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Apogee Duet

Dolphin id:33457 Product SKU:Duet

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Inspiration is a gift that can come to you anywhere and at anytime. As an artist you need to be prepared. And, you need a collaborator to help you capture it with ease and without compromise... Meet Duet.

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Inspiration is a gift that can come to you anywhere and at anytime. As an artist you need to be prepared. And, you need a collaborator to help you capture it with ease and without compromise... Meet Duet.

Duet is a portable audio interface that features the amazing sound quality that made Apogee Electronics famous. With control functions built directly into Apple’s Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro and GarageBand software, Duet empowers you to create professional recordings effortlessly.

With Duet, you can plug in guitars, keyboards and microphones and record your music, or simply experience how much better your favorite tracks in iTunes sound. Duet is compact and powered by FireWire, so you can pack up your studio and go anywhere your music takes you.

What can you do with Duet?

  • Sing - Duet features two superb microphone inputs, each with phantom power and up to 75dB of gain. With Duet, you can record a pristine vocal track while playing your guitar or keyboard, stereo mic your acoustic or even capture a live concert.
  • Play - Duet’s dual, 1/4” high impedance inputs are ideal for any combination of two instrumentalists: guitar and bass, bass and keyboard, guitar and guitar, etc. Simply plug into the breakout cable inputs labeled with the corresponding instrument icons and jam or record using your favorite Core Audio-compatible application.
  • Listen - Whether it’s through the 1/4” outputs to your powered speakers or via the headphone jack, Duet delivers the amazing sound quality Apogee is known for. With Duet’s multi-function controller knob, you can easily toggle back and forth between your monitors and headphones, control the volume and mute playback. Duet’s studio reference-quality sound combined with simple and powerful control features make it an ideal choice for creating music or simply delivering the ultimate iTunes listening experience.
  • Record and Podcast - Along with exceptional sound quality and powerful control features Duet also offers incredible ease-of-use for recording. With software integration into Apple’s OS X, GarageBand, Logic and Soundtrack Pro, Duet empowers you with an interface designed exclusively for the Mac, making the technology of recording easy and elegant so you can focus on creating great music. And, with its unique GarageBand integration, Duet makes creating high-quality audio for Podcasting easy.

Duet is directly integrated into GarageBand , Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro.

Mastering Duet: Take Control with Maestro

Duet is the first two-channel audio interface with control functions built directly into Apple’s Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro and GarageBand... But what if you want to use Duet with another audio application on your Mac? Enter Apogee's Maestro software. With Maestro, you can control all of Duet’s capabilities and settings and use Duet with any Core Audio-compatible application. Everything Duet is capable of and more is easily controlled and configured within Maestro.

Additionally, Maestro lets you assign MIDI function controls such as level adjustment, panning and song position to Duet’s controller knob. You can also configure the controller knob to mute your headphones or monitors with a simple click. No matter what software you use with Duet, Maestro will give you the control you need.

Maestro's settings, controls and functions:

  • Input source selection
  • Input level control
  • Input source grouping
  • Output level and type
  • Output muting
  • Mic/instrument gain mode
  • Assigning meter display
  • Over hold parameters
  • Assignable MIDI device control
  • Song position access
  • Low latency mixing

Dialing in Duet: The Multi-function Controller Knob

Ensemble introduced advanced software control with Maestro and its dual, multi-purpose control knobs, and Duet refines and expands the control knob feature. With the assignable MIDI and selective muting options in Maestro, Duet’s control knob becomes a one-touch manager of all your I/O functions while totally simplifying the process of recording and listening.

Break Out: Duet’s Input and Output Connection Cable

The I/O breakout cable that comes with Duet makes connecting microphones, instruments and speakers easy and elegant. Each high-quality connector is clearly labeled with the corresponding icon and the speaker connectors are distinguished by a unique purple slider.

The separation of the connectors allows you to direct and group your inputs and outputs anyway you want to, while providing a natural strain relief between Duet and the items connected. The breakout cable also greatly reduces Duet’s footprint on your desktop and makes its sleek, low profile design, ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Duet's Break out cable is flexible and easy to use with input and output icons for your instruments, microphones and powered speakers.

On the Level: Input and Output LED Metering

You wouldn’t expect it on a box this small, but Duet has it; Input and output LED meters. With a simple setting in Maestro, Duet lets you monitor your instrument and mic input levels or the output level going to your powered speakers and headphones.

Fired Up: Bus Powered FireWire Let’s you Take Duet Anywhere

Duet is the first bus powered FireWire interface in the Apogee family. Which means your computer powers Duet, liberating you from a wall socket. So with Duet, a laptop and a little gear, you can roam to wherever your creativity takes you and make incredible sounding recordings in an inspired space.


