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Hayden MoFo 30-watts guitar amplifier head - handmade in the UK!

Find the best guitar amps for sale at Dolphin Music. From combo amps, acoustic amps and mini amps to amp accessories, find it all here for the best prices on the web. We stock: Orange, Fender, Vox, Peavey, Line-6, Hiwatt, Laney, Hayden, Roland, Marshall, Randall, Hartke and others.

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Guitar Amplifiers

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Peavey Super C's (EL-34) Box of 24

Peavey Super C's (EL-34) Box of 24


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Peavey Ecoustic™ E208

Peavey Ecoustic™ E208


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Peavey Super 7 (12AX7) Box of 24

Peavey Super 7 (12AX7) Box of 24


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Guitar Amps News

22/09/2014 09:25

New Line 6 Promo: Share AMPLIFi Tones to Win!

If you own a Line 6 AMPLIFi™ amp, share your AMPLIFi tones for a chance to win a Relay® G30 or FBV™ Shortboard MkII. The more tones you share, the more chances you have to win!

19/09/2014 04:35

Product Hightlight: Fender Mustang I V2 20W Guitar Amp

Fender have really nailed it in the modelling amp category: this little beast is an excellent amp for home practice and recording.

29/08/2014 12:07

EVH Releases New 50-watt Valve Amp, The EVH 5150III

A welcome new addition to the EVH range, the EVH 5150III packs a loud 50 watts, but can have output adjusted to only 1 watt, making it ideal for recording sessions, too!

12/11/2013 11:43

Fender Acoustasonic Amps

The Fender Acoustasonic range is a collection of amps specifially designed for the acoustic performer. Whether you're busking in the city or strumming at open mic nights Fender have made a range of light, compact amps specifically tailoired to enhance your performance.

15/07/2013 12:50

The Phil X Factor - Amps, Effects & Yamaha SG

Phil X is a force of nature with an axe in his hand and personality personified in front of a camera. We've got oodles of info on his tone, technique and even a little background on what maketh the man himself.

11/07/2013 11:10

Blackstar Summer Cashback Offer

Until 30th August Blackstar are offering money off their popular, award winning HT1 and HT5 model guitar amps.

21/06/2013 12:36

Vox AGA Acoustic Amps - Tubes & Technology

Combining valves and cutting edge solid state technology. The AGA acoustic amplifiers deliver the best of both worlds.

10/06/2013 04:28

Blackstar ID Series Gets Gold

The Blackstar ID series delivers valve tone and volume with digital flexibility and portability. The critics have been very impressed, getting a gold award from Guitarist and the Editors Pick from Guitar Player.

05/06/2013 04:39

Painting The Town Orange at Liverpool Sound City

We went out with our gear goggles at Sound City (not to be confused with the Dave Grohl film or his Players) here in Liverpool and spotted many a mighty Orange amp.

25/04/2013 05:50

Peavey Vypyr VIP - Creative Tone Station

The Vypyr VIP Series brings a huge amount of tone shaping options to the table. Instrument modelling, amp modelling, FX, tuner, USB audio recording for Electric, Acoustic & Bass guitars.