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iZotope Ozone Mastering Software

Published: Thu October 30, 2014  News Feed

Izotope Ozone 6

With all the technical terms and poweful tools it can be all too easy to forget that mastering is an artform as much as it is a science. That's why iZotope have always worked hard to present an interface that lets anoyone from musicians to producers and post production teams to achieve their differing aims easily and intuitively. Ozone 6 represents a further leap forward in this regard as well as offering you a range of new features and tools that amount to nothing less than the purest sonic sculpture. Depeninding on your exact requirements you might want to get Ozone 6 or the full blooded Advanced vesion. Check out our comparison to find out which is right for you.

Features: Ozone 6 Ozone 6 Advanced
Dynamic EQ NEW!
Four bands of dynamically triggered equalization

Mid/Side and Left/Right processing modes

Digital linear-phase and analog minimum-phase modes

Per-node Inverse mode for dynamic expansion

Auto-Scale mode for automatically adjusting Attack/Release times

Baxandall bass/treble filters

API-style proportionate Q filter

Band shelf and peak filters

Static-gain Offset control

Baxandall bass and treble filter shapes

API-style proportional Q bell filters

Band shelf filters with variable shelf adjustment

Variable phase Digital EQ

Analog filter shapes in Digital EQ mode

Left/Right and Mid/Side processing modes

Surgical mode

Vintage Pultec-style Low- and High-Shelf filters with variable "Cut" control

Extra-steep "brickwall" analog Low- and High-Pass filters

Flat Low- and High-Pass filters with variable slope

Streamlined Matching EQ feature

Main, Full Spectrum, and All Bands views

Ability to zoom by time and frequency for precise equalization

Second Post EQ in signal chain for post-dynamics/exciter shaping

Phase Response, Phase Delay, and Group Delay plots

IRC I, II, and III Limiting modes

Variable Stereo Unlink Control

Transient Emphasis

Gain Reduction Trace view

Spectrum view

Variable Knee control for each band

True Envelope detection algorithm

Detection circuit High-Pass filter

"Tilt" mode

Always-visible Attack and Release controls

Updated All Bands mode

Gain Reduction Trace view

Threshold meter provides intuitive control over all dynamics stages

Gain Reduction meter

Upward compression boosts levels as they fall below the threshold

Limiter Expansion

Circuit-modeled Triode and Dual Triode Exciter modes

Improved sound quality in all Exciter modes

Natural-sounding peak saturation

Post-saturation High Shelf filter

Saturation spectrum display

Oversampling mode

Stereo Imaging
Stereoize mode
Polar Level, Polar Sample, and Lissajous Vectorscope Modes

Anti-phase prevention

Stereo Width Spectrum view

Correlation Trace view

Stereo Balance meter

Additional Component Plug-ins
Dynamic EQ plug-in

Equalizer plug-in

Maximizer plug-in

Dynamics plug-in

Stereo Imager plug-in

Exciter plug-in

Insight (iZotope's essential metering suite) plug-in

New presets to take advantage of new DSP and features

Customizable signal chain

Module net gain meters

New component presets

Independent dither panel

Dither peak prevention

Dither shape view

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