Front Panel

Rear Panel

Top Panel


  • Two channels of professional-quality 24-bit/96kHz audio input and output
  • Two balanced XLR inputs, with selectable 48V phantom power on each input
  • Two unbalanced high impedance instrument inputs
  • One high-level stereo headphone output
  • Two unbalanced -10 dBV line outputs for powered speakers
  • Multi-function controller knob for volume and input gain control and assignable MIDI control
  • Multi-segment LED meters to display input or output levels
  • FireWire 400, compatible with Mac OS X Core Audio
  • Control functions built directly into Apple’s Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro and GarageBand
  • Compatible with any Core Audio-compliant audio application
  • Apogee’s Maestro software for advanced control and low latency mixing

System Requirements

  • Computer: Mac G4 1GHz or faster, G5 or Intel CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM minimum, 2 GB recommended
  • OS: 10.4.10 or greater
  • Connection: FireWire 400 port

Package Contains

  • Duet
  • Breakout Cable
  • FireWire Cable
  • Apogee Software CD
  • User’s Guide
Image: Apogee Duet

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Il nostro Design Studio ha 10 anni di esperienza nel Design e sviluppo di siti internet e di prodotti di stampa. Le soluzioni che proponiamo sono orientate alla massimizzazione della conversione e all'aumento delle vendite. La nostra missione non e solo la progettazione e il design: ogni nostro decisione porta con se le precise idee che vanno trasmesse dal venditore all'acquirente. A seconda degli obbiettivi stabiliti dal cliente cambiano anche le nostre soluzioni.

In questo momento vi suggeriamo di familiarizzare con uno dei molti nostri servizi - e molto probabile che sara molto utile per voi: https://vetlucci.it/it/services-it/logotypes-and-emblems-it

Il Studio di Design Paolo Vetlucci sara lieto di offrirvi i propri servizi in questo settore, garantendo un massimo livello di professionalita nell'esecuzione del vostro ordine.

Noi non chiediamo mai il pagamento anticipato per il nostro lavoro perche siamo sicuri che i risultati del nostro lavoro vi lasceranno assolutamente soddisfatti!

Siamo certi che la nostro collaborazione sara estremamente fruttuosa. Contattateci!


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(Image: Polka Dot/Thinkstock)
Whether youâ??re applying for an undergraduate school or trying to get into graduate programs, a number of purposes require a letter of intent or personal statement. Personal statements are just one from the most important parts belonging to the software and in many instances the deciding factor for admission.
Personal statements give a improved understanding of who you will be, beyond the rigid constraints within the вÐ?Ñ?fill-in-the-blankвÐ?Ñ? software.
Like a variety of available this time within the 12 months, I am finishing my graduate school programs. Wanting for advice and guidance, I decided to compare different schoolsâ?? personal statement demands and ask admissions offices for advice. Hereâ??s what I found:
The Columbia Graduate School for Journalism encourages students to write down about family, education, talents or passions. They have to hear about significant places or events inside of your life; about books you have read through, people you have met or give good results youвÐ?â?¢ve done that has shaped the person you have become.
Schools would like to know about you so donâ??t portray someone else within the essay. Itâ??s almost like going with a number one date. You should display your ideal qualities but be yourself on the same time. You like another person to like you, not someone youâ??re pretending to be.
Rayna Reid, a personal statement guru, received her undergraduate degree at Cornell, Masters for the University of Pennsylvania and is at present pursuing a Law degree at Columbia. Reid says a personal statement is really just a way to make the college fall in love with you.
вÐ?Ñ?The essay is where you really get a chance to differentiate yourself from another applicants,вÐ?Ñ? she reported. вÐ?Ñ?Explain why they should accept you. What will you contribute?вÐ?Ñ?
Sean Carpenter, University of Southern California Student Solutions Associate and undergraduate student, reiterates the importance of differentiating yourself from other applicants.
He will work around the Annenberg School for Communication admissions office and deals with prospective students daily. Carpenter says USC or any major school would like to see diversity.
вÐ?Ñ?They hope to see how youâ??re different from all other applicants, most definitely through diversity. What makes you unique out of all another applicants?вÐ?Ñ? Carpenter says, вÐ?Ñ?Tell things that has helped you grow as a person and constructed your character.вÐ?Ñ?
3. Do research and tailor just about every essay accordingly
Every college is different, so every single personal statement should be different. Quite a few students try to get absent with having a universal essay but admissions departments will recognize.
вÐ?Ñ?Do research to give concrete reasons why youâ??re interested in particular program,вÐ?Ñ? Carpenter explained. вÐ?Ñ?Speak by using a faculty member that youâ??re interested in working with or doing research for and mention that as part of your statement. It would also be beneficial to say what lessons youâ??ve taken that have been relevant to the subject of study.вÐ?Ñ?
four. Be concise and follow directions
Make sure you browse through the directions carefully. A particular from the biggest red flags for an admissions office are students who donâ??t adhere to word limitations. Donâ??t give them a reason to throw out your software.
Believe it or not, you will find a way to say everything you would like in the website page or less. Those that absolutely need some help, ask several faculty members to look over over your essay and give you feedback.
5. Go beyond your resume, GPA and check scores
A great deal of students worry about how their GPA and take a look at scores will affect the admissions practice. The personal statement is definitely an opportunity to explain any strengths or weaknesses into your software - this kind of as changes in major, reduced GPA or lack of working experience.
For instance, Reid was worried about not having a four.0 GPA. Since Reid didnâ??t have the perfect GPA, she explained what she did with her time to make up for that fact. Being around the Varsity rowing team plus a Teach for America Corp member are fantastic examples of how devoting her time to other things made an impact on her GPA.
вÐ?Ñ?Nothing makes someone fall in love like a very good story. It does not should be the next Pulitzer winner,вÐ?Ñ? Reid mentioned. вÐ?Ñ?For college, 1 essay I wrote was about how I have often felt like my life was a movie and how Dirty Dancing (yes, the movie) changed my life. My sister who at this time goes to Princeton even wrote about killing a fly!вÐ?Ñ?
A single from the worst things you possibly can do is bore the admission officer. Make yourself memorable by telling a story about something distinctive from the creative or different angle.
With this advice, your personal statement will be the highlight of your software. Advantageous luck!
Alexis Morgan is right now a senior at Penn State University. She has extensive knowledge in public relations, broadcast journalism, print journalism and production. Alexis truly believes if you should do what you love, you will never do the job a working day as part of your life. Follow AlexisвÐ?â?¢s career on her ?nternet site .
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You should be educated if you stage onto the auto lot. Are you experiencing your finances in mind? The number of seating do you need? The amount of miles per gallon how would you like? Would you like a vehicle with two or 4 doorways? Write down your hope list, and accept it on the car dealership together with you.

