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Ashdown Artists

Published: Tue July 25, 2006  News Feed

Andrew Mckinney | Sophie Ellis-Bextor - ABM 500 EVO II Head and ABM BP1510TX Cabinet
Andrew’s first profile work was playing in the house band on the Channel 4 series, The Richard Blackwood Show. Since then he has enjoyed a varied career combining a busy live schedule with appearances on television, at the theatre and in the recording studio and which most recently has seen him joining Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s band.

Alex Moore - ABM C115-300 EVO II Combo
Alex has played with a variety of artists in the last fourteen years, has worked with producers such asTrevor Steel,John Holiday and Steve Levine,andhas madenumerous appearanceson BBC, ITV, Channel Four aswellas on Nationalandlocal Radio.

Adam Clayton | U2 - ABM RPM-1 EVO II Preamplifier, ABM APM 1000 EVO II Power Amp x 2, ABM 900 EVO II Head, ABM 810 Cabinet, ABM BP1510TX Cabinet, ABM C410T-500 EVO II Combo

With the North American leg of U2's massive Elevation tour now past the halfway point, reports from the road suggest that Adam Clayton's mighty Ashdown bass rig continues to shake the continent with consummate ease, performing faultlessly night after night. "I spoke with Adam's Bass Tech Stuart Morgan just before the sell out show at Toronto's Air Canada Center" reports Ashdown main-man Mark Gooday. "He told me that Adam is delighted with the rig and that discovering Ashdown was like the end of a lifelong search - 'real bass amplification' he calls it."

Mark originally sent a range of Ashdown heads, cabinets and combos to Dublin for auditioning prior to the recording of the 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' album. Suitably impressed, Adam chose an ABM C410H-500 combo to use in the studio and, when the time came to go on the road, Mark suggested that he should try the custom rig originally designed by Ashdown for bass legend John Entwistle".

Andy Bell | Oasis - ABM C410T-500 EVO II Combo
Noel Gallagher's Tech Jason, called in to the Ashdown office saying Noel had seen and heard the classic Ashdown sound in many situations and also heard that Adam Clayton (U2) had used the C410h 500 combo to record thier album in the studio. So Noel ordered one for himself which was great! A week later another call came from Jason to get another C410h500 down to Andy Bell, thier Bass player. Once Oasis have finished this short 10 year anniversary tour we will build some custom gear for Andy and the Band, ready for a larger tour next year. Andy said it's great to see the Vu's glow on stage and the huge bass sound is really special. Noel just said 'you make great gear'. Seeing the band rehearse and watching how much care the band and Noel takes over the sounds on every track was impressive and very cool for us be there and see the set take shape. An added bonus was seeing Mod Father Paul Weller rehearsing a number of tracks with them.

Carl Dulemo | Razorlight - ABM900 EVO II and ABM810 cab
Blond dynamo Dalemo was the last to join the band. Back in his native Lidköping, Sweden, he'd been singing and playing guitar for over five years with his beloved punk-pop-lo-fi outfit Spiral Stairs, but shortly after arriving in London, he was called by his old friend Björn who suggested he try out for the band he was playing in.

Carl had never played bass until he arrived at a Razorlight rehearsal, but his rock-solid playing immediately provided an anchor for the band, allowing Ågren, Smith-Pancorvo and Borrell an unusual rhythmic and melodic freedom.

Shy in person, give the boy a few drinks and he undergoes an astonishing Mr Hyde transformation, with an impressive ability to get himself on the wrong side of custodians of authority, be they bouncers, doormen, or indeed police, once being famously arrested during a Mayday demonstration for urinating on Whitehall.

Chris Thomas | Macy Gray - ABM C410T-500 EVO II Combo x 4, ABM 115-600 x 2, ABM 500 EVO II Head x 2
Chris Thomas, former bassist for hip-hop/rock/folk artist Everlast and currently performing with R&B singer Macy Gray, is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to how he sounds. Since I bought my Ashdown equipment, I get compliments from everyone on how good I sound, says Thomas, who has Ashdown’s 500 AHV, ABM and their 115 and 410 cabinets. It just makes me comfortable doing what I do onstage all the time. Ashdown rocks the soul.

Thomas discovered Ashdown last year when he began playing with Everlast. A friend suggested I check out some Ashdown equipment, Thomas says. They looked cool and when I plugged it in, I thought, ‘Yeah, man, right on!’ Thomas plays two jazz basses and a 1960s Vintage Tear drop Italian box. Ashdown makes all three of my basses sound much warmer, Thomas explains. With this rig, I get great low-end on my upright bass and no feedback. Ashdown also fattens up my jazz guitar; I get super low-end as well as the top end I need. And you can’t beat that big time grind, man!

Colin Greenwood | Radiohead - ABM C110-300 EVO II Combo

Radiohead bass player Colin Greenwood has been using his tiny Ashdown C110300 combo on session for the bands eagerly awaited new Album.

