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Summer NAMM 2004

Published: Mon July 26, 2004  News Feed

Alesis Unveils Photon Keyboard Controllers at NAMM

Alesis launches a new series of USB/MIDI keyboard controllers at Summer NAMM. The Photon 25 is optimized for controlling and manipulating software via USB, and includes unique user customizable templates that can be placed on the front panel. The Photon 25 offers features such as a four character LED display, X/Y joystick to control Pitch Bend modulation and other parameters, and high-resolution knobs.

The Photon X25 combines USB/MIDI control and recording in one product. With unique features such as the revolutionary Alesis Axyz controller dome and ten 360-degree endless knobs, users will have powerful MIDI control of all their software plug-ins. Advanced features include 24-Bit, 44.1/48 kHz Audio with balanced stereo audio inputs and outputs, 25 key, velocity sensitive keyboard and great feeling , full-size Pitch and Modulation wheels, and an LCD screen with dedicated encoder for fast and easy set-up.

Each Photon offers twenty editable, storable configurations; easy template placement for virtual instruments and digital audio workstations; three way power (USB Bus Power, Optional External Adapter or 4 \"C\" cell batteries) and is Windows and Mac ready.

For more information, visit their web site at www.alesis.com.

New MultiMix USB Mixers from Alesis

Alesis also used the Summer NAMM show to announce its new line of portable USB mixers designed for a range of operating environments and applications. The MultiMix USB Series includes 3 different tabletop mixers.

The MultiMix USB Mixers are a new line of compact mixers featuring low noise analog electronics and 100 28-bit digital effects. The MultiMix mixers also have USB audio, which allows direct computer audio interfacing for 16-bit simultaneous stereo input and output using standard recording software.

The MultiMix 8USB and 12USB have 4 high-gain mic/line inputs. The MultiMix 16 USB has 8 high-gain mic/line (XLR and 1/4\" balanced) inputs with phantom power, 2 stereo balanced 1/4\" line inputs, aux send (can send to onboard or external effects), stereo aux return. All MultiMix USBs have 100 28-bit onboard preset effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitch and multi-effects, a 3-band EQ per channel with high/low shelving and mid band pass/reject.

Additional features of the MultiMix USB series include separate 1/4\" balanced main and monitor outs, headphone out, an integrated USB Port to transfer audio directly between the MultiMix USB mixer and your computer, 16-bit stereo simultaneous inputs and outputs over USB. All have Plug and play operation under Windows and Mac OS.

For more information, visit their web site at www.alesis.com.

Moog Modular V2.0 From Arturia

The Arturia Moog Modular was considered accurate enough an emulation to receive endorsment from Dr Bob himself and indeed, it was quite and accomplishment. Version 2 builds on that and add more features.

For more information, visit their web site at www.arturia.com.

E-mu Announces PowerFX Hardware-Accelerated VST Effects

Digital Audio System/Emulator X users get DSP Effects fully integrated into VST environments

E-mu Systems has announced its new PowerFX hardware-accelerated VST effects, which allows all E-mu Digital Audio Systems and Emulator X owners to run E-mu\'s hardware-accelerated E-DSP effects as full-blown VST plug-ins, including automation of effects parameters. The PowerFX software release also adds a new reverb and seven new delay algorithms to E-mu\'s effects palette.

PowerFX is a free software release that allows all E-mu Digital Audio Systems and Emulator X owners to use over 600 hardware-accelerated E-DSP effects as VST plug-ins in Steinberg\'s Cubase and other VST hosting applications with no load on the CPU. These PowerFX presets are identical to the presets currently found in the PatchMix DSP Effects Palette (including all user presets), offering seamless effects compatibility across both environments.

PowerFX works like any other VST plug-in -- effects are instantiated in a VST insert or aux send locations within the application, and the desired effect (or group of effects) is simply dragged from the Effects Palette field to the center Insert Strip. All parameters for the selected effect can be viewed and edited in the Effects Window, and users can automate and save all parameter settings within the VST environment. And as a fully-featured VST plug-in, PowerFX provides automatic compensation for system latencies and proper synchronization of audio throughout the VST chain.

The PowerFX software launch also marks the release of E-mu\'s first expansion plug-in effects, adding a new reverb and seven new delay algorithms to E-mu\'s Effects Palette. These new algorithms optimize the resources of E-mu\'s E-DSP effects engine, allowing users to run more reverbs and delays than before. These new effects are also free to all Digital Audio System and Emulator X owners, and will be available for download at www.emu.com in early August 2004.

For more information, visit their web site at www.emu.com.

