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Auralex sound proofing, acoustic panels and acoustic foam

Dolphin Music is the Offical Auralex UK distributor for Auralex Acoustics

Auralex are the industry leaders in soundproofing and studio acoustic treatments. We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of our instruments and studio equipment, but what some of us forget is that the room in which we are recording and mixing needs some attention too. Reverb, echoes, colouration and ambient noise may be cool effects to add to a track in post-production, but they can also be a result of poor acoustic treatment in a room/studio. Auralex acoustic foam can help you get the sound you want.

With a range of products for numerous applications including acoustic panels and acoustic foam, here are some of Auralex’s bestsellers:

MoPads - which sit between your monitors and desk to provide sonic isolation, optimising your entire monitoring system.
StudioFoam - which effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes.

The Auralex Free Personalized Room Analysis has helped thousands of customers achieve balanced, accurate sound quality for gears. Follow the steps over at Auralex's website to begin the process and take a step towards your goal of Total Sound Control.

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Auralex has equipped the likes of artist studios, recording studios, editing suites and universities, from small budgets to mega-budgets.

Auralex has supplied solutions for the likes of: ABC TV, Berklee College of Music, Brian May, CBS Television, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Degtones, Digidesign, Dreamworks, EA Sports, ESPN, Fender Museum, Journey, Macromedia, Microsoft, Nintendo, Serj Tankian, Sony, Warner Bros and Universial Studios but to name a few!

Auralex News Feed

How Auralex Can Improve the Sound of a Recording Studio

27 10 2014 10:25

Copse Corner is a professional recording studio located in North Devon, and the sound quality of their space improved greatly thanks to Auralex - find out more!

Home Recording Studio for Beginners: Equipment & Setup

27 08 2014 05:53

Our beginners guide on how to build a home recording studio, including studio equipment and recording gear ideal for starting off!

Dolphin Kit Out Google's Funky Fourth Floor Music Room

09 02 2012 05:33

Here at Dolphin Music we were delighted when Google asked us to help kit out their music room with everything they needed for a perfect jamming session.

How to Record Guitar: A Quick Guide

12 11 2009 09:22

Recording guitar is a common enough studio task, but getting it right - specially at home studios - require some good know-how. Check this guide with the best tips to get started!

Dolphin Gives £1,000 worth of Auralex Acoustics to Sound On Sound reader!

08 09 2009 09:58

Craig Sellwood from Newport, Wales is the lucky winner of the Dream Studio, the competition organised by SOS for the London International Music Show in June. As part of the winning prize, Dolphin Music provided Craig with £1,000 worth of Auralex Acoustics gear. The install was done recently. Check it out!


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