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Electro Harmonix

Electro-Harmonix is a New York-based company specialising in the manufacture of high-end electronic audio processors. In addition to other instruments, the company creates products for guitar, bass and vocals but is most famous for their line of guitar effects pedals, capable of many different types of sound manipulation such as flanger and delays.

Even with the increasing abilities of guitar amps to do more in terms of effects capabilities, the Electro-Harmonix products are still as popular as they have always been. With creations like the Big Muff, Small Clone and the Memory Man pedals as popular as ever, we hope the company has a lot more to give us.

Our resident guitar FX fanatic Hugh picks the favourite Electro Harmonix stomp boxes from his giant (seriously, it's ridiculous) pedal board.

"EHX make a number of my "desert island pedals" with the Bass Micro Synth, Memory Boy and Big Muff Pi NYC featuring at almost any gig or session.

I'm actually a guitarist but the Bass Micro Synth works beautfully for both six stringers and bassists. You can get sustained synth textures and funky filter envelope shenanigans but it's when you set the fast attack and crank up the square wave that the fun really begins.

The Memory Boy is everything I need from an analogue delay in a nice compact pedal package. Plenty of features to get freaky with modulation and 550ms is all the delay time you really need I reckon.


Finally I actually own two Big Muffs, one modern NYC and one old school tone bypass model from the 70's. They've each got their own character but ultimately deliver that massive, saturated Muff tone."

If you want to know more about the Big Muff, check out our article for the full story of this iconic fuzz pedal.

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Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Rock guitarist Carlos Santana first illustrated his skills when he shaped the band Santana in the late 1960s. The band’s second album Abraxas, which was released in 1970 went 5x Platinum in the US and was followed a year later by their third studio album, Santana III (1971) which also achieved a US number 1. Santana’s fusion of Latin and African rhythms blended into blues-based guitar lines is what gave the band their interesting sound and popularity. Throughout his musical career Carlos Santana has received a remarkable 10 Grammy Awards and 3 Latin Grammy’s.

Santana reportedly purchased an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal in 1971 and was frequently associated with the Muff’s advertising campaigns. Santana is known to have used Fender Twin Reverb amps and many of the guitarist’s signature tones are said to sound a lot like a Big Muff pedal through a loud Fender style amp with lots of headroom.

Electro-Harmonix News Feed

Electro-Harmonix Releases New Nano Looper 360 Pedal

03 09 2014 05:38

The new loop pedal by Electro-Harmonix is an affordable and compact pedal with 360 seconds of recording time and 11 storable loops!

(You Can Get Some) Satisfaction: Electro-Harmonix Resurrects Classic Fuzz-Tone

28 08 2014 10:20

The new Electro-Harmonix Satisfaction fuzz pedal faithfully recreates the classic tones of the Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1, a legendary fx pedal used by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Who.

John Frusciante Gear Guide - Guitars, Amps & Pedals

04 08 2014 01:58

Get that funky RHCP sound with our John Frusciante gear guide. Find out which guitars, amps and pedals he used throughout his time with the band.

New Electro Harmonix Pedals In 2014

23 01 2014 03:26

We're visiting them at NAMM where they've got a mighty display of effects pedals. Ever weird and wonderful, EHX have something new for every kind of pedal board.

New Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone Wah Pedal Demo

24 05 2012 12:28

The Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone Wah Wah Pedal is the flagship pedal of the Next Step Range. This new wah wah pedal is unlike any ever made and now you can watch the new demo and see this enigma in action!


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