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MXR Guitar Effects Pedals

MXR are one of the original guitar FX pedal companies, going back to the 70's with their iconic Phase 90 and Distortion + pedals. MXR have never stopped pushing at the boundaries and now they have a full range of analogue effects specifically designed for bass. With blends and extra dynamic range, get creative without losing your thunder.

MXR guitar pedals are known for their compact size, rugged build and amazing effects. Whether you want a cheap pedal for your pedal board, or something a little more boutique for you guitar geeks, MXR are sure to have something that will do the job. 

Guitarists can find the tones that inspired Slash, EVH & Zakk Wylde to choose MXR. A Micro Amp BoostCustom Distortion & Carbon Copy Delay would all find a place on any pedal board. 

Dolphin recommends

Jerry Cantrell Of Alice In Chains

Jerry Cantrell Of Alice In Chains

Both in their original incarnation with Layne Staley and the new reformed lineup with William Duvall, Alice In Chains have delivered hard rock with serious intent. Jerry Cantrell is chief songwriter and riffmeister, relying on MXR to deliver a wide range of tones. From early 90's modulated crunch to more contemporary dry, odd harmonic distortion.

MXR News Feed

The Five Finest Distortions From Hell

30 10 2014 05:58

Make your vinyl crackle, snares snap and push your speakers until they pop. Five of the best, most fiendish distortions ever recorded and how to get the same sound at home.

Epiphone Unveils New Slash Rosso Corsa Signature Les Paul

06 10 2014 11:44

Guns'N'Roses legend Slash not only releases a brand new album this month, but he's also got a new, spectacular signature model arriving soon!

John Frusciante Gear Guide - Guitars, Amps & Pedals

04 08 2014 01:58

Get that funky RHCP sound with our John Frusciante gear guide. Find out which guitars, amps and pedals he used throughout his time with the band.

Jack White's Pedalboards: From White Stripes to The Dead Weather

11 11 2009 11:59

Here's a look at the evolution of Jack White's pedalboards...from the red White Stripes one, to his unique "bronze" pedalboard with the Raconteurs and finally The Dead Weather...check them out!!!

Muse Gear Guide - Matt Bellamy's FX Pedals

01 10 2009 04:39

When Muse hit the top of the charts in 14 different countries, with their latest album 'The Resistance' they confirmed their position as one of the biggest acts in the world. And, naturally, Matt Bellamy is one of the most admired guitarists of his generation. Let's have a look at his FX Pedals and other gear!


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MXR products

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MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe Effects Pedal

Save 14%

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MXR Custom Shop Micro Amp+ Boost Pedal

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MXR Super Badass Distortion Pedal

Save 11%

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MXR MC406 CAE Buffer

£ 114.00

RRP:£ 129 


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MXR Custom La Machine Pedal

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MXR Talk Box Guitar Pedal

Save 24%

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MXR EVH117SE Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Flanger Pedal

Save 27%

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MXR Distortion + Handwired 1973 Reissue Mustard

Save 6%

MXR M69G Prime Distortion Pedal - Green

Free Delivery*

MXR Custom Shop JOE Bonamassa CSP265-FET Driver

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MXR Phase 99 Stereo Phaser Pedal

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MXR M89 Bass Overdrive

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MXR CAE Power System MC403
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