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How Auralex Improves Your Home Cinema Experience

Published: Mon November 03, 2014  News Feed
The dream of many cinephiles is to set up their own home cinema. And with the prices of great-quality large TV screens, HD projectors and surround sound home cinema systems getting ever cheaper, this dream is becoming reality to many. However, to get the best possible sound, you also need some simple and effective acoustic treatment - with the help of Auralex products and our experts!

Home Cinema with Auralex ProPanels

Auralex are the industry leaders in sound-proofing and acoustic treatment, and Dolphin Music are the Official UK Distributor for Auralex Acoustics. Our experts have years of experience in helping our customers to choose the right products that fit their needs - and that combine with their homes!

Our recording studio / musician customers are obviously more concerned about the acoustics than about the look of a product - though it's fair to say that Auralex products do look good in any environment, anyway!

But we know that audiophiles and, especially, Home Cinema clients are even more demanding when it comes to the visual of any acoustic treatment product - after all, they are getting things that'll be displayed in their living quarters, where they plan to spend some quality time by themselves, with family or with friends! Thankfully, Auralex has a great range of products in a variety of colours, that look contemporary and stylish and will fit any home: the Sonoflat, SonoSuede and ProPanels are ideal buys for anyone who want the best possible acoustic treatment for their homes.

Room with Auralex Panels


Watching a film in a cinema is - still - an unbeatable experience in most cases, both in terms of image and sound quality. When you sit in your local multiplex or arthouse cinema, you are sitting in a room that was especifically designed for that experience - the dimensions of the walls, the height of the ceiling, the material with which the walls and floors are covered with... everythig was meticulously designed for that specific purpose, to make sure the acoustics were as good as possible.

This is not the case with your home.

If you spend a lot of money buying a sensational large TV or HD projector, and the best possible home cinema surround system, you are in fact only doing half the job. If you want to make the most out of your investment, you should look into the right acoustic treatment of the room, too:

Auralex case study
Above: another case-study

And here's where Auralex and our experts enter the, well, picture (sorry about the pun!)

We can help you to choose the correct products to improve the acoustics of your Home Cinema room, and that will also look great and stylish.

Some of the most commonly used products are:

ProPanels: the B24 ProPanels are decorative, fabric-wrapped Class A absorptive fiberglass panels that are always in stock and ready to deliver on a moments notice. These 1" thick, 2’ by 4’ beveled-edge panels have a 0.80 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), making them the perfect choice for absorbing slap and flutter echo in a wide array of applications. Their four available colors provide both extensive design options as well as the ability to fit attractively within most room environments. View Auralex ProPanels

Sonoflats: the Auralex SonoFlat Panels are made of our industry-leading Studiofoam and offer great absorption of mid to high frequencies. The edges are beveled, contributing to an elegant look not normally associated with acoustic foam. The panels can be installed easily and arranged in a multitude of attractive patterns.

SonoSuedes: The Auralex SonoSuede (Pro or HT) is a cost-effective complete room treatment system ideal for the professional studio or any critical listening environment. The synthetic suede fabric-covered panels provide the acoustical performance and visual impact critical for today’s applications. The SonoSuede System’s unique mounting blocks help you get the most out of your treatment by spacing the panels off the wall. The resulting air gap dramatically improves low frequency absorption and also offers a multitude of decorative options.

Call us on 0151 448 2080 and talk to our experts. We'll be happy to help you choosing the perfect acoustic solution for your home cinema! Let Auralex and Dolphin Music revolutionize your home cinema experience - Get in touch today!

Home Cinema treated with Auralex

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