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NAMM Show 2015: News, Rumours & Previews

Published: Mon December 29, 2014  News Feed

As usual, NAMM 2015 is surrounded by mystery, which just makes the wait for next month's event even more excruciating - most brands won't reveal anything until the show officially starts on 22nd January. But until then, we can analyse some facts, the best rumours and people's expectations - it's all here!


NAMM 2015 - All the facts, rumours and expectations


NAMM 2015 takes place soon - and we all want to know what will be the hottest new products announced in 2015! No one knows yet, but a few signs offer a tantalising glimpse of what NAMM will bring us.

2015 seems destined to be the year of synthesizers, with even brands like Behringer releasing analog synths. NAMM Show organizers have already confirmed that synth manufacturers have nearly doubled their showroom floor space since last year, making synths one of the fastest-growing segments. Make no mistake - synths will be HUGE in 2015.

As the popular Moog Werkstatt-01 and Korg Volca series demonstrated in 2014, there's a huge demand for small, affordable synths. Another trend that some predict is that more modular synths will be released. Just like, in music, vinyl made a comeback in 2014, when it comes to recording gear the mood is also shifting to the warm analog sound, and modular synths, which allow the musicians to further customize their own sound, could be a winner. Retro is NOW!

Moog have just announced they'll be resurrecting three of their most legendary Moog Modular Synths: the System 35, System 55 and Model 15!

the return of Moog modular synths!
Read our Return of Moog Modular Synths article to find out more and watch the video about these exciting releases.

Korg launched their
ARP Odyssey reissue synth at NAMM 2015. The recreation of the legendary 1970s synthesizer was originally announced in February 2014, but Korg has finally confirmed the shipping date for early 2015:

Korg ARP Odyssey

NAMM 2015 will be the perfect occassion to promote the new ARP Oddyssey. The original model was used by several legendary acts including Ultravox, Gary Numan, Air, Nine Inch Nails, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, R.E.M., Herbie Hancock and many others. Even on a market full of great synths, there's still a great demand for this reissue! The teaser photograph from Korg suggested it'd look similar to the mkIII model, and it indeed does, see pictured above. But Korg have also announced to Limited-Edition models, inspired by earlier incarnations of the Odyssey,

If you still don't know why people are so excited about this release - sure to be one of NAMM 2015's highlights - read our ARP Odyssey Article.

Korg has also announced several other new products. Click on image to find out more:

NAMM 2015: Korg New gear Announced

After the success of the
Roland AIRA series, of course Roalnd would release an addition to it, and the AIRA MX-1 Mixer was announced today. But the most exciting news from Roland were the JD-Xi Analog synthesizer, and the JD-XA Hybrid Polysynth which promises to be a new (r)evolution from Roland:

Could we expect Yamaha to join the retro crowd and release new portable drum-machines, synths and samplers? Given the success Korg had with Volca, this might as well be possible!

A poly-synth from Novation and/or Arturia is another possibility. Many people on internet forums seem to be hoping for these!

NORD has announced the new Electro 5 Stage keyboards, with several new improvements.

Nord Electro 5


IK Multimedia promises Zero Latency for NAMM 2015

An early and very exciting announcement came from IK Multimedia, who promises a breakthrough zero-latency solution for Android mobile devices. We can't wait to find out more, but here's what they had to say fo far!

Novation announced the Launchpad Pro, and it's a surefire hit for 2015. With the extra buttons you might be afraid that the Pro will be harder to use, but there's no need to worry as Novation have created four separate modes of operation that let you use the LP in various inspiring ways:

New Launchpad Pro

Cakewalk will be releasing their new Cakewalk Sonar Production Suites, which have lots of new features and should be very popular in 2015.

Sonar Cakewalk Production Suites, available in three versions

Whether you're starting a little home studio or need a complete production package for a major project there's a version of Sonar to suit you. It's worth noting that they all have the features to get professional results, from unlimited track counts recording, sharing via Youtube/Soundcloud and audiophile DSD support for high grade masters.

