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Top 5 Things Every Musician Should Try This Year

Published: Tue January 06, 2015  News Feed

People often make New Years resolutions on 31st December, just to abandon them a week later. So here's just five things we think every musician should try in 2015 - once, twice, it's up to you! Let's be creative in 2015, here's our best tips!

Top 5 Things Every Musician should try in 2015


Try a new instrument!

Are you a guitarist? Get a Keyboard! A bassist? Get an acoustic guitar! Variety is the spice of life, so why not try a different instrument than what you're used to? This could also help unlocking your creativity, when recording. You don't need to master an instrument to "play" it, so even the simplicity of some sound you get might inspire you, and be the basis for a new song! You make the rules...


Try a new recording technique

As we wrote in more detail on a previous article, there are a few recording tips and techniques, used by famous artists, which are unusual and that most musicians out there haven't tried. Well, why not pick one of them and have a go?


Listen to new music

It's always good to listen to as varied a range of music as possible, and this could end up inspiring you as a musician. Be surprised by something new, and you could even discover a new favourite act or piece of music!

Don't limit yourself by just listening and being influenced by the same type of music you play: Black Sabbath loved The Beatles, Led Zeppelin where hugely influenced by the British folk of Bert Jansch, and even the jazz improvisations of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman inspired the No-Wave trips of Sonic Youth.


Jam with someone new!

Playing with someone you've never played before can be a fantastic experience - throwing you out of your comfort zone, and maybe even giving you new ideas. Playing with a musician more skilled than you might seem scary at first, but on the other hand, will make you push yourself harder, which can only be a good thing!

But even if this is not the case, it's still just good to try something fresh and different - like all the previous points here, it's all about making yourself inspired, helping you to be more creative. If you're in a band, just invite someone new to come and jam with, and maybe you'll even end up writing a collaboration, doing something completely different than what you'd have done otherwise.


Cafe Gig

There are so many musicians - talented musicians - who never get around playing live. But reaching out to an audience is one of the best things a musician can do - don't just make music for yourself... share it with the public! Get a gig supporting a local band you're friends with, or just go to an open mic. Or go out busking one day. Keep it varied! If you've never played live before and the thought of it makes you nervous... so be it, just be brave and go for it. You might come the other end as a stronger, more confident musician. And if you just make one new fan - that'll still be more than if you never played that gig!
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