Guy Pratt | Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, David Gilmour, Madonna
Guy Pratt was born in London in 1962, the son of Songwriter/Actor Mike Pratt, who was probably best known for known for writing Tommy Steele’s children’s classic “The Little White Bull” and playing Jeff Randall in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased).

After a brief stint as a graphic designer Guy decided to pursue a career in music which took off when he was asked to join the then massive in Australia Icehouse for a world tour at the tender age of 19. (Which included supporting David Bowie on his legendary “Serious Moonlight “ Tour of 1983.)

This led to him being spotted and used by the likes of Robert Palmer, Bryan Ferry, Womack & Womack, and even The Smiths amongst others before being thrust into the global premier league of bassists when David Gilmour asked him to play for Pink Floyd.

After 13 months on the road he decamped to LA where he found himself in demand by the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Robbie Robertson before heading off to play groundbreaking shows in Venice and Moscow with Floyd.

Back in London Guy has played on countless hit records for the likes of Tom Jones, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Iggy Pop, The Pretenders, Ronan Keating, Electronic, Echo & the Bunnymen, Lemon Jelly, The Orb, Nathalie Imbruglia, All Saints, Bond, and Elton John. As well as touring with Coverdale Page, The Power Station and Gary Moore.

 He has also tried his hand at writing and producing, notching up hits with artists including Robert Palmer, The Orb, Fat Les, Jimmy Nail, Marianne Faithful and Debbie Harry. He has won a Grammy and been nominated for 2 Ivor Novello Awards.

Aside from his Bass playing Guy has spent the last few years in the comparatively quiet world of TV Music composing, writing and producing the scores for Channel 4's ‘Spaced’ (Series 1&2), ‘Now You See Her (film for Sky TV), 'The Young Person's Guide to becoming a Rock Star', ‘Randall & Hopkirk (deceased)’, and the BBC series 'Linda Green' (1 &2,both of which he recorded in Havana), also Dawn French’s “Wild West” and ' Jimmy Nail’s Crocodile Shoes 2'. Not to mention Theme Music for ‘the Pepsi Chart show ‘and various commercials.

Documentaries include ‘Riddle of the skies (three part series)’, ‘The Roswell Incident’, ‘Terror in Texas’, ‘Gloria’s toxic death’, ‘The Underboss’, ‘Tracing Che’  ‘Greatest Heroes’ and ‘The oldest Mummies on earth’.

For theatre he co-wrote the score for 'The Bedbug' by Mayakovsky with Gary Kemp, 'The Remarkable Piety of the Infamous' performed at The Baron's Court Theatre and 'Lena' by Carla Lane performed at the Valley Theatre, Liverpool and The Pleasance, Edinburgh. He was also Musical Director of "I just called by to see the man" directed by Richard Wilson at the Royal Court.

Guy is currently playing Bass with Roxy Music and David Gilmour.

Jack Daley | Lenny Kravitz - ABM RPM-1 EVO II Preamplifier x 2, ABM 810 Cabinet x 8, ABM 115 Cabinet x 8, ABM 900 EVO II Head x 8, ABM APM 1000 EVO II Power Amp x 4

James Gregory | The Ordinary Boys - AL-MK500 Amp Head
In their relatively short career they have emerged as one of the most exciting British bands. Borne out of the sleepy confines of East Preston, The Ordinary Boys matured from early hardcore experiments to the fully formed rock ‘n’ roll band that has been causing such hyperbole in the UK press.

Mark King | Level 42 - AL-MK500 Amp Head ABM BENTLEY 410 LTD Cabinet
"This amp takes my sound to a whole new level" reports a delighted Mr King from the band's North London rehearsal studio. "It's so dynamic, so alive - I actually use less EQ than ever and don't need harmonic emphasis at all."

The new head is partnered on the Level 42 stage with a pair of Ashdown's gorgeous Bentley Limited Edition 4 x 10" cabinets, and a pair of specially made 2 x 10" Ashdown monitors, enabling Mr King to 'hear it like it is'.

Nick Fyffe | Jamiroquai - ABM RPM-1 EVO II Preamplifier, ABM APM 1000 EVO II Power Amp, ABM C410T-500 EVO II Combo x 2, MAG monitor 12
Nick Fyffe of Jamiroquai has been another convert to the charms of the MAG range.To compliment his live rig of an Ashdown ABM900 and ABM810 he uses a MAG MON 12" in his new studio.

Paul Duffy | The Coral - ABM C115-500 Combo

Scott Wiber | Pink - ABM 500 EVO II Head, ABM 810 Cabinet
Scott comes from western Canada, and now lives and works out of London. He has toured extensively on both sides of the Atlantic with a variety of groups, ranging from rock and funk to blues and jazz. He has toured and recorded with Canadian artist Shannon Fayth, and has worked and jammed alongside artists such as Abe Laboriel Jr. Sir Paul McCartney, Todd Sharpville, Paddy Milner and Freelance Session Work

For More Ashdown Artist check out Ashdowns website

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