Focusrite announced the new Thunderbolt Clarett Interfaces, which will be available at a great price and are set to be their best yet.

Focusrite Clarett Interfaces

Casio seem to be doing something very smart: They've announced two DJ/ Producer controllers that seem ready to ride the Star Wars-zeitgeitst in 2015. To put it bluntly - they obviously look like the Millenium Falcon! Coincidence? Maybe...but new Trackformer DJ products, the
XW-DJ1 DJ Controller and XW-PD1 Groove Center are destined to be known as the Casio "Millenium Falcon" controllers... which can be great publicity, unless Disney decides to intervene! They look pretty cool...

Casio Millenium Falcon DJ & Producer controllers
Meanwhile, Pioneer have announced a new version of the popular DDJ-WeGO3, now in Red. We are sure to hear more about it during NAMM:

DDJ-WeGO3 now in Red!
Nothing, however, will be more bling than the Limited-Edition Pioneer DDJ-SZ Gold, which will be available in a very limited run of 1000 worldwide:

DDJ Gold


The first new pedal confirmed for NAMM is the Electro-Harmonix Bass Soul Food. EHX has also announced the new Deluxe Electric Mistress XO Analog Flanger:

New Electro-Harmonix fx pedals fro NAMM 2015

Even better, is the announcement of the new Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar tremolo pedal, the most versatile tremolo pedal available today, capable of subtle, vintage sounds as well as extreme ring-modulator style sounds, not to mention a perfect recreation of the coveted Vox Repeat Percussion effect, very popular with shoegaze bands:

Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar
And since Electro-Harmonix has reissued the Clockworks Rhythm Generator in 2014, it would make sense if they did the same with their DRM-32 Drum Machine (well, "Digital Rhythm Matrix" as they call it) as seen on pic below. The time is right for a revival!

Electro-Harmonix DRM-32

But Electro-Harmonix being who they are, we can certainly expect a few surprises no-one even dream of! Though, if we go by recent releases such as Turnip Greens, they might decide to release more dual pedals... maybe a Big Muff wah? There's always a place for one more Big Muff, it seems!

Talking about fx pedals, Boss is sure to come up with some exciting new pedals which will almost inevitable become some of the hottest pedals in 2015. The new Waza pedals really got people talking in 2014, so maybe more is in the offing. If Boss could resurrect the DM-2 delay, nothing stops them from doing the same for popular, discontinued models such as the VB-2 Vibrato or PN-2 Tremolo Pan.

An Ibanez release that will for sure be HUGE in 2015 is a, well, MINI fx pedal! The Tube Screamer Mini is an affordable, and pedalboard friendly, version of the classic TS-808 Tube Screamer!

Ibanez Tube Screamer mini
If you never owned a Tube Screamer, then this is the perfect time to get one! The Tube Screamer Mini uses the same JRC4558 IC chip that gave the classic Tube Screamers their legendary overdrive tone, so it's safe to say this new pedal will be one of the hottest new pedals in 2015!

Boss announced a few new pedals, including the BB1X Bass Driver. Click here to find out more about the NAMM 2015 releases from Boss.

Boss BB-1X Pedal
TC Electronic will be showcasing at least two new guitar fx pedals.


Blackstar launched the ID: Core Beam, a portable Bluetooth speaker that innovates. The sound that emanates from these little black boxes is pretty remarkable, Blackstar begin by using all their tone guile and emulating the sound of classic valve amps. Then through clever use of stereo speaker technology it creates a sound bigger than any small combo has a right to make.

Now bassists and acoustic guitarists can get in on the act, in fact the Beam is a great piece of gear for almost any musician. It offers amp simulation for electric/bass, acoustic simulation and acoustic amps sounds too. Then there's the clever Bluetooth streaming technology that will let you practice, write and generally jam along with your playlists. If you're onto a really great idea then you can jack into your computer via USB or use the Line Out and record.

Blackstar ID:Core Beam

Orange will be launching new guitar and bass amps at NAMM, including the new, improved Crush amps:

Orange Crush 12

Vox didn't announce any new amps, but some of their most popular models have gained a special limited-edition makeover, which makes them quite desirable!

