereo recordings, but they all have little quirks, so the perfect audio interface remains to be invented!

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