Korg\'s TP-2 and TPB-2 Tube Preamps Offer Optical Compression

New from Korg is the Dual Tube Preamp with Optical Compression and Digital Output (TP-2), designed to provide sound enhancement for any recording application. Similarly, the new Dual Tube Preamp Board with Optical Compression (TPB-2) offers the same functionality in a user-installable option to enhance Korg\'s D32XD and D16XD recorders. Both incorporate a specially tuned version of Korg\'s Valve Force vacuum tube circuitry (made popular in the Triton Extreme and Electribe SX/MX) to add analog tube warmth and richness, as well as optical compressors that offer a quick response.

Features include:

  • Dual, classic-style, analog VU meters
  • Valve Force circuitry featuring two 12AX7 tubes
  • Two independent channels that can be linked for recording stereo sources
  • Independent phantom power, pad, phase, low cut and
  • Hi-Z switches for each channel
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4\" TRS inputs and outputs
  • Coaxial and optical digital outputs (TP-2 only)

The Korg TP-2 and TPB-2 will be available in late summer, with pricing to be announced shortly.

For more information, visit their web site at www.korg.com.

Free Updates for Korg\'s Legacy Collection

Korg has also announced multiple software updates for its Legacy Collection of soft synths, adding new features as well as providing fixes. Version 1.0.1 has just been released and adds a number of enhancements for the Wavestation synth, many based on popular requests from users.

Version 1.0.1 Wavestation new features include:

  • The ability to now reset any parameter edit by clicking on the parameter while holding the command or ctrl key.
  • An output gain parameter for increasing the Wavestation\'s level by +6 or +12 dB to better match other instruments in the mix.
  • The ability to load \"mixed\" Sys Ex Data (multiple data types stored into a single file), which is commonly found on Internet user group sites for the original Wavestation.

Additionally, Version 1.1 has been announced for release in late August:

Version 1.1 Wavestation new features include:

  • The ability to edit multiple steps of a wavesequence at the same time when desired.
  • A \"Snap\" function for setting the duration of steps in a wavesequence to a note value (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc.), as determined by MIDI clock.

For the MS-20/MS-20FX:

  • The list of available external modulation Patch Point parameters has been expanded for increased creative sound design and control.

New sounds are also continuously being developed and posted at www.korguser.net, the authorized Korg Legacy registration/support site. Both versions are free for registered users, and will be posted to the same website.

For more information, visit their web site at www.korg.com.

GigaStudio 3 to Include Exclusive Vienna Giga Symphony Library

TASCAM has joined with Vienna Symphonic Library, creators of their orchestral library, to create Vienna Giga Symphony--an exclusive new collection to be included free with copies of GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, which begins shipping late July 2004. The new library has been produced at 24-bit resolution and recorded in the Vienna Symphonic Library\'s custom-built Silent Stage in Vienna. This new library includes over 4GB of orchestral samples from every instrument family of the orchestra -- strings, winds, brass and percussion--including up and down-bow alternations powered by GS3\'s new iMIDI rules.

GigaStudio 3 adds a list of new features designed to make music production easier while producing the most authentic acoustic simulations ever created.

For more information, visit their web site at www.tascam.com.

Tascam Update US-2400 And FW-1884

New updates for the US-2400 and FW-1884 extend support for Steinberg applications and allow users to map FW-1884 surface controls to software applications via new virtual MIDI ports. The new firmware for the US-2400 is supported by Steinberg Cubase 2.2 and Nuendo 2.2. Additionally, those new Steinberg versions support the FE-8 extender for the FW-1884 via Mackie Control emulation. The new driver for the FW-1884 allows surface controls in MIDI Controller mode to be assigned to soft synths, plug-ins, or any other software that allows generic MIDI controllers to be mapped to parameters.

\"TASCAM is determined to update our computer recording products to support as many applications and protocols as we can,\" says Jim Bailey, Product Development Manager for TASCAM. \"The benefit to using existing protocols is that we can move more quickly to add support for popular DAWs. TASCAM works with numerous software developers so we can ensure that our controllers will improve workflow in as many real world situations as possible.\"

For more information, visit their web site at www.tascam.com.

V2 Upgrade to Yamaha\'s 01V96 Digital Mixer Released

Yamaha Professional Audio announced Version Two (V2) software for the 01V96 digital mixing console at this year\'s Summer NAMM show.

Available as a free, downloadable upgrade for current 01V96 owners and included in new production models (notated as 01V96V2), the upgrade includes nearly 50 new features, including Studio Manager V2, expanded DAW control, application-specific functions and the capability to run Yamaha\'s \"Add-On Effects\" packages.

Studio Manager V2, included as part of the upgrade, retains the user\'s ability to manage all console parameters from a computer via a graphic interface while providing improved editing, librarian and remote control functions. All functions are displayed on-screen in logical, easy-to-understand pages.

Studio Manager V2 also provides a platform of total system recall when multiple, compatible-format products (including the 01V96V2, 02R96V2 and SPX2000) are being used together. The 01V96V2 will be available in September.

For more information, visit their web site at www.yamaha.com.

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