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Teaching Music Using Sibelius

Published: Sat August 07, 2004  News Feed

Sibelius helps teachers with lesson preparation, such as creating worksheets, handouts and exam papers. It lets students hear how their work sounds, makes it easy to find and correct mistakes, and is much more fun to use than pen and paper!

At university level, Sibelius satisfies the most advanced requirements, from avant garde and early music notation to Schenkerian analysis.

If you’re an instrumental teacher, Sibelius makes it quick to create exercises, scan in and transpose pieces, and produce accompaniments and arrangements – you’ll never need to write out parts again!

Internet studying

With Sibelius, you can put coursework onto your school/university web site for students to view, play, print and save to disk. You can also get thousands of worksheets, exercises and pieces from other educators on their popular web site SibeliusMusic.com

Sibelius has a special button for free time-limited access to grovemusic.com, the Internet version of the world’s leading music encyclopedia.

Arranging & transposing

The Arrange feature saves hours of time in creating arrangements and keyboard reductions. It’s also ideal for students who are learning arranging, composition or even orchestration.

Transposing is another great time-saver for putting pieces into suitable keys, and adjusting exercises for different instruments or abilities.


When playing, Sibelius selects the right instrumental sounds, reads markings straight from the score and adds expression, so students get a realistic rendition of their music right away. And they can check for mistakes, just by listening. (read more)

You can also use Sibelius to play aural tests, accompaniments, and even create CDs and MP3 files of your music.

Color & graphics

Notes which are too high/low are shown in red; you can adjust instrument ranges to write for players of different abilities. Music can be hidden, so students can fill in an exercise on computer and then reveal the right answer.

Sibelius lets you add color, pictures and graphic notations to coursework; lots of graphics are included. You can also take music from Sibelius into word processors and graphics packages, for creating worksheets, posters, etc. in other programs.


Sibelius includes many educational plug-ins, to automate tasks such as writing note names and beats above notes, creating sets of scales and arpeggios, adding brass/string fingering and tonic sol-fa, and identifying motives for musical analysis.

School features

Students find Sibelius so much fun to use in the classroom that they sometimes play around with it instead of getting on with their work! So now you can switch off all of the advanced features with a couple of clicks, leaving only the main things students need for coursework.

You can also turn individual features on/off, and create your own sets of features for different classes - e.g. if you\'re teaching how to transpose by hand, you can stop students transposing it automatically!

Sibelius Notes

Sibelius Notes is a separate pack of educational resources to help students learn music with Sibelius, and to save you time preparing lessons. It’s suitable for all school levels and abilities, from basic notation to Bach chorales, and contains:

  • Teacher’s Guide: over 200 pages of ready-to-use exercises, worksheets and resources
  • Student Skills Guide: 10 copies of a step-by-step mini-manual of Sibelius features
  • CD-ROM of Sibelius files

Other products from Sibelius

Sibelius Starclass - It guides you through 180 exciting, ready-to-use lesson plans which support MENC and QCA standards. Starclass includes full explanations of musical concepts for non-specialist teachers, hundreds of music clips and printable pictures, and an audio CD to play in class.

Sibelius Instruments - Sibelius Instruments is the complete interactive encyclopedia of instruments, bands, orchestras and ensembles. Ideal for teaching students from Key stage 1 and also great reference for older students.

Sibelius Compass  - Sibelius Compass is a unique program to help students learn how to compose. It includes lessons, worksheets and self-tests covering a wide range of topics, leading on to complete composition projects.

Sibelius G7  - G7 is the ultimate software for writing songs and playing better guitar. With G7, you can write tab, chords, lyrics and notation, learn songs and riffs with the on-screen fretboard - and even publish your music on the Internet.

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