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NEW! Steinberg Releases UR242 USB Audio Interface

Published: Tue March 10, 2015  News Feed
Engineered to offer outstanding audio and build quality in its price class, the Steinberg UR242 USB Audio Interface combines choice components with advanced onboard DSP-powered FX to offer solutions for a huge range of mobile production scenarios. Whether you're a producer, guitarist, keyboard player or singer-songwriter, the new UR242 can be a handy tool that'll help you on stage or in the studio.

UR242 new audio interface

There are many great audio interfaces available today, but few can claim to pack so much versatility at such an attractive price as the new Steinberg UR424.

Plug in condenser and dynamic microphones to one of the two onboard D-PRE preamps, connect your guitar to the Hi-Z input and use the dedicated line inputs for your keyboard. Add MIDI equipment, monitor speakers and headphones, and monitor sound with top-quality FX at zero latency. UR242 is the ideal portable production interface for your PC, Mac or iPad.

The Steinberg UR242 is a 4 in and 2 out USB 2.0 audio interface featuring two great-sounding D-PRE microphone preamps and dspMixFx providing DSP-powered latency-free monitoring with any DAW software.


The D-PRE uses an inverted Darlington circuit where a total of four transistors per unit are used instead of the typical two. As a result, very low distortion can be maintained regardless of the signal level. The sonic integrity is incomparable in this class of audio interfaces and sets the UR242 apart.

192 kHz
All components on the UR242 are carefully selected and implemented for full resolution of high-end audio of up to 24- bit/192 kHz. A higher sampling frequency means more samples of the audio source, resulting in better reproduction of the original sound via a superior natural audio image and ambience.

The dspMixFx technology is powered by Yamaha’s customdesigned SSP2 DSP chip and offers latency-free monitoring with the highly acclaimed DSP effects, including the REV-X reverb for users of any DAW software.

CC mode
The UR242 automatically switches to CC (Class Compliant) Mode and connects with the iPad through the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, allowing you to record four channels simultaneously.

About Cubase AI
This box includes solely an access code for the Cubase AI download version. Software and manual download, product activation, support and upgrades require prior product registration via Internet.

An exceptional portable production solution With an impressive set of I/O capabilities for its size, advanced DSP-powered FX system, stellar audio components and compact dimensions, the UR242 is an exceptional interface that balances mobility with audio quality and advanced production features in a way unrivalled in its price range.

UR242 on stage


A pro studio at home
With DAWs, virtual instruments and boutique effect plug-ins offering unprecedented audio quality on even modestly priced laptops that’s on par with the most expensive studio, many musicians and producers require a compact, portable audio interface that offers functionality and sound quality to match. The UR242 comprises components and technologies of an exceptional standard for its class, offering the audio aficionado a moderately priced, mobile solution on a level with the extraordinary audio quality of today’s computer-based music production software.

The guitar and bass pro
Whether you’re laying down studio-quality guitar tracks or playing live through your laptop as a flexible digital guitar amp, the UR242 is optimized for guitarists. DSP powered virtual amp FX give you an amazingly lively, dynamic sound when monitoring — in zero latency. The Guitar Amp Classics FX suite offers four different analog amps to choose from, as well as full control over these startlingly realistic recreations of classic tube amps. The Hi-Z input on Channel 1 of the UR242’s two combo inputs lets you plug your electric guitar or bass straight into the interface, adapting the input to the high resistance of guitar signals. Add to this the great sound quality, rugged metal casing, full Cubase integration and easy install and set up, and it becomes clear why guitarists looking for a mobile solution for notebooks and iPads need look no further.

Keyboards and stage pianos
Keyboardists and players of digital or stage pianos requiring a mobile interface will find the UR242’s mix of features compelling. Two Line inputs and a MIDI port provide “in parallel” recording of the audio signal and MIDI data, ready for further editing or mixing inside your DAW or routing straight through to the main UR242 Sales Guide Page 25 outputs and out to the FOH mixer at live gigs. And with the incredible level of audio and build quality for an interface in this price class, the UR242 offers a fully featured yet affordable solution for any discerning keyboard player or stage pianist — for live gigs, in the studio or at home.

UR242 in use

Mobile recording of up to three musicians
Recording a small group or duet on a portable system — in studio quality — is one of the many tasks that the UR242 excels at. Set up a microphone for a vocalist and a guitarist, each singing or playing in front of a dynamic or condenser microphone, with a stereo pair of inputs available for a keyboard or stage piano. All three sources can be recorded at the same time in pristine quality with up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. The D-PRE mic preamp offers an incredibly transparent sound that can capture every last nuance of even the most delicate vocal performance or the most subtle instrument. And if your interface takes a couple of knocks while you’re setting up at the venue, no need to panic: the UR242’s metal casing and solid build quality can handle it.