Head to various car dealerships well before settling using one. An alternative car dealership might be able to help you get an improved value around the vehicle you need, and could be working diverse campaigns. Try 3 or 4 in your area, and also if you must travel somewhat a greater distance, it may be worthwhile.

What can you afford? You must fully grasp just how much cash you might have each month to not only pay for the vehicle hire, but in addition insurance, licensing fees, petrol, and improvements. Everything should be covered every single month if not you'll have to lessen the total amount you ought to invest in the vehicle itself.

You should take the vehicle-shopping process extremely significantly. Most people are so pleased about the possibilities of buying a vehicle they usually do not consider the importance of the task. Getting a auto is a serious fiscal expenditure, and you will do all you can to keep businesslike.

Create a finances prior to going automobile buying so you have a great idea of the things is within your price range. Attempt the best to be within your budget. When you need to go over, the total amount which you go over ought not to be so important that it positions you inside a economic combine.

Never ever, actually neglect the exam generate when you are auto buying. You must get behind the wheel of that car and see the way seems well before investing in a getting it. Make sure you try out various driving a car problems, which include surface streets and interstate driving a car. Make sure you try out taking it in a parking room in the mall.

Tend not to be turned off coming from a auto because it is utilized. Most people would love nothing but to purchase a new, sparkly vehicle. But, is this actually achievable for the finances? Many used autos are properly great and definately will not bust your back virtually as much as a fresh auto will.

Consider marketing your automobile privately, instead of trading it set for the brand new car you desire. You may usually get more for your car using a private sale than you would probably using a trade in. Even when the dealership causes it to be seem like these are giving you a great business in value, they may most likely increase the price someplace else to compensate for the main difference.

When you are regularly making use of your vehicle, it is essential that you ask the seller about the auto tires in the vehicle. Discover the size of the auto tires and how a lot they is always to swap. This is a big problem due to the fact a number of fatigued cost a large total change.

Test generate your offered automobile without having are unsuccessful. Make sure to test drive any vehicle. It doesn't matter if this looks excellent. You can't know without the need of driving it. Nothing at all can substitute your actual exposure to the vehicle. You could find the car has a rougher trip than predicted or is just not everything you awaited.

Make sure that when you find yourself vehicle purchasing that you know what you're searching for very first. Phone all around to a number of the car dealerships and discover when they have anything you'd be interested in. You can even locate their internet site and look for the autos just before spending time increasing there.

