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Marshall Amps - Guitar Amplifiers, Combos, Heads, and Speaker Cabs

Marshall Amps are one of the biggest names out there on the guitar amplifier market. With a huge range to choose from, they have affordable amps from the MG series right up to boutique, vintage style models such as the JTM45.

Guitar amps are probably the biggest factor in getting the guitar tone you desire. If you want a lightweight, affordable solid state amp for home practice or a beastly 100w valve amp for gigging, there is something in the Marshall range for every gigging axeman.

Whether you want a combo amp for easy transport, or a guitar head with a speaker cab for that legendary Marshall half stack or full stack sound.

Marshall Elite Dealer

Used by legends like Hendrix, Clapton and Pete Townshend, Marshall amps really do produce some of the best guitar amps out there.

We're a Marshall Elite Dealer and carry all the latest Limited Edition models and a complete range of heads, combos and cabs. If you need help deciding which is best for you, give our personal tone fiends a call on 0151 448 2080.

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"I've experimented with different makes of amps, but came to the conclusion that the Marshall 100 Watt stack was the best rock amp."

Marshall News Feed

Gibson 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop & 1962LE Bluesbreaker

27 09 2012 12:41

Celebrating 50 years of the most iconic amplifier brand in Rock history, Gibson Custom and Marshall Amplification present the Strictly Limited Edition Gibson 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop Electric Guitar.

Marshall JTM1 Amps | Now in Stock

21 03 2012 10:56

To date, the JTM 45 is one of Marshalls most sought after amps and we now have in stock the most recent additions to the JTM family...

Guitar Gifts : Is that an amp in your pocket?

21 12 2009 08:03

They are awesome fun, uber cool, very affordable and let you Rock on the move. Ideal gifts for the guitarist.

Meet the Marshall MG2FX Stack - The Most Portable Marshall Amp Ever!

20 10 2009 10:09

Marshall is pleased to announce the availability of the MG2FX fully loaded portable battery powered guitar amplifier. The MG2FX is quite simply the most portable Marshall guitar amplifier ever.

The Top 5 Best Small All-Valve Guitar Head Amps

10 08 2009 11:50

The amp stack is where it's at, many guitarists would tell you. And here's a look at some very affordable, but quite excellent, small all-valve amp heads, which are ideal for the gigging musician on the go.


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Marshall products

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Marshall 1962HW Combo Amplifier

£ 2,429.00

RRP:£ 2699 


Save 10%

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Marshall JTM45 Handwired 2245THW Guitar Amp Head - 30W

Free Delivery*

Marshall JTM45 2245 Guitar Head Amp - 30W

Save 10%

Free Delivery*

Marshall 1973X Handwired Guitar Amp Combo - 18W - 2x12”

Save 9%

Free Delivery*

Marshall JCM900 4100 Hi-Gain Dual Reverb Guitar Head - 100W

Save 7%

Free Delivery*

Marshall 1959HW Handwired Plexi Guitar Amp Head - 100W

Save 10%

Free Delivery*

Marshall 1958X Handwired Guitar Amp Combo - 18W - 2x10”

Free Delivery*

Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Guitar Head - 100W

Save 6%

Marshall JVM410C Tube Guitar Amp Combo

£ 1,329.00

RRP:£ 1429 

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