Backing the band

Performers and bands often choose to enrich their live sound by running backing tracks from Cubase or other DAWs running on a notebook or by using an iPad. Next to the audio tracks, MIDI data can be used to cue up lighting or other visual equipment that’s perfectly synchronized to the song. As a robust, high-quality mobile solution, the UR242 is the ideal interface for running pre-produced backing tracks out to the FOH mixer. Its ASIO, Core Audio and WDM drivers have been exhaustively tested to ensure flawless operation, even at low latencies or high bit and sample rates. The metal casing will withstand the inevitable knocks and scratches on stage, while the sturdy AC adapter means a rock-solid electricity supply for the audio hardware regardless of the power demands on the notebook’s internal USB. The UR242’s blend of reliability and stellar sound quality make it the perfect choice for bands and performers.

For songwriters
The UR series combines a range of features essential to composers and songwriters. If you compose using a MIDI keyboard, synthesizer or guitar, there’s a UR interface with the right set of capabilities for you. All models share the first-class D-PRE mic preamp and Neutrik connectors, assuring top quality when recording vocal takes, keyboard instruments and guitars. For songwriters on the move, the bus-powered compact UR22 offers a fully mobile audio interface with first-class components, a MIDI port and two analog combo inputs, while the ultra-streamlined UR12 offers one D-PRE with the same robust build quality. The UR242 and UR44 each present different I/O options while adding a powerful set of DSP FX features and iPad compatibility.

For producers and engineers

Outstanding recording quality with 24/192 support and the ability to scale up the number of inputs to cover complex recording situations including large ensembles and bands: the UR824 offers choice components of the finest quality, such as the acclaimed D-PRE mic preamp. DSP-powered monitoring with FX and the included dspMixFx application provide nolatency mixes for performers with reverb, compression and EQ; Cubase owners profit from complete integration, speeding up typical studio workflows considerably. Ultra-low JetPLL jitter sync and word clock round out a feature set that is conceived expressly for the demands of producers and engineers.

For bands
Recording in your rehearsal space, running backing tracks alongside the band during gigs, preproduction for your next album: the UR824, UR44 and UR242 all offer a very attractive feature set for bands and live musicians at various price points. The 19" rack interface UR824 offers eight analog inputs and outputs, while the portability and added MIDI capability of the UR44 and UR242 make either an ideal choice for live gigs. All three interfaces share the hallmarks of the UR series: D-PRE mic preamps, independent headphone outputs, DSP-powered zero-latency monitoring with FX and outstanding sound and component quality.

UR242 being used by a band

For film composers
The UR series meets the exacting demands of film composers. A 19" rack unit, the UR824, incorporates eight D-PRE mic preamps and 24/192 support, eight outputs with support for up UR242 Sales Guide Page 27 to 7.1 surround via ASIO, and offers ADAT I/O, Word Clock sync and much more. The desktop UR28M offers easy switching between three monitor pairs or 5.1 surround output via ASIO as well as digital S/PDIF connectors. For more compact setups, the UR44 offers the same choice components within a portable interface, featuring six inputs and four outputs and MIDI connectivity for controllers and sound generators.

For beat producers

Producers working in beat-based music genres will find the perfect production platform in the UR series. The UR22, UR242 and UR44 mobile units all offer independent headphone outputs and combo connectors featuring the acclaimed D-PRE preamp, with all also offering MIDI ports for connecting keyboards and drum pad controllers. Choose between the ultra-streamlined UR12, the compact UR22, the flexible UR242 and the expanded I/O options on the UR44. All four units offer 24/192 recording and playback and include Cubase AI, a compact and upgradable version of Steinberg’s legendary music production system. The UR12, UR242 and UR44 offer iPad connectivity for a truly mobile music experience as well as providing access to the wide range of beat production apps available for the iPad.

For vocalists
The UR12, UR22, UR242 and UR44 interfaces offer a mobile recording platform with all the advantages of the UR series. The D-PRE mic preamp means sumptuously detailed and dynamic sound when recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Neutrik inputs and +48 V phantom power allow connection of both dynamic and high-quality condenser mics. All units also offer zero-latency recording, while the UR242 and UR44 add DSPpowered monitoring with FX, including the REV-X reverb and the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip that allows vocalists to quickly dial in the perfect headphone mix while recording.

For guitarists
With Hi-Z input(s), headphone outputs and latency-free monitoring, the entire UR series offers a feature set tailored to guitarists and bassists. The ultra-compact UR12 and streamlined UR22 units are ideal for recording on the road, while the flexible UR242 and expanded UR44 interfaces offer added I/O capability and DSP-based, latency-free monitoring with guitar amp simulations, reverbs and compressors. The UR12, UR22, UR242 and UR44 all feature the acclaimed DPRE mic preamp, perfect for recording cabs and acoustic guitars with dynamic or condenser mics.

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