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Since it was founded in Germany by Eugen Beyer in 1924, the Beyerdynamic brand has maintained the drive and innovative spirit that gave it the recognition and respect it received from the start.

From the development of their first loudspeakers in the mid 20s and the Transistophone, which was the company’s first wireless microphone, used by the likes of The Beatles and Elton John, the company has brought many original inventions to the market. They’re simply at the top of the list for headphones and conference applications.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix, one of the most influential musicians in history and possibly the most legendary guitarist to have ever hit the stage. Being left-handed, Hendrix used upside-down right-handed guitars and re-strung them for left-handed playing. This bizarre contraption contributed to Hendrix’s unique sound, as with the slanted pickups on the Strat, the lower strings would sound bright and the higher ones very mellow. In addition to his original guitar sounds, Hendrix’s use of feedback through robust amplifiers like the Marshall Super 100JH also made him a medium in the development of modern guitar effects pedals.

 Audio engineer and producer Eddie Kramer, who played a significant role in the development of Hendrix’s signature sound, states that he often used a Beyerdynamic M160 microphone in the studio with the guitarist and he was also reported to have used the same microphone for his vocal recordings too. When asked about the recording techniques used for Hendrix’s records, Kramer claims, “Generally speaking it was either a 67 or (a Beyerdynamic) M160 or a combination of both, which I still use today”.


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29 05 2007 09:11

Merseyside band The Zutons recently added to the collection of classic beyerdynamic mics in their touring arsenal. With several models now forming a solid backbone in the on-stage line-up, FOH engineer Martin Mittler explains how the different mics have enhanced the band’s live sound.


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