Remember that car salesmen get some month to month quotas to satisfy. Utilize this method to your advantage by buying a automobile at the conclusion of the month. Sales reps that want to make the selling wish to sell you that auto! You can find a greater package in this way.

Discover how much you can afford over a automobile settlement prior to getting there. When you hold out, the eyes is going to be large, and you may be prepared to pay for everything to get what you want. Commence with a company physique and you should not enable you to ultimately be moved by anything the salesperson says.

The automobile business tends to make money on any margin of income. If you will discover exactly how much the car dealership is often buying their vehicles for, it is going to allow it to be much easier to find their main point here. This implies you should do some research in your community car industry.

If you fail to get the specific vehicle that you might want, question your car dealership if they can purchase it for yourself. Most home-based vehicles may be personalized ordered with all the precise improvements and options that you want. Even applied cars are often feasible for car car dealerships to locate and possess delivered with their location. You should hold out a little longer for this particular choice, but it will be worth every penny in case you have your coronary heart set on something specific.

With a little luck you haven't been terrified away with all the details given inside the report earlier mentioned. Indeed, there is a lot to consider when selecting an automobile, but when you take your time and do your homework you might be much more likely to end up with a automobile that you'll be happy with for years. So venture out there and complete the work!


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tinedol mk

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Apogee Duet - Perfect Partner

Aesthetics: It looks great, very similar design and finish to my MacBook Pro (running Logic 9), good solid minimalist design.

Ease of use: Out of the box it was not so easy for me to use because it only comes with a FW400 cable and newer MBs dont have FW400. However I had read somewhere that Apogee were offering a free 400-800 cable for people who register this product so I contacted UK Apogee (Sonic Distribution Ltd) and received the cable 2 days later!
(In the meantime I managed to use it by daisy chaining it onto the end of my Lacie hard drive).

Latency: I experienced terrible latency slap back when recording so did some research and discovered that if you go to Preferences > Audio > General >Plug-in Latency and turn \'compensation off\' and uncheck the low latency mode it sorts it out.
Sound Quality: is better than my Maudio FW410, low noise, vocals sound better and bass and electric guitar signals are very strong. It is easy to get a good accurate level using the input gains.
Overall I am very impressed with this product and recommend it for use with Logic 9.


Phew - Great sound at last!

For the last 6 years I have worked on a PC with MAudio 24/96 soundcard and Cubase. Used a variety of mic preamps for vocals and acoustic instruments, and digital guitar sim thingies for er.. guitar. Just upgraded to a Macbook with Logic Pro. Checking round the forums it was clear the Apogee Duet was considered the best partner for this setup - and I\'m not disappointed. I\'d persuaded myself that both my mic collection and my monitors were crap. Now I\'m getting breathtaking results. Even my singing sounds good! And the whole kit, including ext HD and Korg nano keyboard fit into a laptop case. I can go anywhere I like and still get a great sound! It seems like a lot of money to spend compared with some of the competition, but I\'d say grit your teeth and go for it - you\'ll only regret it if you try cheaper stuff.


Using Logic or Garageband ? Get this !

awesome and worth every pound, great build and the breakout cable is genius ! some people would rather everything was built in but it would be alot bigger.
For the singer/Songwriter this is perfect, my very noisy fender telecaster is now quiet thanks to the great quiet but loud preamp built in.
I can't recommend this enough.
It's a no-brainer purchase you won't regret it guaranteed.


impressive unit

i really like this item, sound quality is great, the converters are quite a bit better than my Motu 828MKII. it would score a lot higher but the lack of balanced outputs really puts a damper on it as you system needs to be wired very well to prevent ground loops, etc. i encountered this immediately. apparently it would\'ve required a lot more power to drive the unit but i think it would've been good to have an option!

i haven't tried the preamps yet but i got it mainly as a DA for on the road editing and mixing with logic but i'm sure i'll try out the preamps soon enough.

i managed to set it up as an aggregate device with my motu after some fiddling which made for a flexible system.

overall it's great but i couldn't get the encoder to work in logic for song position but that may be due to logic 8 compatibility issues - i need to research this more!


It's so nice!!

I recently bought this guy and I was surprised at his ability!!
I had already Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 I/O for my interface.
But I can't wait to buy this guy as I saw him in the web.
Actually I'm a vocalist, so I don't have so many I/O like Saffire Pro.
The only reason I bought Saffire pro is for mic pre.

Apogee Duet gives me confidence for the first time because he
made from USA!! not China.
It's very simple and easy to record, play, control(including Midi).
And his mic pre is great!! I love my Duet. You'll love it, too!

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