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Meet the New Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah

Published: Mon January 26, 2015  News Feed
One of the big surprises at NAMM 2015 was the release of the Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah, a small, affordable and versatile wah-wah pedal that can fit on any guitarist's pedalboard. Could it spell a new age of the wah wah? Looks like this mini pedal could be BIG news in 2015...

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

The Wah pedal is one of the most classic guitar effects, ever. It was one of the first fx pedals to be introduced, and made popular in the 60's by guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and JImmy Page, who made extensive use of the effect.

Since then, it became an essential tool for many guitarists, but not necessarily as in demand as a good fuzz pedal, distortion or delay. The wah has been used by many top acts of the past 20 years, including Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Guns'N'Roses, Muse and others... but overall, it's become more of a conneisseur effect than something super popular. Some guitarists don't know how to use it, others simply don't have the space on their pedalboard for a standard-sized wah!

Now, with the introduction of the Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah, there's a new opportunity for guitarists to discover this great effect! It's very versatile, with three differend modes, and can fit anyone's pedalboard! If you haven't bought a wah pedal before, here's a great opportunity to enrich your sound!

Wah pedals are sometimes thought of as something better suited for "funky" wah-wah sounds, like Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child' or seventies funk, like the music for Shaft... but check these few examples of cool Wah-wah use in a different way:


Hear how the wah makes Jimmy Page's solo standout at around 1:41min. The wah serves as a treble booster, but because of the frequency sweep as you move your foot, you'll get a richer more varied sound than if you boosted your solo with an overdrive, booster pedal etc.

Noel Gallagher uses a wah at the end of this song. The wah is very cool when used with a delay, like in this example - you can just play one of two chords, but because you're moving the wah up and down you're changing the sound of your guitar and making everything sounds fuller... check the very ending of this song at 5:40mins...

Michael Schenker is considered the master of the "half-cocked" wah sound. Basically, you don't step on wah back and forth, you just set it in one position, to get the distinctive "half-coked" sound, which can soudn pretty cool! Check the lead parts on this song:

If you fancy trying a wah, you can't go wrong with the new Cry Baby Mini
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