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TC Electronic

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It all started back in 1976 when two brothers Kim and John Rishøj founded TC Electronic. Since the seventies, the company’s objective has been the development, manufacturing and marketing  of first class audio products that provide lasting use value for audio professionals and musicians.

TC Electronic stay focused on new technologies and products, keeping their position as one of the industries leaders in digital signal processing and digital amplification.

Dolphin recommends

Michael Shuman

Michael Shuman

Known by some as “Mikey Shoes”, this guitarist turned bassist is famous for his antics and exceptional instrumental skills for the heavy rock band Queens of the Stone Age.

Shuman says he uses “an old SVT with an 8x10 and recently added an Acoustic 360.” The QOTSA star claims that he runs them both simultaneously, as it isn’t about loudness but rather about getting two separate tones and blending them into a new one.

“Shoes” uses the Shaker Vibrato

The Shaker Vibrato features the all-new TonePrint technology, giving you instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by world famous guitarists as well as all the good vibes you could ever need. With two types of vibrato; a classic true pitch vibrato and ‘latch mode’ where the effect is only active when you press and hold the switch, you can achieve subtle vibrato and faux-whammy bar effects without having to tap dance all night.

TC Electronic News Feed

TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini & Noir

01 09 2014 04:02

It don't matter if it's Black or White. Either way it's fast and accurate, the smallest polyphonic tuners in the world!

TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Delay Pedal

25 06 2014 11:44

Take a look at the TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 vintage analog delay pedal that is getting many guitarists excited!

Make Room For A Mini With TC Electronic

23 06 2014 11:50

Get better use out of your pedal board with TC Electronic Mini pedals. Individual effects with a huge range of sounds in a tidy little package.

Preorder The TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2

14 01 2014 09:35

The original Ditto Loop Pedal was something of a phenomenon. The X2 delivers even more features with the same great sound quality.

TC Electronics Toneprint - The Teletone Directory

10 10 2013 11:48

With Toneprint technology you can look through a directory of guitar heroes and beam the tone straight from your phone. Who you gonna call?


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TC Electronic products

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TC Electronic BC212 Bass Speaker Cab

£ 275.00

RRP:£ 295.15 


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TC Electronic BG250-210 Bass Amp Combo B Stock

Save 28%

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TC Electronic BH500 Bass Guitar Amp Head

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TC Electronic BC210

£ 235.00

RRP:£ 254.3 


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TC Electronic RC4 Remote For RH450 Amp

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TC Electronic RebelStack 210

£ 475.00

RRP:£ 528 


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TC Electronic RebelStack 212

£ 549.00

RRP:£ 642 


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TC Electronic RS112 Bass Cabinet

£ 395.00

RRP:£ 402 


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TC Electronic BC410

£ 349.00

RRP:£ 382.98 


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TC Electronic Combo 450 Amplifier

£ 1,149.00

RRP:£ 1440 


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TC Electronic RS 210 C

£ 550.00

RRP:£ 726 


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TC Electronic BG250-112 Bass Amp Combo with Toneprint

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TC Electronic BG250-115 1X15 Bass Combo Amp

Save 44%

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TC Electronic BG250-208 2x8 Bass Combo Toneprint Amp
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