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MOTU 24 I/O Expansion

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Rackmount I/O expansion 24I/O (no PCI card included). Can be used as I/O expansion for any MOTU Audio system using PCI 424 card. And gives you an extra 24 analogue I/O.

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The Expansion Rackmount I/O does not come with PCI card

The MOTU Audio 24i interface fulfills the promise of host based hard disk recording: to record, edit, mix process and master multitrack recording projects entirely inside the computer. The 24i provides 24 high quality, 24-bit analog inputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources. In addition to all those inputs, the 24i also features stereo monitoring outputs in four formats: balanced 1/4" analog, optical S/PDIF, coax S/PDIF and front panel headphone output.

The 24i uses the same PCI-324 card that comes with the 2408. You can connect up to three audio interfaces to a PCI-324 in any combination of MOTU Audio interfaces to create a system that fits your needs.

The 24i adds 24 channels of high quality analog input to your MOTU Audio system. With that many inputs available, you can keep the outputs of your synthesizers and outboard effects patched into your computer at all times. It is a snap to route the output via the PCI-324 Console Software or front panel editing buttons


With 24 inputs and stereo outputs, the 24i provides enough inputs to record even the largest ensembles - up to 72 inputs with a single PCI-324 card. But... what about mixing? The answer is simple. Do it all inside your computer. Today's computers are powerful enough to handle the demands of digital audio production and the software available today provides a complete set of high resolution tools. When you mix inside your computer, you take advantage of the increased precision this technique offers. For example, the AudioDesk workstation software that comes with the 24i core system processes audio at 32-bit floating point precision for pristine sound quality. AudioDesk provides a suite of real time audio plug-ins so you never have to send audio back out of the computer once you record it.

Mixing audio inside your computer does not mean you have to give up physical faders or access to your beloved vintage outboard gear. Use an external control surface such as the Mackie HUI with Digital Performer for real motorized faders and add other MOTU Audio interfaces, like the 308 or 1224, to interface your favorite outboard signal processing.


Take a look at the headphone jack of most digital audio workstations and it seems like an afterthought. You'll find disappointing power output, poor sound quality or even no headphone jack at all! Not the 24i: it features a high quality 24-bit stereo headphone output with front panel access and its own volume control. The audiophile-grade built in headphone amplifier provides more than enough juice to drive power hungry studio headphones or lengthy cable runs.


The 24i's front panel provides dedicated six segment level meters for all 24 inputs and main outputs so you can tell at a glance where audio is going in your system.

Front Panel Power Switch

Useful in the unlikely event you wish to turn off your 24i. An interesting fact about MOTU Audio interfaces is that they are hot swappable. This means you can power off, plug-in, add and remove interfaces without turning your computer off or restarting. In fact, if you already have a 2408, adding a 24i is as easy as plugging in an Audiowire cable.

24-bit analog TRS Input and Output

The 24 analog inputs stereo outputs are professional-grade TRS (balanced/unbalanced) connectors operating at +4 dB. A new software option provides a selectable +6 or +12dB boost per channel for easy interfacing with -10 gear like the outputs of your synthesizers. If you would like to plug your powered monitors directly into the main outputs of the 24i, the volume of the main outputs can be controlled by the front panel volume knob by setting an internal jumper. Word Clock I/O The 24i audio interface provides industry standard word clock input and output. The word clock input allows the 24i to synchronize smoothly with today's digital audio studio. The word clock output can be used as a master clock to drive other digital devices in your studio, such as a digital mixer. Audio Wire

Our proprietary Audio Wire format was first introduced with the 2408. It is a high-bandwidth digital audio format capable of carrying up to 24 channels of 48 kHz digital audio in and out of the computer at the same time. Audio Wire can readily handle the 24 simultaneous inputs of the 24i audio interface.


S/PDIF outputs are provided on the 24i in two flavors: TOSLink (optical) and RCA (coax)

Power Supply

Like all MOTU hardware products, the 24i comes with an internal power supply and standard detachable IEC power cable. No wall warts or line lumps.

In a perfect world, your 24i system would arrive a week before your next recording project. But chances are, it will be only a few hours. That's why the 24i includes a Setup Wizard for both Mac and PC based systems. The Setup Wizard is an interactive, stand-alone Director movie that helps you connect everything together. It even configures the 24i driver for you when you're done! You'll be using your 24i in minutes!



  • Expandable - connect up to three 24i rack I/Os to a PCI-324 audio card for a total of 72 inputs and six outputs. Use as many simultaneous channels as host software and computer allow.
  • 100% compatible with the 2408, 308 and 1224. Mix and match MOTU Audio Interfaces (up to three at once) to meet your exact I/O needs.
  • ASIO drivers for Mac OS and Windows 95/98 - provides multi-channel 24-bit I/O for all leading ASIO-compliant audio software on both computer platforms.
  • Multichannel Wave driver for Windows 95/98 - provides simultaneous inputs/outputs for all Windows audio applications that support standard multi-channel Wave drivers.
  • 100% compatible with VST, MAS, Premiere, DirectX, and all other host-based native plug-in formats supported by today's popular audio programs. Does not require proprietary plug-ins.
  • Low latency - The 24i's software driver provides adjustable buffers and our exclusive Cue Mix feature, which provide the lowest host-based latency available with any software you use.
  • Word clock in/out - resolves to time code or any other external time base via MOTU's Digital
  • Timepiece synchronizer or any other standard digital audio synchronization device.



  • Twenty-four channels of +4, balanced/unbalanced, 24-bit analog inputs.
  • Switchable +6dB or +12dB boost per input in software for use with -10 signals
  • Stereo, balanced 24-bit output
  • Stereo S/PDIF output
  • Stereo S/PDIF optical output
  • Front panel headphone ouput
  • 16, 20 and 24-bit recording at 44.1 or 48 kHz
  • Word clock in and out
  • Audiowire connector for PCI-324 audio card

Macintosh system requirements


  • Any 604-based Power Macintosh or faster
  • A G3-based Power Mac or faster is recommended
  • At least 32 Mb of RAM (64 Mb is recommended)
  • Mac OS version 7.6.1 or later
  • A large hard drive (preferably at least 4 Gb)

Windows system requirements


  • 200MHz Pentium CPU or faster
  • A Pentium II processor or faster is recommended
  • At least 32 Mb of RAM (64 Mb is recommended)
  • Windows 95 or Windows 98
  • A large hard drive (preferably at least 4 Gb)

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