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Strymon Announces New DIG Dual Digital Delay

Published: Wed May 20, 2015  News Feed
These days, it's hard not to spot Strymon fx pedals at gigs! From small bands playing in the toilet circuit, to stadium rockers such as Noel Gallagher, it seems like having Strymon pedals is a must for many guitarists, worldwide. So when, a few days ago, they teased a new product, the web was abuzz with excitement. The new product, it turns out, is DIG - a very unique dual digital delay!

Strymon DIG dual digital delay

One could be forgiven for thinking there are already more than enough delay pedals out there. But Strymon, as ever, seems able to innovate and offer something new. To put it mildly... their new DIG Dual Digital Delay has almost instantly become one of the best and most desirable delays available today, with features you won't find in other fx pedals of the kind.

The Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay has two simultaneous, integrated delays, with unique digital rack delay voicings and includes many unique tweakable features such as:
  • Five dual delay adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Time, Time 2, Mix, Mix 2, Repeats
  • One modern and two classic digital delay voicings: 24/96, adm, 12 bit
  • Five rhythmic subdivisions: Triplet, Eighth, Golden Ratio, Dotted Eighth, Dotted Quarter
  • Three choices for delay line modulation: Off, Light, Deep
  • Five “hidden” knobs for deep dual delay control: Delay 1 Subdivision, Sync/Free Mode, Filter, Config, Delay 2 Repeats
  • Selectable Free Mode disables subdivisions and synchronization
  • Press and hold Circular Repeats effect
  • 20ms - 1.6s delay range (40ms - 3.2s with Half Note Delay 1 Subdivision)

The new Strymon DIG will no doubt become a favourite amongst guitarists, alongside other classic Strymon pedals such as the Timeline Delay or El Capistan.

Strymon DIG delay

DIG allows you to effortlessly create your own world of intricate and synchronized echoes, along with hypnotic and atmospheric repeats that blur the line between delay and reverb. Stretch your sonic horizons with five musically satisfying rhythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options. Go from syncopated, pulsating delay patterns, to evocative, spaced-out echo trails all in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format.

The main intention of the Strymon DIG is to resurrect the versatility and inspiring sounds of 80's rack delays, but in a compact box. It lets you set up your two delays in one of three configurations. Series is like setting up pedals in a chain on your board, feeding Delay 2 into Delay 1. Parallel will orient your delay lines so that they remain independent—Delay 1 in the left channel and Delay 2 in the right channel. With Ping Pong, each delay acts as a ping pong delay, interacting together when both Mix knobs are turned up.

Guitarists, synth and keyboard players will find plenty to enjoy and explore in the new Strymon DIG!


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