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Since the company’s birth over 70 years ago, Wharfedale has been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology and development. Since the day that founder, Gilbert Briggs completed the build of his very first loudspeaker back in 1932, the company has continued to grow and set new benchmarks in the audio technology market.

Products like the Glendale, Lintons and Dentons are creations that contributed to the development of modern loudspeaker technology that we are using today. Wharfedale are genuine pioneers in the realm of audio technology, the brand always has, and will be driven by the love of music and the desire to create superb quality, innovative products for us all to enjoy.

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The Best Mixer For Under £60

20 05 2014 04:55

The best mixers around for under £60. Cheap and cheerful - ideal for home studios.

Wharfedale Release EZGO Portable PA System: NAMM 2013

25 01 2013 04:39

The new EZGO Series from Wharfedale is an innovative portable PA solution, ideal for announcement, presentation and entertainment applications.

Dolphin Kit Out Google's Funky Fourth Floor Music Room

09 02 2012 05:33

Here at Dolphin Music we were delighted when Google asked us to help kit out their music room with everything they needed for a perfect jamming session.

A common misconception about subwoofers

08 05 2007 03:28

One of the more common concerns we hear is that because the bass in our systems is being reproduced by a mono subwoofer, the user fears that they may be able to perceive it as a separate, locatable source. This is actually not the case and in a correctly designed 2.1 system using proper bass-management it should not be an issue at all.

KRK Systems Releases Exposé E8B Near Field Monitors

24 01 2007 05:20

KRK Systems has announced the Exposé E8B studio monitor. KRK’s Exposé series E8B monitor utilizes state-of-the-art components including a beryllium/aluminum tweeter (AlbeMet) that provides smooth, lightning fast transient response or the implementation of dual discrete class A/AB amplifiers to achieve incredible detail or the striking curved cabinet which reduces diffraction.


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Wharfedale products

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Wharfedale Programme 206 T Speaker

£ 259.00

RRP:£ 310.8 


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Wharfedale 2080 Loudspeaker 100w Programme / 50w Continuous

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Wharfedale 2180 Loudspeaker 100w Programme / 50w Continuous

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Wharfedale 2090 Installation Loudspeakers 200w Programme / 100w Continuous

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Wharfedale 2190 Loudspeakers 200w Programme / 100w Continuous

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Wharfedale 3190 Installation Loudspeaker 350w Programme / 175w Continuous

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Wharfedale DIVA 8 Surface Mounted Speaker

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Wharfedale Titan 8 Passive Speaker, White

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Wharfedale Delta 12 Passive PA Loudspeaker

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Wharfedale Delta 15 Passive PA Speaker
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