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Update to Kontakt v2.1 - Free for registed V2 users!

Published: Fri April 28, 2006  News Feed
Native Instruments has released Kontakt v2.1. This free update includes several improvements to compatibility, stability, performance, sound quality and usability as well as new functions.

Performance Enhancements

  • Shorter Loading Times: Loading times are now much faster, especially when using several banks with many instruments.
  • Less Memory Usage: RAM usage has been reduced for internal objects (everything but samples).
  • Lower Processor Load: CPU load has been dramatically reduced in idle mode, especially when using several banks with many instruments.
  • Better Multi-Processor Support: Multi-processor support has been enhanced with better load balancing for group voices and insert effects and additional load balancing for instrument insert and send effects when using several instruments.

Usability Enhancements

  • New sample Search: The sample search function has been greatly improved. It is now much easier to find missing samples. There are several ways to look for the files and Spotlight, on Mac OS X, has also been integrated, which helps to find files much faster.
  • Batch re-save: If you have renamed or moved files or folders and subsequently lost the sample references of your Kontakt instruments or multis, the batch re-save function helps restore your file references. Simply select a folder with the batch re-save and all instruments in this folder will automatically re-assign all samples to the instruments and re-save each instrument.

Compatibility & Import

  • Kontakt 2.1 is now fully compatible to Bandstand, Akoustik Piano and Kontakt Player 2. The instruments of these products can be loaded, used, and edited in Kontakt and are fully compatible with their original versions. After editing instruments, these can even be re-used in Bandstand or Akoustik Piano again.
  • Kontakt 2.1 is now compatible to ProTools 6.9 and 7 (7.0 and 7.1) with enhanced performance. For the best performance results, it is recommended to use the latest version of ProTools.
  • With SampleCell and BeatCreator, a further two formats have been added to the list of import formats. Kurzweil, Gigastudio 3 and Ensoniq formats were added with version 2.0.1.

Performance and Minimized View

  • Performance View: Every instrument can now have its own, individual and customizable graphic background (skin). You can also add your own top-level parameter control with the KSP Script engine and bring it to the front. This allows the most important control elements to be accessed without having to go into the edit mode of the instrument.
  • Minimized View: An additional minimized view of Kontakt 2 can be activated, offering a simpler view of one instrument at a time. Left and right arrow buttons allow easy switching between all loaded instruments.

Audio Quality

  • HQI - High Quality Interpolation Mode: When transposing audio signals, occasionally aliasing effects become audible. The new HQI – High Quality Interpolation mode allows the transposition of audio over a few octaves without any audible artifacts. Three different modes are available:
    1. Standard
    2. High
    3. Perfect

New Effects

  • Limiter: The new limiter can be used to maximize an audio signal with a compression ratio of infinity:one. It can be inserted as a group effect, instrument insert effect or output mixer effect.
  • Pro Compressor: The compressor effect has a new "Pro" mode, offering a high quality algorithm for audio signal compression.
  • Pseudo Stereo: The Stereo Modeler Effect now includes a pseudo stereo effect, which can be used on Mono signals in order to create a stereo effect.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Kontakt 2.1 comes with many smaller optimizations and fixes. A detailed list is available with the update.

The Kontakt file format is now established as a leading standard, and the number of compatible sample libraries is rapidly growing. NI now offer a sample library catalog for download, where you can find more than 150 compatible libraries.

Finally, a sample package filled with new instruments illustrating the new 2.1 features is available for download to Kontakt 2 users in the update manager.

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