Vox Guitar Amps for 2015


New Epiphone models for 2015 
Epiphone has just announced some new models for Spring 2015, which are a great mix of the traditional with the bold. Click on picture above to find out more!

Talking about Gibson, the Gibson's 2015 models caused some controversy among some players averse to change, but it seems that mixing modern features with classic looks and tones will remain a popular choice for Gibson, whereas Gibson Custom will carry on with the more traditional, vintage-style guitars.

Fender may also innovate, and will probably showcase this mysterious new Stratocaster at NAMM 2015. Here's a couple of screen shots:

New fender Stratocaster for 2015

As you can see, the headstock looks quite different at the nut, as it features a locking system!

For bassists, one of the mostexciting new releases is the Fender Dee Dee Ramone Signature P-Bass, which was announced last year and will make its first appearance at NAMM.

Meanwhile, Ibanez has announced lots of new models, some of which you can already pre-order! Check our Ibanez Namm 2015 New Products article for more info.

PRS has announced the Mark Holcomb Limited-Edition Signature guitar, which looks great:

PRS Mark Holcomb Limited-Edition guitar


Martin & Co have unvailed several new models for 2015, which should be showcased at NAMM. The D28 Louvin Brothers signature is certainly the most surprisingly of them all - though perhaps not to everyone's tastes!

Martin D28 Louvin Brothers signature
However, there are plenty of more traditional Martin & Co guitars, too! Some of them, such as the D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary and the D-18 Sycamore, are set to be some of the best they've made in years, check them out:

martin D35 Brazilian
Martin D-18 Sycamore acosutic guitar

And while we're talking about "traditional", Martin is taking it even further with their new Vintage Tone System (VTS), which will be showcased at NAMM. It  acts like a time machine in which craftsmen can target any decade and age the top and braces so the acoustic guitar will sound as if it was made in that specific era! As we all know, all the best woods age, and therefore the tone of a great acoustic guitar will change - and improve - as teh years go by. This new approach from Martin means that vintage-looking new guitars can now actually sound vintage, too!


Gibson, meanwhile, will seek to carry on innovating. And we're not talking about guitars, here! It's been confirmed that they'll be showcasing their new NEAT range of microphones. Neat’s goal is creating the next generation of microphones by introducing innovation at all stages of the production process - research and design, manufacturing, testing, and look and feel.

They are designed to sound better, better, and be simpler to operate. Other new products Gibson confirmed for NAMM 2015 is their range of Les Paul studio monitors, pictured below:

Gibson Les Paul Monitors

The monitors were first showcased in Berlin a few months ago, and will make an appearance at NAMM. The three models feature carbon-coated titanium tweeters, non-woven carbon woofers and Class D amplification power - the LP4 and 6 each sport a 1-inch dome tweeter and a 4- or 6-inch midrange woofer, while the LP8 has an 8-inch woofer.

The monitors include high, mid and low EQ knobs, balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, and wood veneer fronts that recall the long-running Gibson Les Paul electric guitar.

Gibson has also announced the new Trainer range of headphones, created in partnership with Olympic champion Usain Bolt. It'll certainly feature at NAMM 2015:

Trainer headpones by Gibson

Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Gibson, explained:

“Trainer by Gibson brings the power of music to motivate and enhance life experiences for fitness enthusiasts in a way that was not possible before this product. The product brings style, safety, convenience and great sound to help people reach their fitness goals.”

Announced recently and sure to make a NAMM 2015 appearance are the Gibson Les Paul Headphones, pictured below:

Gibson les Paul Headphones

Shure have announced an exciting new range of Digital Microphones - the Motiv series, which looks very classic and stylish, and are ideal for the laptop/ iOS recording artists:

Shure Motiv Digital Microphones

That's it for now, and make sure to follow us on Twitter for updated news from NAMM 2015, starting 22nd January!

What abut YOU? What do you expect to be released at NAMM? Post your comment and let us know!

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